Thursday 20 January 2022

Thousands of LGV licence holders not driving trucks

shortageThe much-reported shortage of UK truck drivers may be attributed more to a paucity of attractive employment opportunities in the industry than a dearth of large goods vehicle (LGV) licence holders, a transport consultant has claimed.

Kirsten Tisdale is principal of logistics consultancy Aricia Ltd. Prior to establishing the consultancy in 2001, she held senior positions as a consultant or manager with Marks & Spencer Logistics Group, TNT, NFC and others.

Concerned at reports of a demographic ‘ticking timebomb’ in the driving workforce from trade associations, she made freedom of information requests of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for the numbers of all Category C and C + E licence holders with and without the Driver CPC qualification, and asked that these be provided in five-year age bands.

She compared these numbers with those provided by the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) Labour Force Survey, which recorded the number of people who said they were employed as LGV drivers in the period June-September 2015.

The results are startling. There are 80,000 individuals with a Category C or C + E LGV licence and a current Driver CPC in the crucial 25-44 age group (the most attractive to employers for insurance and medical reasons) who are not currently working as truck drivers.

What’s more, there are 90,000 individuals in the 25-34 age band holding C or C + E licences, but without a current Driver CPC. All they would require would be a week in a classroom without any test or examination, and they too could get behind the wheel of a truck.

Ms Tisdale cautions that this figure includes an unknown number of serving armed forces personnel who are obviously not currently available to employers. But the figures nonetheless put the 45,000-60,000 shortage estimated by the trade associations into sharp context.

Could it in fact be the case that an oversupply of drivers has led to poor wages and conditions of employment, in turn making it deeply unattractive as an employment prospect?

Transport Operator has questioned ten former truck drivers about the reasons why they left the industry. They all cited stress as a major factor – highlighting unrealistic scheduling and aggressive micromanagement by telematics, overzealous enforcement, and the aggressive or distracted behavior of other road users as key irritants.

Other significant factors cited by a majority of respondents included low wages and/or poor pension provision, and long working hours.

A variety of other careers had since been chosen, ranging from entering the police service to becoming a lab assistant, but most former drivers we questioned are now engaged in plant operation and/or maintenance, or building trades.

There was, however, one thing they all agreed upon – while they enjoyed driving trucks, none of them had any intention of ever doing it for a living again.

If those who are already qualified to drive trucks no longer feel inclined to do so, urgent questions emerge about how the industry expects to attract new trainees. A typical ‘starter’ job in truck driving will be 7.5-tonne multidrop for between 50p to £1 an hour over the national minimum wage.

“This is about re-inspiring people who took their licences and couldn’t hack the job for whatever reason,” argued Kirsten Tisdale. “If it were just one or two people, then you could put it down to their own unrealistic expectations. But it looks like there’s tens, even hundreds, of thousands.

“Our industry isn’t just less attractive to younger people, it’s not that attractive to any age group. So how do we get some of those qualified people to come and drive a truck?”

She highlights the “legislative burden” inflicted upon drivers as one factor forcing them out of the industry, but also urges employers to take a long, hard look at themselves.

“There are things that our industry can do for itself. Looking after drivers – giving them self-respect by paying them an attractive rate for sensible hours, and providing some decent facilities at DCs and out on the road. We need to ask ourselves how many older drivers would come into the industry today, particularly as agency drivers?

“Increased wages and training need to be built into increased operating costs and charges for transport need to go up.”

Responding to the figures, Alan White, managing director of Fresh Logistics Services, asked: “What are we going to do about the driver shortage? Well to start, change your pay and conditions, invest in your workforce and understand your business cost base – rather than being a fiver cheaper than Joe Bloggs Haulage.”

According to the Labour Party’s Labour Research Department, the median increase for basic rates of pay in the transport and communication sector last year was two per cent, down from 2.7 per cent the previous year. The respected independent journal Commercial Vehicle Engineer has forecast a driver pay increase of 2.5 per cent for the coming year.

In contrast, the ONS reports average pay increases across the whole UK workforce of 2.7 per cent for 2014-15, with pay increases of 2.9 per cent in the service sector, 3.6 per cent in finance and banking and (most significantly for the transport industry) 4.0 per cent in construction.


  1. Phillip Moore says:

    Don`t you think drivers are just getting hacked off with all the legislation, what is the driver CPC all about the older guys have done a fantastic job in the past without all this crap and now DVSA are self funding too !!!

    • john says:

      all money money money i drove iv a class 1 not eny more its a joke cpc i finished when that s**t started

    • Philip Trude says:

      Well Said Philip Moore I got full class one and dcpc years of experience and I`m driving swing shovel on building site no probs with dvsa there

      • Scott Bradley says:

        Sounds like you guys across the pond have the same issues we have here in the States. We all have been hammered with an insane amount of “telematics”, constant micromanaging by our companies and overly aggressive low enforcement. Safety is a vital component of our job, so why doesn’t the D.O.T here start applying that to the idiots (walkers in your parlance) in their small vehicles that drive like we are nothing more than an obstacle to be overcome?

    • Ross Cannon says:

      Don’t know what’s going on with me passed my HGV cpc class 2 tests and I feel I don’t want to go into this industry from what I here. I was 10 years offshore and I used my redundancy to do this. I go to agencies and they say you’ll get a few days training which is crap because I always get left to get on with it so I’m already seeing they don’t care.

    • My sentiments xactly too many rules and regulations not allowed to use common sense from experience doing the job

    • Luis Andrade says:

      I also got a full clean license but no CPC so it’s literally impossible finding a job without it !!

    • Bob says:

      I commented on this a while back, the CPC finished me off, I got a job in a petrol station as a cashier and I have never felt as well and slept as well for years, no more coppers, no more DVSA, no more endless cards ADR, Digi, cpc etc, no more expensive medicals, no more silly hours starts and finishes, no more being treated like dirt at RDC’s etc, no more 50/60/70 hour weeks, I dont make as much but I am far happier, I cant believe I did that job for 30 years.

      • Lee says:

        Done 15 years and I feel like I have had enough….

        30….no way

        • Trevor says:

          Your right in 56, been doing it sinse 2004 working the agency’s and being treated like shit for the company’s I’ve been working for, had nine months off , but gotta go back doing it next week and do my cpc by September 9th , not looking forward to this shush me luck.

    • Steve Harrison says:

      I always wanted to be a HGV driver as my dad was most of his working life.
      When I asked, Dad why do you need to take your credit card with you?
      His reply VOSA Target Lorry drivers as they are self funding and they fine you for the least infringement of 100 quid.
      My Dad also had to take the CPC , after driving trucks all his life.He also say`s all the legislation and problem`s on the roads with council owned speed cameras trying to trap you makes it very difficult.
      For me that dream of being a lorry driver not seems to be a nightmare thank`s to the money grabbing government.

    • Bradley says:

      I’m 40 and have been driving lorries since I was 21. I’m thinking about giving it up next year 2019 as soon as a have to renew my cpc. It just isn’t worth it anymore. Lidl workers get paid more hourly then most hgv workers.

    • Gary says:

      The main reason is the government plan to create ‘half jobs’ so they get better employment figures: allowing agencies to flourish has meant drivers are abused and exploited for long periods of their career- there is no job security.
      If companies began employing directly again you’d find more drivers willing to work.
      If Saturdays were paid at time and a half and Sundays at double time- there would be more incentive but sadly companies listen to those asking for raises in the transport office and reduce these rates.
      Money is why we all go to work but Companies are allowing Greed to enter the equation and are not allowing drivers what they are worth. Maybe companies could be persuaded to employ directly if the use of agency personnel could not be put against their tax return- in my opinion this is a massive fraud that screws the working classes whilst the rich get richer.

    • I’m 64 and due to do the cpc course again, well I’m just gonna quit, so another driver with 30 years knowledge bites the dust, the cpc needs chucking, teaches us nothing, just a money making course, good bye brothers .

  2. D A Morgan says:

    Having held a lgv licence for 49 years without incident, i find that i need to go back to school to learn to drive and be safe on the road by a ,kid, that has no idea what the job is about ,such as how to cope with tiredness when the load has to be delivered on time no mater what the problem may be , how to drive when empty,loaded , icy,etc etc etc i decided to leave the job to them that know it all!!!!! .

    • John says:

      Yep it is indeed bollocks. Someone with your experience ould be invaluable to the industry but it’s just not worth it now the hassle is unreal. I myself am a new driver (1 year exp.) but my cpc instructor was mid 50’s and the examiner was early 60’s and a past lgv driver himself and simply asked me to point out the 10 bleedin obvious parts of a lorry and handed me the certificate. The old boys doing the passing are just as hacked off with the bollocks surrounding the industry so would be a piece of piss to pass just the level of BS depends on who you get pasing you.

  3. Gary Kay says:

    I to don’t agree with the driver cpc, had my own vehicles once, go to a classroom for a week, fall asleep get cpc drive the same, what a load of cr,p never again,

    • Jim says:

      Don’t forget you can do the same module every time to get cpc
      Absolutely bulls**t….just saying

      • Gibbo says:

        More fool any driver for doing the same DCPC course more than twice. There are a lot of approved CPC Trainers out there. No excuse for using that old nugget not to do the
        I’ve issued in excess of 6,500 certificates and would just like to say to all the know it all drivers, you don’t know it all. I’ve been in the industry, driving, for 45 plus years and am still learning. Get a grip, stop moaning and you could find yourself completing the 35 hrs quite quickly and painlessly.

        • Jason says:

          I think your first year of driving after obtaining your licence should include the cpc card so your able to save enough money to complete the full cpc im finding it hard to save the money for the dcpc not being able to drive commercially. And am sure it will take me at least another year to be able to get this cpc completed. Absolutely rediclous.

