Thursday 20 January 2022

Check, change and upgrade, says Osram

Original equipment (OE) lighting manufacturer Osram has urged drivers to ‘check’, ‘change’ and ‘upgrade’ this lighting season, and encouraged fleets to opt for high-end solutions from established OE brands to ensure quality products and support.

“With lighting technology constantly evolving, the options for technicians and commercial vehicle (CV) operators are endless,” said Terri Clark, Osram lighting marketing manager.

“Osram recently launched a specialist range of LED driving and working lights to help CV operators transport essential items safely thanks to their intense levels of illumination.

“The LEDriving driving and working lights range offers a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns, with various illumination profiles including spot, wide and combo.”

Terri continued: “These aftermarket fit LED fixtures enable drivers to see better and be seen better. During the day, the ‘position light’ function (only available on certain products) will highlight the truck’s presence, and at night, the additional high beam function improves far-field visibility whilst warning others of the truck’s approach.

“The VX range of reversing lights can also provide increased vision when backing up at the depot or delivery point.”

There are four series to choose from: Multifunctional, Functional, Slim and Value, with a total of 29 products in the range. This includes a range of working lights within the Multifunctional series, which have been specially designed for off-road applications, allowing work to continue on into the night.

“With high-beam and LED front positioning functionality, the Osram Multifunctional Series (MX) combines power with practicality, while the Functional Series (FX) provides a fully ECE compliant auxiliary high beam and the choice between two high beam patterns for improved far- and near-field illumination of up to 450 metres,” said Terri.

“There is also the option of the Slim Series (SX), which offers auxiliary high beam applications that are designed with a slim and compact housing, allowing for easy mounting.

“Finally, the Value Series (VX) reversing lights have been specially designed to offer proven quality. They have a lightweight design thanks to the thermal plastic housing, with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens.

“Designed with safety in mind, the specialist technology will light up the darkest of environments, and the uniform light distribution provides a clear view across the entire width of the road, helping truck and CV drivers to focus on longer drives.”

Available for 12V and 24V vehicles, all Osram LEDriving driving and working lights are rigorously tested under the most extreme environmental conditions, Terri Clark adds, to ensure premium quality light for any situation.

This includes testing for com­petence in the field of environ­mental simulation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025; fully adhering to ECE regulations; light measurement to ensure high performance; vibration and shock testing to check for mechanical robustness; water resistance testing, achieving the highest IP protection class, IP4X; dust resistance testing, classifying as IP5X and IP6X; and salt spray testing to prevent chemical corrosion.

Halogen technology with us for the long haul

Osram has also updated the features of its long-established Truckstar Pro halogen upgrade bulb range for 24V vehicles, to provide a brighter and longer lifetime halogen solution.

“Ideal for professional drivers, these impressively bright 24V bulbs are built with vibration resistant technology to handle heavy duty applications,” said Terri.

“Their excellent durability of up to 2.5 times longer lifetime will help reduce downtime and fleet costs.

“The latest Osram Truckstar Pro bulbs offer CV operators up to 120 percent more brightness on the road ahead that allows drivers to see further and react quicker.

“They are the most powerful range of halogen truck bulbs from Osram, to keep fleets safe on the road.”

The Truckstar Pro range consists of five upgrade halogen headlight bulbs (H1, H3, H4, H7 and H11 ECE types in single box and duo packs), seven auxiliary bulbs (W5W, R5W, R10W, P21W, P21/5W, PY21W and T4W) and one H7 bulb kit.

More information can be found on the website, or via area sales managers.

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