SCC technology targets trailer safety

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 18 May 2022

Safety systems provider SCC Worldwide has outlined the advantages of its X-Wire technology, which enables camera systems to be installed at the rear of trailers utilising existing wiring.

“Anyone in the trucking industry today will be all too aware of the plethora of safety systems currently available,” said SCC.

“However, although the various different systems out in the market do a pretty good job of protecting the front of a truck, this is not the case for the rear, and this is particularly true of artics. What is essentially the most dangerous part of the vehicle is, more often than not, left unprotected. In an increasingly congested world, surely something should be done about this.

“This issue has been at the forefront of product development for some time now here at SCC, because safety has always been a paramount concern of ours, and this ethos has allowed us to produce some of the most innovative and state of the art products on the market.

“Perhaps our proudest achievement is our unique X-Wire technology, developed in house by our own R&D technicians. For the first time, X-Wire means the rear of a trailer can be protected as easily as the front corner of the cab.

“Indeed, thanks to this ground-breaking technology, a camera can be installed at the rear of a trailer and will communicate with a monitor in the cab by sending a coded signal through the vehicle’s existing wiring.”

No additional connection or wiring is required between tractor and trailer, the firm explains, and, as the signal is not transmitted by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other ‘through the air’ method, there is no risk of any outside interference.

“The X-Wire unit knows when the trailer is attached and automatically allows the camera to communicate with the in-cab monitor, instantly offering full rear blind spot protection, without any driver input,” the company added.

“This means that any tractor unit can connect up to any trailer in a fleet (provided it is fitted with X-Wire) and the systems will automatically work; all the driver needs to do is hitch up their trailer like normal.

“Using X-Wire, a technician can therefore install a rear camera in as a little as a quarter of the time it would take to fit a conventional camera system, as there is no need to run cables from the rear to the front of the vehicle.”