  4. malc says:

    Iv Ran workshops , Worked as a VE for vosa for 10 yrs and fully understood the problems drivers had as iv done the job and have had 7 yrs Driving trucks Personally i found
    several reasons why i wouldnt do it again main reasons being, 1 transport managers working you to unrealistic time schedules not realising that road accidents and road closures make the jouney longer and it isnt the drivers fault, 2 when you miss your unloading slot you could be sitting there hrs if not days waiting to get tipped, 3 too much legislation drivers hrs, road worthiness of the vehicle , cpc, on many cases iv been told and in one case seen an employer say to a driver that had complained about his truck road worthyness if you wont drive it theres 3 milloin on the dole that will and finally the biggest bug bare was i drove for a company with 10 other drivers we were happy but then the company started to introduce foreign drivers on are team and one by one we were told that we were not needed so much or our hrs were being cut down we found out that these foreign drivers were being paid half of what we were getting thus the company was making lots more profit via cheap labour but it came back to haunt them as we left and some time later because the exchange rate got better abroad and the wages went up they all decided to leave and go back home to work thus the company had no drivers need i say more,

  5. Kevin D says:

    I agree that the pay isn’t great for the risk. It’s not only a dangerous job. But any accident is automatically blamed on drivers. The risk of prison or bans and heavy financial penalty is too high.
    If you make a mistake, someone can die. For what £8/hr 60 plus hour weeks.
    A driver can earn plus of 30K a year. Working every hour possible. Then the company want to keep you parked up for 15hrs while they find you work… For £20-28 a time. Companies don’t want people that can think for themselves, they want metronomes.
    I want to get out. To retrade. I’m only kept in because I have to rent and I need a good income now.
    Most drivers would stay in. If they were treated better, talked to better, respected more, listened to more. If there were better facilities on the road and at delivery points. Factories etc.
    In Europe you go to a milk dairy and they provide decent food and showers etc. Here you see signs everywhere, No drivers allowed.
    It’s like drivers are the cause of everyone else’s problems.
    Until the powers in the Transport Industry can properly understand that. This is a lost job to many Brits.
    All that after spending £2K to £4K to pass your test. Or get stuck on low pay, poor conditions getting your test through a large firm.
    Conditions are the biggest need for improvement. Then pay. Everyone moans about pay regardless, but conditions, they should never need to be moaned about.
    Drivers should be paying for meals at cost price. Funded by big business. For healthy foods. It’s wrong that we have to pay massively high prices for our food on the road. That’s why a lot of drivers live on fast food or on nearly as bad to eat, sandwiches. High carbs low nutritional foods.
    Also there is not enough time given to get a proper meal. With multiple delivery times that need a driver to be on time. They have to eat on the move. Office supervisors are pushing drivers so hard, because the company is working on such small margins. Thanks to firms like (the ones on tv) who reportedly only need 3% profit margins. Squeezing the owner drivers out and driving working conditions to the lowest levels ever. Thanks to the Supermarket sector for giving the poorest driver rest areas possible in the modern age when DVLA are publicly pushing for drivers to be rested. There are no showers, very poor seating provided and in late some rdc’s drivers are not allowed to sit/sleep in their trucks for hours on end. All they have is a cheap drinks machine and sometimes a sweet machine. All at extortionate prices to make more money off the driver.
    Until everyone responsible stands up and see that they are endangering the lives of others road users by provided slave like conditions and attitudes.
    Who will ever want to be a driver through choice. It’s more like Hobson’s Choice to me!!

    • Stewart readman says:

      Iam in full agreement with all afternoon your comments. The industry is now reaping what it has sowed for many years. Now they struggle to attract decent workers

      • Nels says:

        Thank you for the warnings all, Passed my HGV theory tests, multiple choice, hazard perception and CPC. As someone new to trucking and female ..I thought I would fancy a change in career. But I am so shocked about the practical training. In four days I am to do practicals and test.. started on Monday, couldn’t do reversing because the bay has been over crowded.. my concern at booking level in early jan was reversing and I got to do some reversing for the first time today and my test is tomorrow .. I can honestly say I am not very good at it. Is this even legal considering a truck in the wrong hands can be a potential weapon.. I just feel I have been set up to fail.. nor do I believe the four days are enough @4 hours per day minus say 2 hours time spent waiting about. I will get some more reverse training tomorrow before test.. but I am refusing to take the test.. on average since Monday I saw 3 people per day take their test and fail, one of them it was his 4th fail.. with all these safety measures in place ..I should have been assessed to see how much time I needed.. I feel very disempowered and let down .. total waste of £1125.00. Looks like a money spinner to me and me the cash cow.. expensive lesson learnt.. I will stick with what I am doing a bit longer thank you very much! I earn £2500.00 pm for doing very Little and zero risk of killing anyone or myself.

        • Andrew says:

          If you get 2500 pm, for 40 hours, that you should do overtime to rise money. Driver life is at least 50 h/week. And you will get probably similar.

    • Rich Brock says:

      Absolutely correct my friend

    • Mike Lockley says:

      35 years driving could not put it better myself !!

  6. Anon says:

    Underpaid, Overworked, Unappreciated By All Of Society. Penalised For Trivial Offences, Expected To Shower And Sleep In Disgusting Conditions For Pittance. I Feel Sorry For The Day Peoples Children Dont Have Clothes Or There Is No Food On Supermarket Shelves. Something Else They Will Blame The Lowly HGV Driver For No Doubt.

  7. richard buck says:

    I have 7 mounths to if wanted retirement but will work on but not in this industry ive had 20 years of arrogant managers that take drivers for granted that think we are there for there disposal no mater what hours we have done to get the job done and the famous sayin from traffic clerks when you say iam goin home now but we need this run doin and you can do 15 hours and if you don’t like the job why don’t you leave it well my anser to that now is don’t worry I am goin to and a message to traffic managers you think theres a driver shortage now just waite and see what its goin to be like in 5 years time I don’t think this industry will ever recover you have taken advantage for far to long and now you can reap what you have sown utter disregaurds towards h g v drivers

  8. Andrew Davis says:

    Low wages have always been a factor in our industry but at a time when more is required of a driver through cpc qualification and greater scrutiny by government agencies. Add to this an unnerving sense that you are being under valued by not just your employer but the general public at large as greater pressures of delivery times and increasing congestion of the road network inevitably lead to higher stress levels in the work environment causing many drivers to reconsider their employment options. This Government like many before it doesn’t seem to understand the importance of logistics in a modern society. subsequently there is a lack of willingness by them transport lobby groups or transport unions to educate the public on how important we are to their everyday lives (The Nursey factor if you will) and a failure to adequately fund affordable secure rest stops that drivers require when away from home base. if they could change this maybe we would see the younger generation wanting to join our esteemed ranks but I’m afraid this is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future.

  9. Craig says:

    People don’t want to be doing 60 to 80 hrs a week for the minimum wage. We are treated like scum when out & about. The majority of eastern bloc drivers coming over here are so under qualified & such bad drivers but no company cares about that because they are cheap. I was earning what I am now 26 years ago when I started driving. The price of derv has dropped so why haven’t wages rose. Anyone thinking of joining the industry must be mad.

    • steve says:

      What on earth makes you think European drivers are under qualified? In facts some countries have far more testing than the UK. All have to pass the dcpc. Hungary the dcpc is an exam. Not sit watching videos in a classroom and no test like the UK. They also have to pass a sych test. Before they can even get in a truck. Have to fully understand all laws in all of europe. Have to deal with not just Vosa but the similar in all of europe.

      Your deluded, europe have a higher standards than the UK!

      • Douglas Richards says:

        Ha! Possibly Norway but by no means are the drivers coming out of the eastern block anywhere near as good as a driver trained in the UK. I speak from experience, I did drive but now work as a Operator, the influx in Hungarian and Bulgarian Drivers has driven down pay and standards within the industry, they are more prone to accidents and carelessness.

      • Cristina says:

        No one have ideea on how is doing a driver school in east europe but 99% speak bad , you know ?
        I think everyone commented here are just frustrated but we wait for you all to come in any of our school in any of our european country and get licence to see how hard it is.
        Remember all , we can get your licence here but you in our country ?
        Make me sic how ignorant here are and the only language speak everybody is english .
        A east european speak minimum 4 language soo……cheers ! You are underqualified 99% on here and 100 % in Europe.

        • Andrew says:

          Hi Christina.
          It is overstatement, I speak only in two languages, but it’s true, no one will pass CE test after 4/5 days.

  10. calum craig says:

    If they know the reason people aren’t driving HGV anymore why aren’t they doing anything about it. It’s all talk talk talk and nobody willing to step up. The biggest problem that needs addressing has to be wages, who in their right mind would spend the thousands of pounds required to become a class 1 C+E when you can earn just as much working in a supermarket with no outlay.

  11. Jon pellington says:

    I passed my class c and c+e licence 2 years ago at the same time I got my dcpc and digicard all ready for a career on the roads but after many hours searching the only job I could get was through an agency self employed which with a family to support is not appropriate I needed 180 hours driving experience before any company would even consider employing me I now drive a small van on minimum wage I would jump at the chance of a full time PAYE job driving artics but nothing out there for somebody with no experience

  12. kevin spink says:

    Driver cpc is just another uk/eu stealth tax. All other eu countries are meant to have driver cpc but most dont need it uk truck driving industry is a shambles. I am looking to get out of the industry but at 50 who’s gonna employ me n train me up…….. no one. So im stuck with it.

    • Bob says:

      Went for my CPC at the age of 60, I was not happy as I had to pay for it myself, after 35 years driving trucks do I really need to be told how to secure a load?, on the first day the “instructor” a very nice young lady about 20 years old, asked me and the other coffin dodgers there “whats a 5th wheel”, I got up went home and I have not driven,nor will I ever drive, trucks again, I now work as a cashier in a Garage, no DVLA, no CPC, no Digicard, no Medicals, no Highway agency, no stress, shorter hours, I sleep better feel better

      • BryBry says:

        It’s about making jobs for the boys or girls in your case.. And they still wonder why we have a shortage…?
        I held ADR for 20+ years working on chemical tankers.. So more implications brought into the scope, you think why do we bother.. We need to stand up to this and make the industry a better place.. EU directive made that impossible, especially for a country that doesn’t love itself..
        By the way ADR expired and I don’t drive no more.. Don’t want to again either!!

      • Jason says:

        Man, when I did my CPC I wasn’t shown how to secure a load. Just a quick demo how a ratchet strap worked.

  13. stephen wilby says:

    yes I’m 1 of those with cat c licence and a cpc. do I drive for a living? no, why? poor pay, need a science degree to understand all the rules and regs , poor facilities when it comes to taking breaks, overnight parking is a joke, dvsa formally vosa modern day hitlers [no wonder most are ex coppers].stressed up when your stuck in a phantom road block and your on a timed delivery, office staff who have no idea what your up against when you leave depot, rudeness of the staff at destination, I can go on and on, me I went back to doing what I did before. welding. steady hours not bad pay and no agency that now funds its self with your fines to bother about. would I go back? possibly but not likely unless there are big changes.

  14. wayne says:

    totally agree as I am one of the have licence and wont do the dcpc – the total lack of respect from office staff to goods in to other road users, to then earn about £2 an hour more than minimum wage??

    all for the pleasure of starting at 3am doing a 13-15 hour day with poor facilities.
    health and safety stops you going out with your dad (that’s how I ended up a driver), young people are being asked to pay £3/4k for a licence its not attractive.

  15. andrew says:

    Im 26, been driving just under 4 years now on class 1. Im looking for an alternative career path. All the jobs are dominated by Agencies. Agencies who want to pay pittance. Agencies who push self employed/limited company onto you.

    My current job I love. Im PAYE and its a living wage. The day before it would be a year in continuous employment on the same contract Ive been told that my wage is now going from £10.50 to £9.50 because PAYE isnt profitable. Thats £200-£250 a month less for doing the same job. Its agency covers 7 of the largest haulage sites. The other dominating agency pay £9 per hour PAYE and £11 limited company.

    Whats the bloody point? Theres C1 jobs at £8.95 an hour. Theres bloody warehouse jobs at £10 per hour. I speak to so many fork lift drivers who are within 20p either way of £10 per hour.

