Premier Pits introduces Thread Saver to UK market

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 27 June 2024

Workshop equipment specialist Premier Pits has announced the launch of Thread Saver, a new tool range for repairing damaged axle threads and wheel studs, 100 per cent manufactured in the EU by Silbertool Solutions.

“Thread repair tools have been in the market for many years, however tools like thread cutting dies and other products remove material during the process and weaken the thread,” said the company.

“Thread Saver is a precision-engineered tool designed to reform threads instead of cutting, allowing for efficient repair without losing any material during the process. By retaining the material, the thread maintains its strength and can withstand a consistent load capacity after restoration.

“Thread Saver has been rigorously tested, and The Material Testing Institute Hannover (MPA) has proven that threads repaired with Thread Saver were able to withstand the same static and dynamic loads as a new undamaged thread. Moreover, they even had a higher fatigue endurance limit.”

Thread Saver also allows the workshop to become more efficient, says Premier Pits, yielding savings in terms of both time and money.

“The initial cost when purchasing Thread Saver is paid back quickly by removing the need to send axles away for repair and studs being replaced, whereas time is saved by not having to strip down the hub, with stud repairs in as little as 31 seconds,” it said.

Thread Saver comes in kit form, complete with the Thread Saver XR-120 for axles (with 1.5mm and 1.5mm LH, 2.0mm and 12 TPI roller sets), and the X-Nut XL for use on wheel studs.

Key features cited include durable construction; the product is made from premium-grade stainless steel that is vacuum hardened and tempered to 58 HRC in hydrogen atmosphere.

“This process not only guarantees low wear, but also high ductility,” said Premier Pits.

“The Thread Saver is built to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting durability.”

“Each tool is meticulously crafted to deliver precise, accurate thread repair, restoring threads to their original specifications.”

The company also highlights the versatility of Thread Saver, which is suitable for use on a wide range of thread types and sizes, including metric and imperial standards – making it ideal for the commercial vehicle and PSV industries, says Premier Pits, as well as for rail applications.

“The ergonomic design ensures ease of use, allowing both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to achieve perfect results with minimal effort. Lightweight and compact, these tools are easy to transport and store, making them a convenient addition to any toolbox or workshop.”

Claimed benefits include cost-effective repairs: users can save money by fully restoring damaged threads instead of replacing expensive components

Thread integrity can be restored quickly and efficiently, says Premier Pits, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The life of threaded parts can be maintained and extended, ensuring ongoing performance and reliability. Safety is also enhanced, the company adds: “Secure, properly repaired threads help prevent accidents and equipment failure. After the repair, the thread is as resilient as a new thread.”

“Premier Pits provided the following application instructions:

“1. Identify the damaged thread: inspect the thread to determine the extent of the damage and select the appropriate Thread Saver tool size.

“2. Prepare the area: clean the thread area to remove any debris or contaminants.

“3. Apply the Thread Saver: follow the provided instruction video to carefully apply the thread saver, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the existing threads. Use a lubricant to make handling easier.

“4. Verify the repair: once applied, check the repaired thread with a gauge to ensure it meets the required specifications and functions correctly.

“The Thread Saver is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently repair and maintain threaded components,” said Premier Pits.

“With their durable construction, precision engineering, and user-friendly design, these tools are a must-have for any professional.”