Motul lubricants keep CVs moving

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Global lubricant specialist Motul has highlighted key elements of its portfolio of products and services for the commercial vehicle sector, for which it says the UK is now a key developing market.

“When compared to passenger cars, service intervals on commercial vehicles are very high, and also, of course, towing capacity is key,” said Motul.

“Truck engines have significantly more displacement and achieve maximum torque at lower engine speeds than passenger vehicles, and this means commercial vehicles require specific engine oils that are adapted to their design and to their mode of operation.

“In fact, Motul has actually been lubricating machines since 1853 – before the invention of the motor vehicle – and today the brand and product offer are stronger than ever.

“Motul has focused on innovation and excellence and saw the invention of the motor vehicle as the chance not only to create the right lubricant for a job, but also to find new solutions and new opportunities – something that has continued throughout its history.”

Motul highlights its track record of innovation, pointing to its pioneering of the first Multigrade motor oil – Motul Century –  in 1953, and its launch of the first automotive first semi-synthetic oil – Motul Century 2100 – in 1966. In 1971 Motul launched 300V, the first fully synthetic motor oil onto the market.

“To meet the constant demand for improved mechanical performance, Motul has developed a high quality, high-performance range of heavy-duty products which meet and exceed the standards demanded by industry OEMs and CV customers everywhere,” said the company.

“It fully recognises the specific requirements of trucks and the range covers different generations of diesel engine, with products aimed directly to help optimise running for those who operate them.

“Motul’s Tekma premium engine oils are specially designed to reduce engine wear, improve fuel economy and prevent mechanical failure, even under the most severe operating conditions.

“Motul products naturally meet the varying compliance needs for engines – ranging from CATII through to CATVI. The range carries OE approvals from the leading manufacturers – from Renault to Mercedes, MAN to DAF, Volvo to Scania and beyond.

“Whether it is Fully Synthetic, Mineral-based or uses Motul’s Technosynthese technology, the company offers a tailored product to meet operator’s specific needs.”

Motul also emphasises the importance for commercial vehicle owners and operators of keeping downtime to an absolute minimum, Therefore in addition to its engine oils, the company offers a complete range of fluids to cover just about every potential application.

“Motul has a wide range of transmission oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants and greases,” said the firm.

“It also also provides a comprehensive range of maintenance products, for CV workshops and operators. As with all Motul products they are designed to perform to the highest industry standards, whilst protecting vehicles on a daily basis – recognising that the vehicles are complex and valuable pieces of equipment, but also ever-conscious of minimising costly downtime.”

Motul has also introduced BioClean, which it says offers a sustainable alternative to standard cold cleaning technology.

“Traditional parts cleaning systems employ fluids that pose a danger to people with unpleasant odour-producing solvents, which are a hazard to the environment, and bring risk of fire and damage to surfaces,” said the company.

“They also require high energy consumption, and incur expensive downstream disposal costs, together with all of the hassle of managing the waste they produce.

“At a stroke, BioClean overcomes all of the issues of traditional cold cleaning,in a self-contained efficient, environmentally-friendly system that consists of a wash stand and a heated water-based cleaning fluid that gets its cleaning power from natural bio-microorganisms.

“Performance-wise, its cleaning effect in removing and decomposing mineral oils, greases, waxes, machining oils and other impurities – on surfaces ranging from steel through aluminium, plastics and even painted surfaces – is at least as good as traditional cold cleaning. In addition, BioClean retains its performance level over a much longer period of time.”

Motul continues to use motorsport as a development hub and this track-tested technology then filters down to its everyday motoring product ranges.

The company highlights its involvement in the Dakar Rally, where Motul is the Official Technology Partner.

“As well as its own service trucks for Motul-lubricated competitors, Motul has built a mobile laboratory truck that offers free oil analysis and assistance to all of the competitors – from motorcycles to trucks,” said the firm.

“Motul also has a long history in Truck Racing, at national and European level, and the experience gained through Motul’s participation always ultimately benefits the road user.”

For workshops, Motul also produces a comprehensive range of metalworking fluids, and says it is likely to have provided the fluids that were involved in the original casting of many of the metal parts used in trucks and trailers.

“This ‘Casted, Drilled, Filled’ philosophy is further proof of Motul’s complete involvement in every stage of the automotive process,” said the company.

“Therefore, from manufacture through to running the finished product, Motul lubricates each phase.”