    Dont even get me started on companies wanting you to do 4 nights out for £25 a night which you spend on parking, £8.50 an hour, two 15 hour shifts and three 13 hour shifts and you take home less than £450 a week. My wife works 39 hour a week and takes and extra 6 hours overtime each week. Gets a pension, full sick pay too. Brings home £1380 a month. Only 200 less than me working 50+ a week.

  16. Roy Poulton says:

    It is interesting to see some of the reason for not wanting to continue or even start driving trucks in the UK. The list is a very long one however. I think it starts with how truck drivers are perceived in the first place. Generally the population consider us as poorly educated low life individuals. This is carried further by the treatment most drivers received at the distribution centres that most driver find themselves having to deliver to nowadays. We are treated with contempt and talk to with total disrespect by even the most junior of warehouse workers, who are as fed up with there jobs and working conditions. The facilities provided by the all powerful supermarkets, in particular. Are either poor at best or nonexistent more often.
    Once out on the road, the facilities are often unusable because they a blatantly insufficient to satisfy the needs of the sheer numbers of drivers and travelling public that use them. Not to mention the lack of cleaning of maintenance staff. Most of whom a also struggling on a low or most minimum wage.

    I think this just the first problem, before we get even to the wages, pressure asserted on drivers to break the law put other road users lives at risk all to create bigger profits for share holders. Most drivers I know take pride in there vehicle. some would even like to operate their own. However. the power over such dreams is taken away by poor rates of pay, if in deed you ever get paid. Coupled with the never ending burocracy we all have to not only suffer but also pay for. There are not too many jobs that you have pay massive amount of money on a regular basis just to be able to work. Many drivers decided not to continue because of the introduction of the CPC. It is an insult to most drivers to insist on this. There is no real benefits to it, standards have not been increased. Moreover, I would say that standards have decreased. Not because British drivers have become less capable, no it is because there are far more foreign tractor unit pulling english trailers and goods with in England so the companies can make even more money. It’s money about bums on seats than quality of service. A drivers qualification card does not a good drive make.

    Once out on the road the British drivers feel victimised by VOSA and police because we constant have to witness foreign trucks flaunting road laws with no apparent response. Whilst the threat of fines and disqualification is always the first line of attack of these organisation. The fine don’t reflect the offence and the cumulative effect of the points system by the overwhelming presence of speed cameras is a real threat to ones livelihood.

    There are many more reason that I could cite. However, the question I would like to ask is why is it that in Briton we can not or will not follow example of Europe, no one particular country because they all seem pretty good. Raise our standard to what they have there. All the points I have raised regarding, view of the truck driver, facilities available and the quality of them. treatment of the professional driver by police toward there own countries drivers. Yes as a foreign truck in those countries you are scrutinised closely, in some possibly unfairly. However, their own drivers are fairly treated because after all, they not only driver the truck they are also helping to drive the countries economy!

  17. Terry Henderson says:

    Drivers are disillusioned with all the rules genuine and made up ( Tesco Asda and others ) You can do this, you must do that , you are only a driver , sit in the corner on a plastic chair for hours , give us your keys . you can’t park here , your too late ,
    your too early . DVSA CPC HSE , All jobs for the boys ( civil servants on tax payer payed pensions on top of state pension ) No one uses common seance , I retired after over 40 years UK and European driving . I have a CPC with 4 yeas left on it , I have turned down work will not do distribution centers to many jobs/worth’s ,will not do European if i have to use Calais . Would have to pay to much Tax as they class my private pension as unearned income . Drivers Hours . Parking . I could go on but i won’t i’m retired or just tired of all the SHIT I’ve put up with over the years . Good luck to all the drivers who still do the job with no thanks . Just look after each other because no one else will .

  18. Barrie Tozer says:

    The problem of a Driver Shortage is down to the Industry ignoring the needs of Drivers and never asking them why they are leaving the job to a better career choice.
    The main role in attracting new drivers has always come from recommendation from those within it and in today poor conditions then very few would recommend it to the young generation.
    When the Industry as a whole starts to respect the Drivers and treat them as an asset then maybe things can be turned around.
    At present they fail to talk, listen or even ask drivers.
    The PDU-UK is forming a unity of Drivers to give them a voice within his Industry so that working with the Employers we can start to resolve the many issues.
    We have published on our site the issues that are the main reason Drivers are leaving and what is the main problems that need to be resolved.
    I ask the Industry to start talking to their Drivers and respect them and then we can work together to improve this Industry.

  19. Barrie Tozer says:

    I would just like to add that the PDU-UK is not a union, it is a unity of Professionals who want to remain in this career of trucking, but recognize that unless things are improved many more will be leaving for better choices.
    The PDU wants to talk and negotiate with the Industry, working together to bring about the changes needed and improve the conditions and facilities
    Only by talking and working together can the Industry attract and “keep” the good Drivers needed.

  20. Dannyokelly says:

    I left because the money was terrible and worked very long hours simple

  21. Paul Rowlands says:

    At last, a partial understanding of the reasons behind the slow demise of the haulage industry. Well done Kirsten Tisdale. As you are no doubt aware by now, the demise of our industry has been a slow and painful experience going back to the implementation of the ‘O’ licence and the free for all that followed. At no time have the ‘people’ who run, what was a wonderful business to be in taken any cognisance of the wider interests of their employees. With a now average workforce age of 53/54 and with a large percentage in their 60’s, the very best of luck in turning this ‘oil tanker’ round. It really needs a round table discussion, including the actual guys who do the job, on all the industry problems.
    Paul Rowlands

  22. Colin Strachan says:

    I have an artic licence but no longer drive them . Have gone back to a rigid . The firm I was with would rather use agency drivers and sit there own drivers for hours on end . As a driver I rather be out on the road or busy doing something else than sat bored stiff.
    Attitude of management as well didnt help ,no point disagreeing with them or it was in the office in trouble . It seemed to me all they wanted to do was brow beat the drivers into submission . No independent thoughts allowed. 🙁

  23. Garry Smith says:

    This trade has been ruined by pen pushers and people who have never driven a truck let alone been behind a wheel of one. these so called university graduate entering this employment with a “logistics degree” are only in this trade to improve the profit, Which I agree is needed to survive, but they have no staff relations and do not know what it is like tramping all week never seeing the family for nights on end, being abused buy the public, having a transport office telling you that running bent come with the job.
    These people in high places need to get in the real wold can spend a month with the “haulage” driver, even better still gain a licence and try it out for them selves.

  24. Dave radford says:

    20-30£ to park for the night so company’s want you to use laybys and industrial estates that smell like piss. Are own industries piss, but can’t expect drivers to hold it for 9-11 hours.
    Take a look at canada and the USA their parking is free and we’ll kept showers/t.v rooms. Never seen anyone having a piss down side of their truck.
    Oh and there meals are cheaper! Its not like the uk where a breakfast in moto services cost you 12 quid.

  25. danny says:

    And now because the price of fuel has dropped rates have sropped from factorys and hargreaves have just dropped their rates by 3% but upon speaking to their clients they are still been charged the same. The problem lies at the top of the chain squeezing pennies out o hauliers to boost their profits. How can you pay your man a decent wage when the people who want their goods hauling keep pushing down the costs?

  26. Nigel tinman says:

    This has been happening for years, nobody cares and nobody will do anything about it!! What person in there right mind wants to work 12-15 hours a day for not much pay over minimun wage, poor conditions. I’ve seen many drivers lose their families over there job, I came close myself!! If the government would let hauliers use red diesel the savings could partly be put to increase drivers wages!! Then the government make it legal requirements to have certain standards for drivers rest areas, that would be a start. But nothing will happen until the shelves are empty.

    • Karl says:

      Could is a very ambiguous word. The banks could make less profit and pay their staff more or increase the interest rates for customers, unfortunately banks or transport companies won’t and wouldn’t do that as there is always some greedy f****** at the top who wants more. As we do as drivers, we want more but would you be willing to pay an extra 2p for every tin on the shelves, say an extra 2p for each bag of frozen chips etc. In one hand out of the other

  27. steve says:

    We are paid £6.75 per hour for class 1 + drop money + Bonus we get £20 for night out we have to go go go all day do 13 hours & 15 hours pushed to do every other Friday night out if home lucky to get 9 hours off our bonus is stop if someone hits a trailer or unit and don’t owe up to it I’ve been driving 32 years & I would say don’t come in to this job to anyone…….Yes I no there is jobs out there that pay £10 per hour but round here them jobs are run by ex carpet fitter and woman that have not done the job so makes the job hard

    • Paul Gentle says:

      I am new 55 years and living in the Philippines, My back ground was transport, I love the Industry I started as a driver C+E and became and instructor then on operator of trucks.
      I did some work for a few agency s and worked in the office of an agency. I have to say that I would never go back as a drive, who I have so much respect for. The way some companies treat drivers and the work load given to them is unacceptable. The pay in most cases seams OK but when you work out the hour, starting times, conditions on overnight stays its very poor. I did try to change things some years ago by attended the House of Commons Transport committee with other like minded friends, but politicians like to say YES things need to change, but don’t unless the pressure is on them. The reason is simple! Big companies lobbies government ALL THE time so they can become bigger and richer. The only real cost you can cut is wages so it will always be low until a shortage of driver and then large companies lobby government for relaxed of rules which in the passed gave UK mass of drives from the EU, Poland comes to mind’ . If you pay the Unions to change things you are wasting your money they have had 30 years to do something and in my experience delegates are only in it for the expenses. Only you the drivers collectively can change things through hard Lobbying of Government no stop.

  28. Bernard Sands says:

    As I’ve said so many times now as the call comes to get out of Europe, let’s also call to do away with European Drivers hours and regs and return to our own.
    That is a twelve and a half hour spread over with at least an hour and a half off during that period, thus giving an eleveven hour maximum per day worked. i.e fifty five hours per week and an extra five hours for Running in on a Saturday for example.
    It’s not Rocket Science.
    Because the current rules are what is putting drivers off.
    Who wants to start at six in the morning and still be at it at nine at night? Apart from the fact it’s dangerous to other road users, it’s unescersary.
    Far better to start at six and have to be parked up by six thirty, safe and un fatigued.

  29. Seb says:

    I have just started driving HGV. My training was partially paid by the company I work for and after reading the comments here I realise that I have it good. I get paid £16 p/h doing 10-12 hours avg (ive done 15 hours 3 times in the last six months) No overnight drops. Even got showers at the depo if i need it.

    The warehouse earn £13 p/h but less hours than drivers

    There are still some decent places out there. They are just hard to find i guess.

    • Paul says:

      Where do you live. I can’t believe what you are saying is true. I have a friend who has just been took on by BP as a tanker and everyone knows that’s the best pay for hgv and he is only on 31k a year.
      I would love to see how many hours you do and what your wage packet is. As something doesn’t add up

    • jezz says:

      Got any jobs seb!!

