Tecalemit adds value with axle play detectors

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 22 June 2022

Garage equipment supplier Tecalemit has outlined some of the benefits of inspecting and testing HGV steering and suspension components using axle play detectors.

While a prominent cause of HGV MOT failures, steering and suspension components are much harder to check for wear and play than some other component categories during routine servicing, the firm contends.

“Nevertheless, the inconvenience and vehicle downtime together with associated costs can contribute to significant disruption for the commercial vehicle operator,” said Tecalemit.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. A commercial vehicle operator can inspect and test steering and suspension components to the same DVSA test routine by installing Tecalemit, DVSA approved, HGV axle play detectors, affectionately known as shaker plates, or pit play detectors.

“This allows all the vehicle maintenance technicians to subject the vehicle to the same standard of test procedure that is used in DVSA MOT authorised test facilities.

“By testing to the same standard, technicians can identify and rectify and potential MOT failure items prior to the test. This can save significant vehicle downtime that arises from dealing with a MOT failure together with all of the time consuming return visits to the workshop and back to the testing station for re-test.”

The Tecalemit DE/7353 Commercial Vehicle Hydraulic Play Detector consists of two electro-hydraulic recessed floor plates. A single axle is presented to the play detector plates and the technician controls the movement in four directions using a simple hand control with integral illumination.

“This allows the steering and suspension joints to be examined for wear in a safe manner whilst avoiding the need to handle the road wheel or use pry bars to identify steering and suspension joint movement,” said Tecalemit.

“The hands free operation allows a single user to inspect the vehicle and identify any pre-MOT test component repairs and replacements.

“With a 16 tonne axle capacity, the Tecalemit unit is suitable for testing HGV and PSV vehicles. With the vehicle resting naturally on its road wheels, there is no risk to the technician of trapping fingers whilst undertaking the test routine.

“With a choice of an in-pit or surface mounted hydraulic pump assembly, together with cabled or Bluetooth hand control options, the Tecalemit CV Play Detector can be retrofitted into existing workshop operations.”