Expo showcase for Jost GB axle portfolio

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Jost GB is set to attend the inaugural Road Transport Expo at Stoneleigh NAEC from 30 June to 2 July to showcase its new Drum Modular Axle series and ZGA command steer axle – alongside a full overview of its portfolio of commercial vehicle components, modules and systems.

Since the acquisition of Tridec and Mercedes-Benz Trailer Axles Systems, Jost has become one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of steering, suspension and axle systems for truck and trailer applications.

The company’s ZGA command steer axle has been designed to be used in conjunction with the electronic steering system EF-S to offer fleets a unique and tailored solution.

Gavin Takel, technical sales manager at Jost GB, explained: “It’s important that Jost continue to innovate, helping to provide fleets with the next generation of solutions to ensure they’re running at optimum efficiency.

“Offering the command steer axle ZGA with the electronic steering system EF-S, offers businesses insight into the next generation of logistics.”

Said to be ideal for use in urban areas, rural country roads and hard-to-reach locations, the Jost ZGA provides a smaller steering radius, one of the lowest steering forces in the industry and is compatible across the Jost range with all common steering systems.

Takel continued: “The ZGA axle, combined with the EF-S system, can help long trailers including LSTs, which are becoming a very common sight on UK roads, reach the legal turning circle requirements of 5.3m inner and 12.5m outer circle radius.

“Using the ZGA command steer axle with the EF-S system, helps reduce overall business overheads by saving tyre wear and improving fuel efficiency. The combination brings together all the individual components showcasing the latest in efficiency, and convenience.”

Joining this existing product portfolio is the Drum Modular Axle series, which the company says has been designed to meet the growing needs of its customers.

Takel explained: “The Drum Modular Axle series will expand the Jost Axles portfolio offering our customers a technologically advantageous solution. The DMA series features a unique specification to meet operators’ needs and has been designed to ensure easy maintenance and service to reduce downtime in the workshop.”

The solution also utilises the popular Durable Leaf Spring (DLS) technology, says the company, ensuring optimum adaptability for every chassis configuration and transport operation – thereby combining DLS’ quality and reliability credentials with a robust tubular axle.

When it comes to servicing, the new Jost DMA series offers easy maintenance, the company adds, thanks to the outboard drum design, providing flexibility in the workshop. In addition, the brake shoes are fitted with an optimised cam roller to control the movement of the brake shoes and contact pressure, which can be changed without the need for additional specialist tools.

Furthermore, the DMA Series benefits from Self-Setting Automatic Slack-Adjusters (S-ASA) as standard. Jost offers the S-ASA as a standard feature on OEM axles, providing the operator with an appropriate solution from factory. As a more sensitive and gradual option than the standard ASA, it provides optimal lining to drum clearance.

The S-ASA features an anchor bracket which can be fixed at any point within its arc of rotation, which eliminates a common in-service maintenance issue.

Gavin Takel concluded: “Whether it is newly launched products such as ZGA and DMA, or products which have been adding value to customers for many years, we’re incredibly proud of the Jost portfolio.”