      I’ve had my class 1 almost 3 years now, spent 9 months shunting in the docks and then started going up the road. I really didnt believe what I was told before i went and did it. 95% of the places you deliver to treat you like utter s**te and it seems the bigger the company the worse it gets. The non existent facilities, the attitude of the prick in the gatehouse, the booking in desk, the warehouse staff the list goes on. Then add the hatred of the car driver cutting trucks up left right and centre to gain a 3 second lead on the truck at the junction, rather than wait until safe to pass. I’m seriously wondering why I wanted to join the so called knights of the road. Nobody gives a toss anymore unless they have met their quota and made the profit so the ungrateful can receive the massive bonuses and new company car

  30. Martin says:

    Could not afford to take the cpc and digi card. Had to give up driving. Eu rules will be the death of this country

  31. Ben Twilley says:

    Seb, whatever you do, don’t leave that job!
    Many years ago I saw a comment “there is no driver shortage, what there is, is a shortage of people who know how to treat them” How true!
    I’ve recently retired after 45 years driving, 25 as owner driver. When I started we were treated as welcome guests (mostly) now we’re treated like lepers. I’ve been lucky enough to work for some decent people but also some not so good. I now do occasional holiday relief for someone who pays a decent wage and appreciates what I do.
    The biggest problems I found were arrogant know-nothing office staff, and rdc’s that treat us like disease ridden criminals. Then you have companies who are slaves to the rule book, and still expect to get the job done.
    I never figured out how rules introduced for road safety allow us to work for 15 hours.
    A lot of sense has been written here but will fall on deaf ears.

  32. Simon says:

    Who wants to pay out £4000 + to get a class 1 licence then pay again for the dcpc to be on just above minimum wage live in a tin can all week away from home. It’s know wonder there’s no young people wanting to do the job 60-70 hrs a week, they want to be home with there families, they want lives away from the job. But this job isn’t like that you have to be a cab rat to make it pay

  33. steve says:

    Where are these driver vacancies. There are none. majority of firms hire through agency. Low pay. Zero hours contracts, no pension. They cannot even gauruntee a full weeks work. Its utter rubbish from the haulage industry that there is a driver shortage. They just want an excuse for the Gov to train more so they have a largrr work force to choose from, to push down wages futher. 15 years ago I earned £10 per hour as a class 1. The average in 2016 is more like £8.50.

    I hold full operator national and International cpc’s yet still have to do my Dcpc which is not even a qualification. Sit and listen to what I already know from an idiot that knows nothing about being a truck driver!

    • Jon says:

      Packed it in after 10 years, last week. No decent jobs out there. Mostly agency and they just treat you like scum (if you have any self esteem left). Agencies are the problem. If companies had to employ us all directly, conditions be better. Would have to compete for your service. …BAN AGENCIES

  34. Ray James Balmforth says:

    Money paid in wages hasn’t changed much since early 90s and add to this terrible traffic conditions,Speed cameras,longest working hours of any job,poor transport managers,unrealistic demands,appalling costs on motorway services, lack of decent parking places,Vosa, disrespectful car drivers and hgv driving is the only career that costs you over 2000£ to start…did I miss anything?

  35. Ian williams says:

    I have been a class 1 tramper 25yrs I am still tramping and hate every second of it . I used to love this job. But the wages are terrible and the general treatment of drivers is lousy large supermarkets don’t give a damn there are not enough affordable overnight parking places .other road users won’t give u a inch. Management are arrogant and are fine as long as the wheels are going round. The industrial estates want a delivery but don’t want trucks . Take Tilbury for an instance how many trucks a day go in and what parking food showers ect do they provide absolutely nothing . My advice to a young un is don’t come into this industry because u will be treated like something nasty on the sole of someone’s shoe

  36. G McCorkell says:

    Went off my own back 3 years ago at the age of 21 to get class 2 licence and Cpc,To then be told no company was willing to take me on till I was 25 due to insurance and company rules, tried agency but was hit and miss wether you was gonna have 1 day a week or be doin 60 /70 hours a week. This was no good when you have bills to pay.

  37. John poulter says:

    Would take cpc after 50 years driving so gave it up

  38. Chris says:

    Pushed to the limit by management, for a decent wage you need to do 60-70 hrs a week. Cpc is a farce, dvsa hammering the dvr for anything and everything. Would love to get out of haulage but wages elsewhere in other industries are even worse.

  39. Martin says:

    £450 every 5 years for cpc £50 ever five years for taco 150 for medical ever five years over 2000 for lgv licence 15 he days is it really worth it

  40. Mark says:

    Driving for a living is a joke these days, I’ve been driving hgv’s for 15 years now and it has got to the point where I don’t enjoy it anymore, the wages are crap and all they do is come up with sceems to make money out of us so how are we supposed to live. I think the cpc is pathetic, just a money making sceem and it’s ruining the industry

  41. Dave Webster says:

    I pass my C+E and PCV back in 94 when I was in the military, worked the trucks as agency and full time once I came out. Low pay, long hours, being treated like dirt, expected to live in filthy conditions, being robbed by high parking charges, being expected to pay for CPC, despite no one else in the EU doing it, being undercut by foriegn drivers, missing the family growing up, moaned at by everyone, and just generally a very poor working life are all the reasons I stopped driving.

    I have absolutely no intention of coming back to the industry, unless my circumstances well and truely collapse and I’m left with absolutely no alternative, even them it would only be temporary as I would be looking to leave it again asap.

    Have a number of mates who still drive, and every single one, hates the life and are desperate to leave. That to me says it all.

    The industry certainly isn’t short of qualified drivers, however the are short of qualified drivers who are willing to put up with the working conditions.

    You start treating and giving respect to professional drivers, and provide them with the facilities to do their jobs, safe cheap or free parking for one and maybe you might be able to save the industry.

    • Jon says:

      Trucks worth thousands. Trailers worth thousands. Goods we transport worth thousands…..operator of the truck (us) supppsedly worth peanuts…joke

  42. Rodney q says:

    47 with 26 years experience class 1 ‘ last cpc course I done we spent 2 1/2 hours on hooking in and out ‘ what a joke ‘ money racket ‘ load of c#$p ! Still driving at the minute biding my time till I can get ta hell out of it

  43. Dave says:

    I have been driving lorries for 37 years, just over 2 years ago I was made redundant from a large supermarket company after 25 years that moved the depot to Dagenham, I could have moved with them but they changed the terms and conditions and dropped the wages down to £10.60 hour with no double time for Sundays but expected you to work most weekends, most drivers were going to loose 8–10 grand a year, before they moved you could not get a driving job or a job in the warehouse as no one left, now most of there trucks have big adverts on them “Drivers Wanted”. with the shortage of drivers the companies that pay good money will get all the drivers they want, due to the CPC and shortage of places to stop for food, safe places to park at night that don’t charge £25 plus pounds that most companies won’t pay for and large companies forcing you to a booking time that can’t be met,
    So come on companies pay a good wage, improve conditions, treat your drivers with respect and don’t force good long standing drivers to sit in a class room trying to teach them to suck eggs and maybe you will attract some of the drivers that have left to return !!

  44. Tommy says:

    I know there is a national shortage but you would not of thought so as this past 3 weeks on 2 agencies I have had only 1 shift per week and they were ADR at £9ph. Being told Jan & Feb are always quiet. Only had my C+E for 18 months. Many agencies advertised immediate starts on job websites but when I phoned, they just wanted to put me on their database for when work came in at a later date, saying things were quiet at this time of year. I have even phoned companies 2 hours away for tramping work if needed but nobody was recruiting.

    I have level 5 NVQ qualifications in management but thought driving would be fine due to the shortage but this does not seem to be paying the bills!!!

  45. Brian Scott. says:

    Having held an lgv licence for 40 years and been an owner operator for 20 of them and been a cpc holder to run a haulage company and they want me to go to school to make sure I’m up to the task,it’s a joke,this country is f??ked,and they can stick there cpc up there back passage,still hold a licence and passed medical with flying colours,but not prepared to work in this industry anymore

    • Graeme says:

      Same here 44years driving class 1 money crap hours crap cpc crap retired a year early just let my hgv lapse I would not advise any young person thinking about doing hgv don’t bother find something else to do

  46. Steve Fisher says:

    Great Idea to import drivers who can’t speak our language. I am a qualified Class 1 examiner and was asked by a company to check out a new Polish driver, Checked his licence then asked him to clip up to a trailer. He said he had never driven an artic! I asked him how he got his class 1, he said he got it by driving a 7.5 ton vehicle. CPC is a money making joke and a waist of time. Pay and conditions are poor to say the least.

  47. Andy says:

    I passed my test in the Army and after many years of driving and then as an instructor felt that the CPC was an insult to all drivers having passed all previous tests and reaching the required standards. Granted if they wanted to introduce a new policy that should have been for new drivers and not existing ones. The government made this rod for their own backs as it was never all about the money. So once again the report above has proved to be wrong and miss guided.

  48. nick hand says:

    like so many experienced drivers who have been let down and ripped off with cpc and poor conditions and wages added to that is the insecurity of employment which in turn is related to the introduction and use of agencies which now count for the biggest majority of driving work where drivers are waiting by the phone wondering if they are going to be working either the next day/night unable to plan anything as they know if they dont accept a shift they will be at the bottom of the list the result is drivers who have been up all day and expected to go do a 12-14 hour shift its little wonder there are guys leaving the industry for better conditions i wont be doing another cpc when its gone its gone end of slavery conditions for me i will happily live on benefits that i have paid into all my working days and have the same income and less stress and a bit of family life

  49. Mick hastings says:

    The industry is hard enough as it is without going to work and worrying everyday that you might lose your job because someone seams to think they know how to drive better than you! I haven’t had an accident in 20+ years but with the managers at my place of employment having zero time spent in transport hold you as guilty until proven innocent you worry everyday tomorrow you may not have a job ! Gone seethe days when you were respected by your employer now you’re just a number with no back up shame because it used to be a wonderful industry to be in in my eyes gone are the days you respected the company you worked for now it’s just a wage

  50. Tony Simons says:

    From my personal experience, the main reason for drivers not driving is wages.
    There was a time when a driver was better paid than most manual workers, that together with the amount of bulls**t legislation we have to adhere to makes it very difficult to actually do the job.
    When you factor in how we are treated, it’s no wonder a lot of drivers said no more when the CPC was introduced.

    Go figure, have the responsibility of driving a 44T vehicle and all that it entails, or stack shelves in the local supermarket for the same money???

  51. Tim Garrish says:

    I drove trucks for 30 years before taking a break. Recently I’ve been thinking about going back to it, but the wages on offer and the pointless CPC qualification are a real problem. This country is heading for a major driver shortage and the industry is doing nothing to avert it. Until something is done about wages and over legislation it will only get worse. Many experienced drivers are out there, they just needed the incentive to return.

