WheelRight’s drive-through tyre safety tech

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 19 January 2022

Oxford-based WheelRight has developed an automated drive-through tyre safety check system, in a bid to tackle tyre failures, breakdowns and debris.

The system uses an array of in-ground pressure sensors and high-definition cameras and strobes that scan and take images of the tyres on the vehicle from several different angles. The collected scanned inputs run through a machine-learning algorithm that produces a report of crucial tyre diagnostics in a matter of seconds. Fleets can then catch problems before vehicles leave the yard and reduce costly downtime.

This drive-through experience is used to educate drivers about the benefits of having tyres with the correct pressure and tread depth. The system can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of an operator, fleet depot or port.

The technology is quicker and more accurate than manual tyre inspections, says WheelRight, and can help with daily walkaround checks, vehicle roadworthiness and driver peace of mind.

The technology is currently installed at fixed locations alongside the strategic road network in the UK and at several locations around the world, serving both HGV and LCV fleets.

Additionally, WheelRight has recently collaborated with National Highways UK to develop a mobile version of the technology, aimed at the light commercial vehicle sector.

The new Mobile Tyre Safety Check Station has completed a full calibration period (hardware and software). Although the technology has only become available for use in recent months, WheelRight reports that it has already received positive feedback and is regarded as a success by users.

The unmanned drive-through Mobile Tyre Safety Check Station is an automated tyre inspection and diagnostic service that scans and records tyre pressure, tread depth and axle weight, and captures images of loads for vehicles up to 7.5t.

The technology requires the driver to simply drive-through the Mobile Tyre Safety Check Station at normal depot speed, completing an inspection in less than six seconds, and the results are sent to the designated transport personnel and/or management teams via email, or can be viewed via a web portal.