Certas Energy: lubricants are key to peak performance

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Fuel and fluids supplier Certas Energy has offered its take on how to unlock the efficiency benefits that lubricants can deliver, within the context of an ongoing driver shortage and rising operational costs. 

“One of the biggest barriers stopping fleet managers from making the most of lubricants Is often uncertainty over choosing the right product for the job,” said Certas Energy.

“Design and environmental conditions are key considerations when selecting the best lubricant for your fleet. The main application areas should also be factored into the selection process. These include the engine, axles and hydraulic pumps – all essential components that keep machinery moving.

“Another factor impacting lubricant usage is the belief that lubricants simply aren’t that effective. According to a study conducted by Shell Lubricants, 56 per cent of transport businesses do not expect high-quality lubricants to help cut maintenance and two thirds of those surveyed don’t expect lubricants to help reduce unplanned downtime.

“Despite this perception, the research showed that over half of the fleet operators surveyed stated that lubrication errors led to vehicle breakdowns, costing their businesses over £800,000 over a three-year period.”

However, if the right lubricant solution is in place, it can have a significant impact on productivity and performance, says Certas Energy.

“It can protect components from wear and tear, prevent oil thickening, neutralise acid to prevent corrosion, extend oil life, control contamination, improve fuel efficiency… the list goes on,” the company continued.

“By partnering with a supplier that can offer a wide range of lubricant options and industry expertise, transport operators can plug any gaps in their knowledge and ensure they obtain the right products for their fleets.”

The right lubricant for the job still needs to be managed effectively to unlock its full potential, Certas Energy contends.

“There are several key factors to consider in relation to lubricant consumption and maintenance, especially when it comes to protecting its performance characteristics and preventing contamination,” the company added.

“One way to manage lubricants is to monitor oil levels of vehicles and take regular samples to ensure that the lubricant is performing at maximum capacity. This is particularly important during long fleet journeys.

“Although fleet managers may be tempted to cut costs and opt for cheaper lubricants, this approach can be counter-productive, leading to increased maintenance costs over time.

“To overcome this, transport operators should opt for high-quality lubricants from a reputable and reliable supplier. Top quality lubricants suited to the needs of haulage vehicles can save managers from unpredictable, costly and often avoidable repairs in the long-term.”

With rising costs and pressure from driver shortages, hauliers and transport operators need access to easy ways to cut down on operating costs, the company points out, while keeping productivity levels at an optimal level.

“Access to a range of high-performance lubricants and expert guidance to help identify the right lubrication solution for your business can help keep a lid on maintenance costs and mitigate against unplanned downtime,” it said.

“Most importantly, this due diligence can provide both fleet managers and hauliers with all-important peace of mind that their vehicles will run smoothly and help drive their fleet forward without friction…

“At Certas Energy Lubricants… we understand that you need to keep your vehicles and machinery operating at maximum performance in all conditions.

“We offer a full range of hydraulic oils, engine oils, greases and other lubricants from global brands including Shell, Valvoline, Castrol and Q8Oils. Our range of products meet specifications for leading vehicle and equipment OEMs, and our technical teams support you in choosing the best-suited products for your requirements.”