  52. les huby says:

    i owned a haulage co and my dad and grandfather i ran it for 45 years and have seen a lott of changes not for the best for drivers or owners vosa is far back of the beyond its got people who have never been a motor fitter .they go to a class for about 8 weeks then they no it all the magic book i have had drivers ring me and say a wagons just thrown a brick from its back weels and smashed my headlamp ,then he gets stopped on way home as in old terms a gv 9 i talk to vosa man to say whats happened he says i no the brick is still i headlamp .i could go on for ever as far as drivers are most of my lads had at least twety years with me the cpc is a load of rubbishmen go for 5 days and can do the same suject each daythen you have got the young lads how have just passed thear test they hav enot being trained how to fasten a load on they should be given2 months in class and 1month with an ex driver on the road in clasroom you need adriver who has loaded every type of goods i have said enough and could write abook but men who have driven for 10 or more years dont need a man in classroom to tell them how to drive when most have never drove one in thear lives

  53. Stephen Morelli says:

    Started on 7.5 ton and vans back in eighties .. qualified for class 3 hgv when i was 25 .. got grand father rights for the drawbar class one c+e when hgv classes became rigid or pulling trailer .. worked mainly for agencies non of who would help with cost of cpc (even though they demanded you needed it).
    I have in the past worked for different sectors in trucking
    Tippers, concrete mixers , skips, dry goods , palletised, roping and sheeting , box trailers flats even refuse waste …

    I’ve put my life at risk just by bring on the road .. working in quarries on tips … carrying hazardous loads … slept in vehicles smaller than a prison cell … been spat at .. shouted at .. been accused of theft when warehouse men cant count ..
    Been called names you wouldn’t believe when asked for load to be re packed for safety reasons

    Im now 53 i let my hgv licence lapse at 50 even though i had 25 yrs exp and a good driving record with a cando attitude ur loss not mine

  54. john says:

    You’ve read all the comments and as you can see that according to most drivers it’s a poorly paid undesirable job and people in general don’t want to do it anymore it’s as simple as that.

  55. Graham says:

    Wages a crap, hours are too long, paperwork (ie CPC) is a Joke stealth tax!. cpc my arse. Who would want to drive a truck these days? health and safety bulls**t is strangling the industry and all industries in my eyes!
    I drove for years , and last year renewed my licence and took my CPC, as soon as i got behind the wheel again, I rapidly realised it is not a career i really want at all, cos of all the bulls**t that goes with it. And the lousy hours and pay is certainly not an attraction, And to think that everything in anyones house or business has at some point been on a truck, this career is the backbone of Britain in so many ways, and pay and conditions should reflect on how important it is, and until it does there will always be a shortage of drivers too

  56. Adrian Walden says:

    Hi there, just reading this about shortage of truck drivers, the main problem is that very low wages, long hours , and to many foreign lorry driver’s in this country doing the same work for less pay. But all the agency’s should also take the blame as they charge the company’s a big price and try and get us driver’s to drive class one trucks between £9.oo/ £10.00 per hour, what a piss take for us driver’s.

  57. Bob says:

    The sheer cost of getting a C+E licence £2,000 to £3,000, the additional cost of other things Medicals, ADR, CPC, Digi cards, the amount of legislation, Working Time Directive, Tachograph Rules and Regulations, the nonsensical things like POA which I, in common with a lot of drivers just ignored, the enforcement agency’s constantly on your back the Police, VOSA, Highways Agency, Custom and Excise, one place I worked you had to fill in two A4 pages of tick boxes just to get out of the gate, being treated like dirt at your delivery points, refused use of the canteen and/or toilet facilities, as I said I work as a cashier in a Garage now and miss non of the foregoing.

  58. Rupert Smalling says:

    i’ve been a HGV driver for over 20 years and the job is now a joke! The associations are only working towards their goals. You can see by this report that the operators don’t think wages are an issue!

    how many jobs have this sort of sh#t for less than £15ph?

  59. donald says:

    I have to agree,

    I hung up my coat on hgv driving, its too stressful. The rules for hgv in the uk are just silly, pitty you have none for car drivers, for examples sake who cut me up with 45 Ton part for a windmill farm and then on top of of that they brake right in front of me, this happens time and time and time again, they don,t care this generation or understand the huge wieghts we are carrying, if i hit that car it will simple get destroyed and the driver well you can imagine. Some firms i have worked for have treated us drivers poorly and badly, over the top expectations for drivers. Wages being undercut and dampened down as time went on, even more so with immigrants flooding uk markets which help them on a easy path to lower wages buy using that situation as a way to lower wages, that is down right an insult and underhanded tactics to us already been working here years. Too many traffice problems way way way way too many traffic jams and then customers moan at us like it was our fault the goods are late, no its the country and its ever in creaseing population and this has a huge knock on effect ie more people ie more people buying cars equals more cars and vans and trucks on the roads that remain small. Especially london that place is a joke in all manner that is a ticking time bomb, even worse as there far too many dangerous drivers in london, but nothing is done about it. You see you leave one drop and then hit more traffice jams coming out of the city and then its stops ie loosing more time yet again. The next drop so too speak you hit more delays on motorways and jams again, then as you go into a new city or area guess what you hit more delays and jams again loosing more time, like it or not this facts. You increases runs and drops and contracts but you failed to see the roads simply cannot handle this, the amount of time i use to loose because these simple things, it got too much and the stress and arguments of people who simply just will not listen to why i was late, they like most these days just don,t care. Well i have got news for ya, this is why hgv drivers have simply had enough of this situation, and i believe like most of the people i know, you are gonna be very very very hard pressed to find good drivers to replace us, theres more to driving than simply getting in and turning a key, you need good for sight and understanding of rules which is over complicated, very early planning and preperation, if you get this wrong you could quite possibly kill some one, trucks can very dangerous to others like those cut us up, because they think we can just stop instantly and we are carrying fluffy white clouds, i have had 3 people hit me due to this situation because they don,t see danger of what they are doing and how badly it can injure them over all, no thanks with eractic generation and carrying stress so closely to its chest no thanks, i realised hgv driving is simply not woth it any more, this job is going to have huge problems soon.

  60. Rick Cottam says:

    I agree with most of the comments except those aimed at transport managers etc i run a fleet of 26t curtain siders mainly on pallet work where timed deliveries are common place, i do not pressure any of my drivers into unrealistic delivery times nor do i blame them for any situations that delay them. If they are going to be late for a delivery they contact who we are hauling to inform them then they contact me, where possible i will ring the customer and explain they are delayed, i do not lie to the customer and i certainly do not hold the driver to account for being late.
    All my drivers are my eyes out on the road and i will back them 100%. Transport industry has become crap in a big way, i have done many years on the road and now i am in the office and its no better behind a desk than it is behind the wheel, when i started we were called kings of the road-true professionals but now all aspects of road haulage has become a dirty, dark, seedy world that i would deter anyone thinking about entering the transport world from doing so.

    • Ben Twilly says:

      If what you say is correct you are one of a few and an endangered species.
      As I said above I’ve worked for some decent people, but in one major blue chip co, the office staff were in competition to see who could be the most incompetent and unpleasant, just because they could. Why did I stay? because they were so useless it was money for nothing, we used to say if they knew what they were doing they wouldn’t need half of us. Eventually the work was outsourced to DHL. I’d rather join the army than work for them.

  61. Lucy says:

    Been driving class 1 for 16 years and now had a gut full of it and currently off sick with work related stress anxiety. Been through so much over the years and rather than passing a driving test you should have a stupidity test. I was obviously very stupid lol….. Everyone told me including my dad and thought I knew better. Well here I am worked hard doing the hours for all those years not as much as many. But enough punishment for me. Driven to a breakdown by long hours talked to like shite and feeling no one cares , just want me to drive with no regards for my health and home life ….Driver shortage speaks for itself…. I myself worked harder to help my kids not end up being the third generation truckers in my family and they aren’t…. They have Good jobs and decent money doing decent hours giving them a home life work balance. Thats the one thing I’m going to congratulate myself for, that I steered them well away from this crap… No one in their right minds would want their kids to come into this or any one else’s for that matter. Haulage is incapable of providing a work and life balance so if you decide to get involved then you should think about that and decide from the beginning if you wish to have a life or if you wish to be nothing more in life other than being part of a truck , living a lonely life being looked down on by many because they just look at you and think why would you want to have no life. So they probably see us as retarded in some way. Do you want to also work for an industry that has no regards for your health and just thinks of itself and will never give a dam about you,,, your just a backside on a seat…Why does haulage get to sign out of work directive.. WHY !!!! has haulage got POA. Why have all us drivers got no balls to change things even if prehistoric conditioned haulage won’t. We could fight the companies we work for but no one sticks together. Why should anyone have to go to work and do 15 hours or anything near that. maybe haulage should completely restructure its work , rates , hours and bring up its standards or whatever it takes to make the job attractive to the younger generation. Maybe it’s time to create hubs so all freight gets moved by shunting trailers from hub to hub until it gets where it’s going then drivers could be deliverers or loaders or trunkers. So drivers could Do a normal shift to have a work to life balance. Don’t care about the companies it’s their problem not the drivers problem on how it’s done .. I actually care about the many drivers who for whatever reason are trapped with you all and suffering in many ways at your hands. You are providing a crap life for many and need to take a good long look at yourselves and stop asking government to sort out the crap you yourselves have created. If moving goods around by road was not needed as much as it is. Well you would be a dying industry that no one gives a dam about because no one wants to work for you. And like the prehistoric industry you are, you would be allowed to die out

  62. w says:

    ITs not the fact,

    we don,t want to be drivers anymore, its simiply too stressful and too many hours. A lot of companies undercut drivers and manipulate rules in place. Too many people get angry because the lorry is going slow, they think we do this on purpose, no we may need to slow right down because of the huge wieght on the trailor and there is a fine balance between tipping the truck over and keeping it up right and also we need longer stopping distance to stop and thinking of pedestrians. I got p,d off because of all the stress head car drivers who let there anger get in the way and in turn cut up trucks and under take on slip roads and dive in front of a truck on an exit slip road there should be a fine for doing this as you put my life in danger because of what you do, that gap is there for me to be able to stop not for you to get front of me and take away my brakind distance, also what about the trucks and cars and ect behind me also, you should stop doing this, but wtih this generation of drivers they won,t listen they will just keep doing silly driving actions that puts others in danger. people jumping ques and don,t care about why the other drivers get mad at them for doing so, we don,t jump the que then silly peson. The amount of traffic on the uk roads is simply too much, the amount of time delivery drivers loose due to ques on motorways then proberly another que going into the city and que,s on the way out of the city. don,t forget this is everyday and then the everyday rush hour and then every day night time rush hour oh yes you have to remember you have to do this day in and day out as a delivery driver and then on top of that drive you car home. Driver fatigue is a big concern for me, some drivers just push too hard for delivery vehicles its got to a point for truck or van driving the delivery schedule is just silly, like or not you cannot blame people for turning down a job like that, you have got into a frame of mind got to have yesterday and delivery the next day and delivery by such and such time which is a joke on todays roads. We knew as lgv drivers back before the roads became so busy ” we said then as we do now its not going to work, there will be too many vehicles on the road and it will simply not work, also this has a big impact of business,s all over ” how many drivers do you think everyday loose a lot time just sitting in ques and then you get a phone call, the customer wanting to know where there goods are, well we the driver has them but i can,t move im stuck in massive heavy traffic, its does not matter if you don,t care about what i just said that is the real life story of everyday driving, not this tin pot story. And this is why i know first hand why i stepped down from driving, its got silly and out of hand just like rush hour traffic and no one gives a dam what happens over all, i know a lot of good professional drivers who called it a day, as it got too much with the stress. But no one listens too the truth because its always the same in the uk, they can,t handle the truth. Most articles talk about truck driving or van driving like its a breeze and all these so called benefits, then you find out its not as clean cut as you might think. Self employed courer work has a lot of grey area,s also. Van drivers i know are working far too many hours also but again no one is keeping track on this also, again stress mounting the more you do, the human body can only take so much, because you moivng all the time you are concentrating for every second / min and hour you drive over so many hours the brain becomes tired and fatigued, ie the breaks are not long enough for drivers. Most car drivers are not even aware of all the rules we have to follow and reports that have to be made and time frames ect ect, they have no clue what so ever. Maybe the public needs to be made aware what rules we have to follow so they no when they are driving behind a truck for example theres a reason why we are going at a certain speed. Most go on as if we are carrying cotton wool on the back, we carry serious wieght and if that all goes wrong it will make a hell of mess if that crashes into other cars. And if that car hits the truck full on you are going to loose no question at all, so stop cutting up truck drivers please be sensible people your risking your life on the spare of a moments silly driving of a few seconds, its not worth that. Because of the traffic on uk roads, i just simply had enough of sitting in ques everyday and got different work where the only driving i now do is going home, and im so glad i gave up truck driving as my stress levels are now very relaxed and calm. Do i miss truck driving ?, No not at all. The roads are getting worse the people are increasing and the vehicles are increasing this is just going to get worse and worse as years roll on think about it.

