Tecalemit helps keep CV wheels turning

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 13 January 2021

Garage equipment provider Tecalemit offers a variety of wheel and tyre servicing solutions for commercial vehicle applications.

“Whilst the changing of commercial vehicle tyres at the side of the road is often a necessity, it can be a hazardous task that requires some significant material handling,” said the company.

“Roadside replacement usually involves just a single tyre change. In a workshop environment, where commercial vehicle tyres are changed as part of routine maintenance and service operations, the volume throughput of the workshop often requires more appropriate equipment to handle the volume of tyres safely and efficiently.”

The Sicam range of commercial vehicle tyre changing equipment from Tecalemit Garage Equipment is designed to make the task both quicker and safer, the company says.

“With a range of five commercial vehicle tyre changes, one wheel balancer and inflation cage, the tasks performed by the commercial vehicle technician can be undertaken with reduced effort and improved safety.”

Tecalemit’s Sicam range starts with the Jumbo TCS26, a compact, space-saving unit said to be ideal for the smaller workshop. With a capacity capable of handling wheels up to 26” wheel diameter, the Tecalemit Sicam TCS26 unit is fully adjustable to carefully handle both steel and light alloy wheels.

The TCS26 features adjustable hydraulic pressure settings that provide full control over the tool trolley, lifting arm and the four-jaw bi-directional chuck system.

“With a wired mobile remote control unit for operator safety, the latest design universal pivoting tool with bead breaker disc, together with quick manual release of the tool arm, allows the technician to operate the TCS26 with safety and ease,” said the company.

For commercial vehicle workshops where space is less of a constraint, the Tecalemit Sicam Jumbo TCS 52 features an increased bead breaking force of 3.7 tonnes, a wheel clamping capacity that can accommodate a wheel size up to 40”, with 60” achievable with extension accessories.

A double speed rotation chuck allows the technician to make further adjustments to ensure a safe operation on a variety of wheel sizes.

Both the Tecalemit Sicam Jumbo TCS 26 and TCS 52 feature a new design bead breaker with a revised surface profile that provides greater care of the tyre bead whilst providing faster tyre extraction and replacement.

“For workshops that also cater for off-highway vehicles, the Tecalemit Sicam Jumbo TCS 56 and TCS 60 provide even greater increased wheel size capacity,” the firm continued.

“The TCS 56 delivers a wide working range with a max wheel width capacity of 1,190 mm provided by a patented, accurate and safe six-jaw clamping system. With an optional wireless mobile remote control unit, the unit provides the ultimate in operator convenience and safety.”

The TCS60 retains the patented six-jaw clamping system whilst extending the wide working range with a max wheel width capacity of 1460 mm.

“With over four tonnes of bead breaker force, the unit is effortless and effective on tyres up to 2.9 metres high and up to 2.8 tonnes in weight,” said Tecalemit.

Once the tyre is fitted to the rim, some thought needs to be given to inflation safety, the company adds.

“A burst tyre can cause significant operator injury. The Tecalemit tyre inflation cage provides an effective solution. It can accommodate all types of commercial vehicle wheels, but can also be used for car and light commercial van tyres.

“The tyre inflation cage features a special type of perforated mesh enclosing structure which minimises the shock wave which might be generated due to tyre burst situation.”

Operator safety can be further improved with the optional electronic inflating system, the firm says. This enables the operator to deploy a standalone inflation process. The required inflation pressure is set, enabling the pressure gauge to control the operation unassisted, leaving the operator free to carry out other tasks.

The tyre inflation cage can also be equipped with a blast inflating system to assist the fitting of tubeless tyres. The side opening of the inflation cage allows this operation to be carried out easily inside the inflation cage, says Tecalemit, with no reduction to operator safety.

With the tyre successfully fitted to the rim, the final wheel balancing operation can be completed. The Tecalemit Sicam SBM 855/V955 Universal Wheel Balancer is an electronic unit designed to operate on truck, bus, car and motorcycle wheels. It is supplied with a range of truck, van and car adaptors.

The unit features a double rotation speed together with a range of fifteen programmes to accommodate both steel and alloy wheels with balancing modes for truck, van, car and motorcycle.

“The menu-guided function keys for data entry and programme set-up enable the operator to select from four dedicated truck modes, nine car modes and two motorcycle modes,” the company continued.

“A pneumatic lifting mechanism allows easy clamping of heavy wheels up to 160 kg. The operator can use the digital display to select a split weight programme and static unbalance optimisation programme before commencing the automatic measurement cycle.”