DKV helps fuel fleet efficiency

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 18 November 2021

Fleet services provider DKV Mobility has explained how its product offering can help fleets turn fuel cards into a strategic advantage, in the context of difficult operating circumstances.

“Last year was a year with challenges at every turn, and with Covid-19 and Brexit continuously putting pressure on our lives and our businesses, it’s by no means ‘back to normal’,” said Neil White, DKV sales team manager, UK & Ireland.

“Especially in these disruptive times, our industry needs to digitally transform and rethink the way we interact with our stakeholders, from customers to employees. We need to work on business agility and resilience, to be able to quickly respond to changing circumstances.

“We need to free up valuable time from our teams so that they can focus on the best route forward – instead of them having to focus on administrative and transactional tasks.”

DKV Mobility’s portfolio of services can help lessen the burden of the many administrative tasks related to fuel bills, toll charges and VAT recovery, says Neil.

“Our mission is to let our customers drive, whilst we care, enabling their teams to work on the long-term success of their organisation,” he continued.

One example of the services the company provides is the DKV Card, which enables fuelling in the United Kingdom and Europe via an extensive supply network. More than 213,000 active customers in 45 countries benefit from the use of this card which, explains Neil, is not just a fuel card but a full-service card.

“This means all services and goods including fuel, lubricants, ferry services, tyres and tolls can be settled using this card,” he said.

“For the UK and Ireland we partner with UK Fuels and Keyfuels so that you can take advantage of a broad network of over 3,500 sites and competitive weekly pricing. Of course, there are no card charges for any of the fuel cards from DKV, and all the purchases appear itemised on same single monthly invoice from DKV and can be accessed through our online platforms.”

Neil continued: “By using the fuel cards of DKV Mobility, or any of our other mobility services such as toll boxes, you not only gain competitive prices – you can enter a new era of digital fleet and fuel management as you can connect your cards with the digital portal DKV Live.

“This portal smooths your way to digital fleet management, enabling you to continually optimise the logistics workload for your dispatchers, drivers and customers.

“The platform informs you in real-time where you can refuel at low-cost fuel stations, and you are notified immediately about suspicious fuel transactions, in addition to numerous other features such as GPS tracking and realtime insights in the status of drivers’ statutory driving and rest hours.”