    2 pints in a 1 pint glass = does,nt work this the the uk roads.

    uk roads are far to stressful to drive – London thats is one complete joke to drive don,t know how you people cope its pur utter madness in london – that place is heading for trouble in years to come.

  63. MooBeepBeep says:

    People are going on about unions, if I remember correctly Tony Blair brown nosed the Eu… Tony Blair and the Labour Party are funded by unions! So maybe the Labour Party had thrown a few spanners in the works just to create problems which in turn makes people want to be a member of a union, who funds the problem in the first place. Funny government a Labour government, it’s like they have their shoelaces tied together. There simply has to be a better way of complaing about things rather than relying on those that harvest these problems in the first place =). How adequate!!

  64. MooBeepBeep says:

    Private agencies must stop if safety is an issue in this job. The jobcentre could do rather well for themselves hoarding the work. I, on many occasions have been desperate for work, having been awake by the phone from 6am then getting a phone call from an agency at 9pm….. wanting me to work at midnight……… and the job is only 15 hours long!!!! The jobcenter controlling drivers instead of these pathetic agencies has got to be the only real safe way of having tempory staff in the driving trade. There would be automatic fluency with benefits and wages. Back when I was driving, a driver would’nt know wether to stay available for work or spend a few hours trying to make ends meet by claiming benefits. … Yes I did go homeless due to the recession and noticed for the first time in the jobcentre a CPC leaflet (2009), that was the first I even knew there was going to be a CPC. Kicked when down is a good term to use.

  65. Jason says:

    I sat my CPC a few months ago after passing my test in 1993 & mainly driving roadsweepers up to 2005. I tried to get back into the scene & one haulage company on my second day had me alone trying to navigate the insides of Birmingham City Centre. This might not sound much to some of you experienced guys, but I explained at the interview I was rusty, & was fed to the lions. Now I don’t know where to turn. Any advice would be great.

  66. Doug says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am not a truck driver but having worked in the building contracting business and others, I have come across many of you over the last 45 years.
    I got onto this thread completely by accident and it’s a real eye opener to see how similar the complaints are.

    I have always been polite and friendly to drivers when they visit but it’s true, they just don’t get asked to tea. I guess having a huge 40 ton truck strapped to your back makes you a bit big on the average site, let alone if the timetable is pressing.

    I also own some roads in an industrial estate and have a constant battle chasing truck drivers away from using them at night without permission as they park all over the pavements and destroy them and leave rubbish around.

    I must say though that few of us that use you as a critical part of our life have the slightest idea you feel this way or have such basic facility problems. I found all this quite shocking and its about time something was done abut it.

    I know some drivers, especially local ones moan that they are being driven hard and the increasing traffic jams make their boss take it out on them but long haul I and most other think is OK and living aboard must be great – obviously not at all from the sound of it.

    Shocked and hope it improves but it needs concerted action by a union or federation to get it changed I expect and proper facilities laid on by law for you.

    In future I am going to treat every truck driver with a heck of a lot more respect and understanding. Might be a good idea to get some of this into a newspaper. I am also going to look at my roads issue and truck drivers again. I might start to charge so I can control it but if I can provide showers and something else to give back in return this blog will have served its purpose.

  67. mick says:

    like all the other drivers who passed their hgv yrs ago the driver cpc is a total money making pi**take by the govt. no wonder older lorry drivers are looking for other forms of employment. they should axe it if they want lorry drivers.

  68. zulfi says:

    The managers are a********
    no respect or regard for drivers
    The treat drivers like servants . Those who have never seen a truck are mangers ,
    s*** like wages , the ware house people earn more then hgv drivers
    f sake .

  69. John k says:

    My son has just started a class 1 hgv job after not driving big stuff for five or six years. Been doing it for 3or 4 days and looks completely shattered. Been getting up at 4am’ ish and getting home at 6pm’ ish. Says he is under pressure from all directions including ‘ spy in the cab’ technology which affects his weekly bonus. It’s a salaried job which to my mind doesn’t reflect the hours worked. Is this all common or familiar to any one?

  70. Jez Baker says:

    Low pay, poor conditions, bullying management, long hours & a hostile State Eg police & vosa. However, there are some decent jobs out there. The companies which are always advertising for drivers cant keep or recruit staff because they treat people like s*it. It’s as simple as that. Pay a fair & decent wage, treat your staff with respect & you’ll have no probs recruiting drivers. Driver shortage solved. It’s not rocket science!

  71. Mack says:

    I’m trying desperately to get out of the transport industry for good,as soon as possible. After 20 years,I am exhausted and my health is suffering. 12-15 hour days,micro management,huge fines from VOSA even for one incorrect manual entry,appalling treatment for drivers wherever they go.

    Wages have dropped in real terms,and people are literally worked to death. Companies are making bigger and bigger profits,but the workforce suffer. £7.86 for driving class one vehicles in Lincolnshire,for example. Anyone looking to join this industry as a driver must be crazy!!!

  72. Jack says:

    Driving for Next, 14.42p/h, 36k p/a plus bonus. Doing nights between 40-50h per week. 48h/w pay quaranteed. Trunking. A-B-A. Everyday home between 4-6am. Two weekends off/month. Job is not Perfect, but cant complain. Taking care of my health, gym plus swimming. Healthty food. Min 7h sleep. Feel ok. There are some decent jobs out there, just you need to look for these. Next still needs drivers. Good luck drivers..

    • Jon G says:

      Hi Jack, i just checked out the website:
      i see a job at Pontefract, about 30 mins away, i am Doncaster based, where are you based? Is it alot of short or multidrop work distribution center to stores or are you distribution center to distribution center.
      i am looking to start a new driving job in the next 2 weeks, appreciate any help

  73. Tommy smith says:

    As a professional driver you should get a professional wage. Most things one way or another are delivered in part by a lorry. Some places will only pay you £8 an hour to drive a class1 vehicle. They wonder why drivers are giving up in there droves. Complicated legislation, long hours,poor man management and despicabley low wages. It’s hardly a selling point when looking to start a new career. I think the people in the relevant places need to look long and hard at the industry and how they treat there drivers…..we deserve a lot better!!!!!

  74. Joe says:

    12 years doing it , all it’s about for me I can deal with everything it throws at me but one thing I can’t take anymore is the pay its completely shit it’s a complete joke for the hours you out in class one two or even 7 and a half are all near enough the same money 25 pounds for a night out !! maybe 12 years ago that’s ok but not now , starterd in the building trade this week doing half the hours for same money , it’s shit cause im a trucker at heart but can’t live of those wages

  75. Paul says:

    I must admit I am sick of the stupid hours your expected to do! There is no home life at all. Looking to get out of HGV driving myself due to this

  76. Billy says:

    yes looking at getting out off this industry after only 4 year in it!!!! Long hours,poor management, poor pay, push push attitude from company’s. Agency’s are a joke too!!! stand by, get up, go sleep, I could go on all day. Drivers are treated dreadfully by every one!!!! Employers, customers, public then also, vosa, cpc, police. I’ve been working 64 hour weeks 69 hours total and they have the cheek to take an hour off for my break. Early start home late say hello to your wife have your tea and then off to bed. Roll on new year cause I’m getting out of it. Good luck truckers we are all good people.

  77. M simpson says:

    What realy pead me off about this is they say how many older people would come back via agency is this a joke ? People who trying to sort shortage of drivers saying this its agenceis that have destroyed job i now work umbrella ltd for a big big supermarket i get txts an hr before cancelling shift reguler . Iv about lost heart i work all crap hrs advice to any would be lgv driver dont do it . I had 20 yr in building trade before 19 yr driveing what a big misstake i made its the customer the load the truck the driver never mentioned untill delay or something wrong then it must be driver error. And i know many agencies even jf your p.a.y.e . Dont tell drivers holl pay built into hr rate so when they ask about holls they told no its been payed disscuting industrie.

  78. Michael Phillips says:

    The way HGV drivers are treated is disgusting. All the government do is throw more courses at us (cpc) which we have to fork out for. I went to some agencies in Northampton today and the best is £9 per hour for Cat C. What a load of rubbish. So I paid all that money to pass my class 2 5 years ago to be put on £9 per hour. I have no intention of looking for a class 2 job anymore. It’s not worth it anymore.

  79. stephen lewis says:

    wot i dont understand is i am hgv 1 licence holder like many of us been looking for work in south wales but they want to pay £8 pr hr long distance sleep rough in unit 4-5 times a week for peanuts £18 per night better off sleeping in my own bed with the boss jobs in avonmouth £14 plus pr hr but bridge farv to much so been looking else wear or wot i can do job centre plus looking for fork truck driver on site £15 per hr 8 until 4.30 go for it cat apply becausemy hgv will not cover me no cscs card no fork truck licence no job but i can carry 44ton on the roads but on site my licence does not cover me to work on site s to drive a bend for truck or dumber thats why the job is s***

  80. Lee says:

    It’s madness out there. I have 27 years class 1 experience no accidents or speeding ever nor a driving infringement ever and I have not had a days work this year!!! On my arse so to speak as when I call agency’s same story awaiting an assessment t date or the job does not start till April etc. So just puts people off then they say the wage is under a tenner really!!!

