Oiling the transport sector with Tecalemit

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 22 June 2022

Equipment provider Tecalemit has highlighted the features and advantages of its oil transfer and storage portfolio.

The company, which appeared on the UK car and commercial trade scene in 1922, is celebrating its centenary this year.

“Back in 1922, lubrication equipment was the mainstay of Tecalemit’s product range, with innovative specialist greasing and lubrication equipment, essential for the smooth running of those early vehicles,” said the firm.

“By 1930, Tecalemit created the concept of regular servicing for vehicles and the Tecalemit Service Station concept was created. The idea proved extremely popular and over 3,000 centres were created, placing Tecalemit at the forefront of vehicle lubrication systems.

“Whist vehicle technology has developed significantly in the last 100 years, the need for regular servicing, and the material handling associated with these needs, has changed very little and Tecalemit continue to support the UK’s workshops with appropriate equipment.

“Oil transfer equipment has a major part to play in a modern workshop, together with suitable bunding for oil storage in order to meet environmental legislation.”

The Tecalemit LA7 Series of oil bunding is said to provide safe storage and fluid transfer capability for 199 litre barrels of fresh oil and the subsequent waste oil that is generated.

“The Tecalemit LA748 accommodates two barrels of oil, a waste oil container and pneumatic pumps and oil reels,” said the company.

“This enables easy transfer of oil from the barrel to vehicle. Digital oil delivery meters provide accurate vehicle fill measuring for the operator. The material handling of barrels is achieved through the use of a proprietary drum clamp in order to make efficient utilisation of a workshop lifting crane of engine hoist.

“Movement of barrels around the workshop can be make easy with Tecalemit’s LA729 drum trolley. For high volume workshops, Tecalemit also provide bespoke oil storage systems and fully piped distribution systems with oil monitoring for delivery receipt and workshop bay utilisation.”

Tecalemit says its design expertise allows workshops to consider efficient oil storage systems complete with offset fill mechanisms to enable bulk tanker deliveries.

“A range of totally enclosed bunded tanks without bottom outlet to meet the original PPG2 legislation and the subsequent oil storage regulations for businesses to enable the workshop to be fully compliant with environmental legislation for oil storage,” the company continued.

“With under-fill and over-fill alarms, the facilities at any site can be configured to provide the ultimate in oil storage and transfer systems for the largest high volume workshops.

“Delivery of oil to a commercial vehicle pit can also be supported with efficient removal of waste oil for in-pit oil drainer applications. A well configured system can make the handling of both fresh oil and waste oil safe and easy for all workshop technicians and environmentally compliant for the workshop owner.”

For remote field based operations, the team at Tecalemit have manufactured oil storage and distribution trailers. These feature the Tecalemit range of oil pumps, dispensing reels and digital hose end meters for a variety of lubrication and coolant handling applications.

“With almost 100 years of oil transfer expertise, Tecalemit’s Area Equipment Specialists are well equipped to support existing and new build workshop developments,” the firm concluded.