MAHA puts play detectors in the spotlight

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Workshop equipment provider MAHA UK has described the workings and advantages of its axle play detector technology.

“Whether it’s helping reduce a fleet’s wear and tear or part of a workshop’s ATF equipment, axle play detectors – known more affectionately as shaker platers – play a crucial role in ensuring a class five vehicle’s wheels and suspension components are safe and roadworthy,” said the company.

“Checking components that swivel, twist or pivot, axle play detectors ensure nothing is missed, which is particularly helpful when damage can’t always be seen with the naked eye.”

MAHA’s LMS 20.0 axle play detector ensures the operator needn’t go near the steering wheel or use a pry bar to detect steering and suspension defects or joint movement, says the manufacturer – while the built-in hydraulic drive results in a powerful but smooth and quiet movement of the test plates.

The LMS 20.0 can handle a maximum axle load of 20,000kg and wheel load of 10,000kg, and the plates can move up to 50mm per second.

The equipment is DVSA-approved, and as a manufacturer of its own equipment, MAHA says it is best-suited to maintain it.

The company’s team of experts calibrate the equipment at the point of installation and are available to respond to customer queries and callouts. Customers are also offered up to a five-year warranty.

In last year’s feature, MAHA UK sales manager, Nick Austin, said he had observed an interesting trend, in that customers would purchase a commercial brake tester, such as the MBT 7250 Eurosystem, then proceed to acquire MAHA’s LMS 20.0 axle play detector – essentially, having the complete specification to help with their maintenance regime.

Companies could also piece together the necessary equipment, if they have aspirations to become an authorised test facility.

Pressed on whether this trend has continued, he said: “Last year, axle play detectors were very popular, with hauliers strengthening their service, inspection and testing regime, as advised by governing bodies.

“This year, while axle play detectors remain strong and are essential piece of equipment, we’ve observed more variety; for instance, our MLT 3000 headlight tester has been very popular among existing brake tester users, as it can test all modern headlights and the data is wirelessly transferred to the MBT 7250 Eurosystem.

“Whether it’s an axle play detector or headlight tester, our customers are taking advantage of the technology from MAHA UK, which not only improves the quality of vehicle maintenance, but also assists hauliers in helping to ensure traceability over their fleet.”