  81. Orbit says:

    I have been driving class one for thirty one years, I am fifty nine now, if I could find another job I would be on my toes. I am fed up with s******* in a bag, p****** in a bottle and not been clean for days on end because I can not get into a truck stop; one I can afford that is (I only get £12 parking money).
    I do seventy one hours a week Monday to Friday for £10.50 with no overtime rate. I do not get to see family or friends, I do not talk to anyone all week. The stress causes me mental anxiety, the food I have to eat is awful, I do not get time or have the energy to exercise, I am on five tablets a day and even though I worked hard for my children I never got to see them grow up.
    I have no worries from VOSA because my firm keeps the equipment up to scratch, responds to defects quickly and ensures we take our breaks but I understand the issues raised by other drivers over this matter.
    As for unions, I would rather shit glass then be in one (I use to be a great union supporter) we need an organisation to support us; all of us nationally, whose only interest is US.
    I cannot remember a blog on HGV driving that has created such a huge response and the comments show how disgruntled we all are and the reason why no one wants to come into the industry. For my part I would be happy with more affordable truck stops (One like Chippenham, where there is healthy menu and gym), a
    shorter working day (Twelve hours), a wage that reflected what I do i,e staying away from my family all week.

  82. Tony hawkins says:

    The HGV driver is hounded by the police, visa, this boss the delivery point, the road in with he as to travel, No quality services, bosses how expect at a drop of a hat for you to be working 15 hrs! It’s imposable to arrange for a doctor appointment dentist hospital, ect you get it in the neck for asking ? Horrible RDC no use of the canteens run down and disgusting toilets, queuing by stinking bins, there’s to much he’s only a driver,Having to take breaks in lay bys with no facility’s over flowing bins that stink of rotting rubbish s*** p*** yes and there no toilets inthese area ? Over night in some s*** hole of an industrial estate no showers no toilets, having to crap in bags in a bucket, ?? You tell me how else in any other job as this list in there job discription ? Plus if you drop a Tin of bins, you don’t get fined hundreds of pounds, if you push you trolly to quick ? You don’t get a f****** letter with a fine in side? If you stop for a pee, you don’t get a harassing traffic warden issuing you a ticket, the list goes on ? And the f****** d**** at the top look at statistics ? There out of f*** touch not a clue, o yes I forgot to mention the fantastic wage for all of the above and your skill level, paying for your own job CPC medical, fines, licence renewals, mmmm let my think do I won’t to return to driving a big f****** NO thanks

  83. michael says:

    I’m 39 passed my class 2 & 1 Aug 16 2016, no one will take me on due to not having 2 years experience..

    I won’t renew my cpc as no point, there’s no work for new passers

    • Andy says:

      My cpc runs out September 2019 as it is I retire Feb 2022 so what’s the point of paying 300 pounds to renew for two half years even medical since put retirement age up from 65 to 66 there’s another 90 pounds, total rip off.
      I will not be renewing cpc unless it’s offered for a lot smaller fee.

  84. A Brown says:

    My opinion about this.
    The DCPC was a major factor to why the older generation stopped driving. They had been driving for 20+yrs or even longer. To then be told you had to take a course to say that you are a professional and competent driver!! That is an insult at the highest level.
    Its also the biggest load of rubbish that the EU imposed.
    35hrs of training 5 modules (7hrs for each). But you could do the same module 5 times and get your CPC. Doing this every 5 yrs either at your own cost or time if company pays.
    Which is the most pathetic thing ive ever known.
    DIGI CARD paying for that every 5 yrs at our own cost.
    LONG HRS is also a factor. Being allowed to work 3 15hr days with a 9hr rest a wk. With the other days 13hrs with 11hr rest. Working 5 day and 6 day wks alternating. No family time or social life. Being paid max £12ish ph.
    Then there is the ones who tramp (living in cab) all that time in a box smaller than a prison cell for £25 a night max. Having a shower in service stations that are dirty, mouldy unsanitary (u need another shower after having a shower in those places).
    Along with those points, there is the added stresses on the road. Cyclists getting to close to HGVs. Car drivers cutting in front of us etc etc.
    All this added with the low wages. Its understandable that they leave to do other jobs that pay more and give back quality time with family and less stress etc.

    So to get drivers back driving or to get new drivers training then the industry really needs a revamp on all the points set out.

  85. Jojn Helliwell says:

    I’ve been driving class 1 since I was 21 I’m now 62 and been out for a few years. Ive thought about going back my lience and medical is up to date but why should i pay money out for a CPC with the exsperience I have with a clean record and not just working in the Uk ive worked as a driver in south Africa pulling 100 ton loads the lenght and breadth of the country so scrap the stupid pathetic CPC which was brough in buy the EU anyway,then may be i might come back?.

  86. Neil barber says:

    I know lots of people who have got fed up with the industry
    And I hear all the time that there is a driver shortage
    But I can’t actually find a decent driving job I’m a class 1 holder & have had my licence 18 years driven for several company’s
    Mainly continental work but for the last few years have only been working local
    I’m in Bedfordshire & there doesn’t seem to be that many company’s looking for drivers

  87. Neil barber says:

    I know lots of people who have got fed up with the industry
    And I hear all the time that there is a driver shortage
    But I can’t actually find a decent driving job I’m a class 1 holder & have had my licence 18 years driven for several company’s
    Mainly continental work but for the last few years have only been working local
    I’m in Bedfordshire & there doesn’t seem to be that many company’s looking for drivers

  88. Dean lang says:

    Hi,I left the industry 13 years ago after being on the road for as many years.Had loads of jobs all similar pay…£20.000 per year 65 hours per week. I used to wake up in a morning not knowing what day it was usually at 03.00am for a04.00 start.i hated it!
    Lucky for me I was in a joinery environment for the first six years of my working life and retuned to it in 2004. Best thing I’ve ever done. I now earn double what I used to as a self employed joiner.

    I would return to driving but only if I had to out of desperation to provide for my family.
    Like another blogger said I think the politics have really spoiled the job and the dcpc is another form of tax.
    Lorry drivers are a seriously under rated breed and I have nothing but admiration for the “good” ones but in not at all surprised at the shortage.

    I have no regrets and I loved the job at the time but not anymore. I just get a buzz seeing all the nice rigs on the road!!

    Best company I ever worked for-Biffa waste,good hours,good pay,great conditions.

  89. Pete says:

    I have my class 2 and been driving for years with it. I got sick of haulage and found a job in hgv plant, the problem is its 7.50 ph for class 2 and 8 for class 1.

    I love the job but after 2 months the wage has affected my life I’m starting a job with aldi next week for 11ph as trainee assistant manager.

    How the hell is that difference in wages fair?

  90. Phil Crowder says:

    It’s all a money making scam.
    I was promised the world but when I passed I was told the market is very competitive at the moment and more experienced drivers would be in front of me.
    I quit and got a construction based job and earn 3 times as much.
    I feel for the drivers left.

  91. jim says:

    discrimination, lorry driver’s have different rules from all other jobs

  92. Jane says:


    I am a little blonde girl from England and the roads are terrible here. Too many idiotic drivers on the road. I have a class 2 licence now and passed my CPC a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, I work for a DAF truck dealer and I literally don’t have hard work to do. I was thinking of going full time Class 2 driving but the wages are about £8ph and I earn much more than that sitting here, and I paid £1500 for my licence! I do get to drive lorries back for customers or to help the salesman out if and when needed which helps me keep my experience up, but no companies accept inexperienced drivers which is a shame.

    I used to be a fleet administrator for a big company and every single driver would come in at the end of their shift and I’d always ask them, ‘have you had a good day today?’ because not even transport would talk to them or even acknowledge them except me, and I used to feel sorry for them because a majority of them would say ‘no, the warehouse were four hours late and it’s always our fault’. I got sacked from there because I was too nice I suppose lol.

    Anyway, cut a long story short, I feel sorry for drivers big time and I ALWAYS keep my distance at roundabouts etc because I know that they need space, but then other drivers behind me peep at me for not going fast and squeezing passed the lorries, but I don’t care, the people behind me can do one as I am not risking being crushed because the people behind me want to get to McDonalds 2minutes quicker! The only people I move out of the way for are blue lights!!!

    Poor truck drivers, it’s really not what I thought it was anymore.

    I feel sorry for you all!

    If I ever own my own haulage company, I’d never tell drivers to hurry up etc. I understand how you are feeling and something needs to be done, now!

    Kind regards.

  93. John says:

    I hold a C+E and Bus D license, I currently drive busses. From what I can ascertain bus driving is going or gone in some cases in the exact same direction as LGV. You have large companies that are partially government funded running the show, and from what I can understand are very “Money Money Money!!!” It used to be that you have a duty to follow with realistic timings on it so that you don’t drive like a looney and upset some of the elderly or frail passengers for example, also this of course takes a load of stress off you.

    Now you have a duty that has been chipped away at down to the bare bones! For example at the start of the shift you were allotted a certain time period to do your user check in the morning, then you were given a decent amount of time to get to said starting point and to sign on to your machine etc, destination board etc. Also between journeys you had a decent time to on and off load passengers change destination blinds, change journey on the machine etc at the end of the day you were allotted a certain period to pay in the earnings for the day etc. Now it has all been reduced quite significantly in order to save money and resources, this results in rushing around like a loon pulling 4 G’s in the bends with grumpy passengers on board and little time to interact and be a polite human being toward passengers to then run late anyway and end up working in to your break periods and in to your own time at the end of the day.

    When you look at these duty timings, and you boil most of them down, the management is basically saying, “You will do overtime!!” Of course you are expected to do overtime to an extent as you cant account for RTC’s, traffic jams and other factors, however not when it is knowingly indirectly forced upon you through these unrealistic duties!

    It seems this is the case across the whole driving trade not just bus or truck drivers, I mean look how fast taxi’s go or DPD drivers!! Someone in government needs to step up and do something drastic or more and more accidents will happen and its us drivers who are held responsible when we all know full well it just isn’t that simple! We are expendable and these companies know it.

  94. Anon says:

    Our transport manager was asked the question, “what is your biggest asset ?”
    His answer the shops we deliver to, the depot, and the vehicles, just goes to show the drivers don’t matter and aren’t classed as an asset to the companies, who wouldn’t be able to operate without us,

  95. Steve says:

    I’ve got my c+e did 4 years of uk driving and 7 years of euro work loved it at the time but not now I’m happy plying my trade driving trucks in New Zealand where the the rules are simple 14hr work day 10 hours off and a 24 after 70 hours easy as that

  96. Steve says:

    I thought it was a great idea paying 3k for both my licence cpc cards etc.what an awful period in my life looking for jobs that either do not exhist or dodgy pathetic minimum wage jobs driving 44tonne lorries for horrible people in offices .If your considering driving lorries do not bother .It is a woeful horrible industry .what an absolute eye opener £7.90 ph hourand run ragged from place to place to sit waiting 4 hours to tip off a single pallet at the hands of hidious arrogent people in ndc and rdc ‘s ,That is if you can get a job !All this talk of shortages is bs .Most haulage firms have cheap crap insurance that insists on 2 years experience aswell.How are you getting two years if they are to mean to buy proper insurance ??
    Do not even consider it .It is the worst carear choice of my 48 years .What awoeful country we live in to allow this in 2017 .
    Retrain wisely ,AVOID HGV DRIVING .

