Wynn’s unveils new CV additives range

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 22 June 2022

Additives specialist Wynn’s has developed a dedicated range for commercial vehicles, which is said to tackle a variety of issues including oil contamination and consumption problems.

The range can also help combat injector contamination, DPF regeneration issues causing high fuel consumption, failure of NOx sensors, thermal inefficiency due to cooling system contamination, leakages, inefficient AdBlue systems and excessive exhaust emissions.

“Commercial vehicles often have the same pain points as passenger cars but require specific products as the volume and dosage rates are different,” said Wynn’s, which is part of the ITW Group.

“For businesses relying on commercial vehicles, it is essential to: avoid vehicle downtime (every minute a vehicle is not operating costs money); prevent costly repairs with additive solutions instead of paying for expensive parts and labour; [and] treat vehicles in a fast, easy, and efficient way with effective results.

“To keep the engines running as intended, it is crucial to adopt regular maintenance to help reduce issues caused by internal combustion. Wynn’s commercial vehicle additives range consists of problem solvers and maintenance solutions that deliver fast and efficient results.”

The range includes Wynn’s Super Charge Oil Treatment, an oil additive designed to improve the viscosity characteristics of engine oils ensuring maximum protection and reduced wear in engines, especially when under a heavy load.

Meanwhile, Wynn’s Oil System Flush is designed to clean the entire oil circulation system before an oil change, which the company says prevents contamination of new engine oil from residues left behind and ensures excellent hydrodynamic lubrication.

The portfolio includes a selection of solutions for diesel applications including DPF Regenerator & NOx Sensor Protector, Diesel Emission Reducer, Diesel Injector Cleaner & Fuel Filter, and Ice Proof for Diesel. Wynn’s Cooling System Treatment & Stop Leak and Cooling System Flush products complete the range.

The new formulas are said to contain the latest technologies, with a key value proposition added to each product and optimised label design. Technical training and marketing support is available.

The company added: “Wynn’s formulates value-added additive solutions that solve major vehicle problems quickly and efficiently. For more than 80 years, Wynn’s research and development department has been creating innovative cleaning and lubrication technologies for the automotive industry. Product quality as well as health, safety and the environment are always our priority.

“The key to Wynn’s success lies in its technical expertise, years of experience and excellent product quality, which has been confirmed by many leading automotive manufacturers.”