Jost GB showcases axle systems at RTX

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 28 June 2024

Jost GB attended the Road Transport Expo in June with a range of innovations designed to drive up safety, efficiency and sustainability – including products from its intelligent axle systems range.

A centrepiece of the Jost GB stand was the Drum Modular Axle (DMA) series.

“Developed as a direct result of customer feedback, the drum modular axles ensure maximum flexibility for every transport application because they can be combined with suspension systems from the DLS range,” said Danny Broomfield, Jost GB managing director.

“The DMA combines a robust tubular axle with a modular leaf spring system, which can be adapted to match the customer’s individual specifications.

“The most striking feature is the external brake drum design, which allows the brake linings to be replaced without having to disassemble the wheel hub – making it extremely easy to service and maintain. In addition, the proven brake design requires minimal repair effort and offers maximum benefit to customers.”

Utilising Durable Leaf Spring (DLS) technology to optimise adaptability across different chassis configurations, flexibility is guaranteed for workshop technicians thanks to the implementation of the bespoke outboard drum design.

In addition, brake shoes are fitted with an optimal cam roller, with the cam roller controlling the range of movement within the brake shoes and also the contact pressure, which can be simply changed without the need for any additional specialist tools or equipment.

Another benefit of the DMA is the Self-Setting Automatic Slack Adjusters (S-ASA) that come as standard. Offered as a feature across all OEM axles to help operators with solutions from the factory, the S-ASA provides optimal drum clearance. It also encompasses an anchor bracket that can be fixed to any point within its arc of rotation, thereby eliminating what is usually a common in-service maintenance issue.

Jost GB also highlighted the benefits of its Durable Compact Axle (DCA) series with fully modular axle construction, which it says opens unlimited possibilities with a minimal number of different parts.

“For the customer, this means fewer replacement parts, lower stock costs and, lower life cycle costs thanks to unmatched quality,” said Danny Broomfield.

“As the lightest axle in its class, Jost presents the DCA Weightmaster Plus. Reducing emissions, protecting resources and maximising efficiency were the key aims when developing the new weight-optimised axle.

“The structure of the entire axle reduces the trio weight by 51 kg. In combination with the optional Weight Optimiser 27, the air bellows support with a lightweight aluminium tail end structure, further weight savings of 27 kg are possible in the trio.

“The highlight of DCA Weightmaster Plus is its wheel head with optimised weight, wear properties and performance. This includes the new DCA X7 brake, the lightest brake in its segment. The aim during its development was to achieve ideal interplay between the brake disc and lining, thereby reducing emissions while maximising the payload and performance.”

Meanwhile, the CSA command steer axle has also reportedly proven a smash-hit for the commercial vehicle technology provider. For use in conjunction with an electronic steering system (EF-S), it is said to offer fleets a unique and tailored solution for the future generation of logistics.

“The axle is perfect for use in urban areas, rural country roads and hard-to-reach locations and provides customers with a smaller steering radius and a low steering force, as well as compatibility across Jost’s extensive range of steering systems,” said Danny.

Combining with the EF-S, the CSA can help long trailers reach the legal turning circle requirement, with a high manoeuvrability – while the system also helps to reduce business overheads by saving tyre wear and improving fuel efficiency.

“Following the acquisition of Tridec and Mercedes-Benz Trailer Axle Systems, Jost as a company has wasted no time in becoming of Europe’s standout manufacturers for steering, suspension and axle systems for truck and trailer applications,” Danny concluded.

“Standing out from the competition in what is already a congested market, one of Jost’s major offerings has been to cater for its customers; providing appropriate solutions for their fleet, whatever their requirements.”