  97. pamzss says:

    its not only driving, i don’t understand why everything is getting so hard for any professionals .country will be short of teachers,nurses and drivers even delivery couriers etc etc very soon n than they will get cheap workers from abroad and our people will go to other countries for better salaries n future…
    non of work is stress free.Gov just want to make money so making things hard without any reason.Easy for them to order and change rules.No one is looking into matter why our public is getting damn stress for easiest jobs.

  98. ian flannery says:

    passed my test in 1995 have all my cpc up to date but its just not worth the hassle driving pay is garbage hours are too long much easier ways to earn cash.If your a new starter stop its grim find another job take the drop in pay and have a life

  99. delboy says:

    all the drivers on here moaning about wages hours conditions etc , who’s to blame we are until drivers are in one union and that union has some balls nothing will change look how strong the train drivers are we either need to put up or shut up , and when we ALL refuse to work we will have what we want within a week , why do you think they separated us and privatised road haulage

  100. Mark says:

    Every HGV in this country stop working for 5 days, bring this country to its knees, then we might see a few changes,, no food, no fuel, no building supplies, no rubbish cleared, they might then just realise how much they do need us,,

  101. jimbo says:

    I have been thinking about getting into class 2 driver for awhile now. But after spending two hours reading through this list of grievances and similar elsewhere I have grave doubts. It sounds like your lives are hell driving a truck.
    It seems lots of different types of especially male,semi professional careers have been taken over by meddling bureaucrats imposing charges, fees, training, exams,tests,medicals,courses,directives,and endless leglislation designed to keep you jumping through their expensive hoops with big fines for non compliance.
    The pest control industry has been hit with some of this s*** last year making that work a costly minefield. I was also thinking of driving a JCB or a building site and going for training and its the same thing there. Its a nvq now i cant just learn to drive and then get a job digging holes…lots of boxes must be tricked and much bs complied with making this work stressful and expensive to retain a career.

    Should we blame the EU for creating this parasite class imposed upon our backs? Well the eu takes plundering the worker to a whole new depth of depravity. And they are suppose to be communists. But there is no shortage of fat cats/pigs in Britain happy and willing to extract every last penny possible from ordinary working people. Eu politicians are mostly traitors to their own peoples across europe.

    But there are No shortage of grubby lackies willing to put on a uniform and implement the cash extraction policies and regulations and work for dcpc vosa police dvla etc. [***] People are not seen a human being anymore but farm animals to be milked and controlled. Until people wake up and get very political nothing will change in the brainwashed UK. We need to take a long hard look at the people we call politicians and see that they don’t ever work for us. Never have never will regardless of what party they are in. They implement policies to suit their masters and cronies. Their masters are corporation owners and giant capitalists. Their cronies are all the a******* that run all these quangos and training and education bodies implementing these bogus £££ generating policies under the guise of health and safety. Its a sham. They don’t care a damn for your health or safety…just your money. If they can keep you on the hamster wheel till the day you die its just a bonus to them. Keep us all good obedient little impoverished broken down slaves too stressed to think about anything else but the next paycheck. They dont call Britain Treasure Island for nothing. We have been looted plundered and squeezed dry. Where does the our ££ go? If I told you wouldnt believe me.

  102. Vince says:

    I did 4 months class 1….rushing around driving like a mad person in a 44ton killing machine for not much more than minimum wage! Went back bus driving for far more money per hour. I thought trucking would be cool; sadly mistaken. Overall driving a truck is a very difficult job that is ridiculously badly paid; its insane to drive a class 1 for the money offered, INSANE.

  103. John Pierce says:

    I don’t think its a bad job personally and he money’s ok allot of the time I’m doing nothing anyway. I think the problem is with people getter heated up about things and putting up with crap jobs. It’s simple just leave and find another one. It’sis a decent job for a youngster with no ties and you can earn decent money if you put your head down.

  104. jmac says:

    Why should we be insulted constantly
    Why in gods name do we need Training Training Training
    For what
    Most of us forgot more than most of your kiddywink drivers will ever know
    Most can only open two doors
    Couldnt balance a load for all the tea in china they can on the other hand wear all the useless ppe just to appeas some w***** that shouldnt have anything to do with normal people.
    Before scotchguard invented a way to print money with their reflective tape we still got seen in yards strange that but true
    Try walking across a yard nowadays without hi viz on
    some w***** will shout at you to put it on how did they see you……….

  105. cc says:

    I’m done with driving. Too many idiots on UK roads. To you an update, I guy in his company car raced ahead and then cut across into the slow lane and then braked really hard in front, taking my breaking distance from me, I had no we’re to and crashed into him. Because you silly ones that do this, have no idea the danger you are in. Why is it you car or van drivers seem to think a big class 1 truck is going to stop just like that fully loaded. Of cause he tried to blame, I let him shout rant and rave, I then showed him trucks recorded camera footage. Why you have jump the Que and put people’s lives at risk, I’ll never understand. Most of you simply can,t big volumes of traffic. You respond in a nasty angry manner, and simply don,t care, there is some thing wrong with modern day folk, your quiet horrible on the road. Not all are like this, but seem to think we are carrying 1 Apple on trailor for example, try 36 ton, and see if you can stop in time, I kid you not. So why do that to me, you don,t seem care on UK roads. His car was a mess, the boot was crushed and it ended up behind the front seats, and all because you refuse to control your selves, I have seen enough of this. In the future you drivers will tear your selves apart because of your selfish driving, and for what, a couple of seconds. I now do a local job and you will loose more and more quality drivers, and stressed out ones will replace them. I’m not dieing for u or anyone. Too much traffic, UK government got it wrong everywhere you your always late, do I’m finished. God help the future, stress is killing people, and ruining lives, but ey you don,t care do us, proberly a big joke to you a good laugh.

  106. steven R Smith says:

    I gave up driving trucks after 30 years due to the cost just to drive on the road the CPC is a joke . Never been so bored in my life . It would be better money used to train drivers in the old skills roping and sheeting and come sense on the road which does not exist anymore . And a person on a computer telling you how to do the job is crazy . No wonder is a shortage of older skilled drivers . A lot of the drivers i know retired early due to the different laws and health and safety .

  107. john says:

    The greedy government have made our industry untenable.. our country was built on balls & brick dust,,,and destroyed by men in suits hiding behind monitors,,, *********

  108. Andy Southan says:

    Pay druvers a professional wage, and treat them with the respect they deserve. You may even get young people interested in taking up the profession then.

    You don’t mention anything in the article about how drivers are treated, lied to by traffic operators daily, spied on with trackers, harrassed and pushed to the legal tacho limit. This all happens on a daily basis, and that’s without mentioning how customers treat drivers.

    Until the transport industry has a complete overall, from top to bottom, drivers will continue to leave, and new drivers will be few and far between.

  109. Ken says:

    Decided to get my HGV licence, got my provisional, bought all the books, studied hard and was about to book my theory test when I decided to check what the actual drivers were saying about the job and not the industry leaders.

    I’m so glad I did. What an absolute con. There’s no way I’m spending £3000+ to get a crappy job just above minimum wage with no life outside work.

    Greed drives wages down. Greed puts pressure on drivers to work ridiculously unsafe hours. Greed makes drivers work, sleep and live in poor conditions and it is greed that has taken this industry to breaking point.

    I’m away to focus my attention on an industry that wants to grow and evolve rather than one consumed by greed running it’s employees lives into the ground (literally).

  110. Ruby says:

    THANK god for this thread (amen!), I was seriously contemplating a career change to driving hgvs which would mean forking out shed loads for license etc but I most definitely won’t now.
    Cheers to all you drivers sharing your hassles, the wages and work shifts has been a real mind opener for me.
    It terrifies me when I see idiot drivers (and bikers) sit right up your trailers’ arses, they have no idea how dangerous that is. Or do the cutting up overtaking thing, happens to me too when i’m chugging about in my tractor with a slurry tank hitched up!
    I have utmost respect for ALL lorry drivers, especially as out on the main drags where I see you cos you be way bigger than me on my motorbike!
    I’ll stick with farming for now, another thankless job!

  111. francis Evans says:

    dvsa killing truck drivers,getting silly now every time they stop it’s a purge to fine you.All in favour of safety,and trucks should be in order but police and dvsa just prohibit you for silly reasons just to charge the £80 release fee.
    CPC,drivers cards for everything just more cost for drivers and these are not worth anything to a driver,and for self employed guys it,s even harder, you need a transport manager if you own 1 vehicle over 3.5t{for goods}! thats £500 a month for nothing really,any decent drivers could,t do them selves.

  112. Steve says:

    Ask yourself. Simple the job as gone to the dogs the agency have killed it so let them get on with It

  113. Lucy says:

    What driver shortage lol. I’m busy applying for part time work in Mansfield areas. 20 years experience and no one interested . May be that I’m female !! Want part time !!! Yep haulage wants you on their terms not yours !!! Oh and my age doesn’t help as coming up towards 60. But government says I can keep working until 66 well not in haulage I won’t lol

  114. gary Mccormick says:

    I’ve a class 1 i dont use got fed up with all the hassle everywhere you go, the roads are crap the truck stops rip you off ,you get treated like crap by bosses and planners for maybe 500 a week for60 70 hour’s no thanks .I’d like to go back to it for the right job

  115. Simon Dobson says:

    Currently doing my Cat C having just done my CPC and ADR…….after reading these comments I am really wondering if it was worth it. Have not even finished driver training and passed my tests yet and I am seriously wondering if it’s worth it. After just a few days I can’t believe how little respect and Pay HGV drivers get considering how dangerous and difficult it is, especially with DVSA and utterly ridiculous time schedules. Can’t believe some of the horor stories I have heard an had confirmed about DVSA and some of the fines levied onto drivers, it’s just ridiculous. Seriously think I just wasted a lot of money.

    • Creepy bastrd says:

      You have , save your money do plant training half the price. Hgv long long hours and treated like scum , tou have been warned.

  116. Mr Davies says:

    Im a new driver as a change of career forced a new employment But to be honest the wages are pathetic seems a C wage is about the same as a C+E when you think it cost me 4k to have lessons and take the tests to get a barely livable wage after that i think a lot of agency work is to blame, Creaming employers and employees the sort of estate agents of the employment world they do little to contribute especially with new drivers, especially now east europeans are leaving as the change in currency is not favorable for them to send money home and they can see an end to they’re tax free status as brexit will surely bring an end to being able to claim their tax back, But i live in hope

  117. Martin smith says:

    They pay more for the desiel than they pay for wages

  118. david lombardi says:

    Bit late now they new this was coming
    Treat you like a pleb.
    Low pay managed by people who have never driven hgv.
    No future prospects.
    Have to comply with to many laws.
    And have to keep paying out money to govement to keep your job.
    Plus pay fines for sneaky vosa.
    No incentive for youngsters.
    And no respect from other road users.
    Yes you can get 30000 a year but to do that you have break the law.
    I am 54 years old had enough of paying out fines and for and all these schemes from goverment to make you a proff driver.
    I can see the day not far away when the country will start to shut down lack of logistics no drivers.
    They only have themselves to blame.

  119. Gsingh says:

    Well if there is really shortage of over 50000 hgv drivers why new passed hgv drivers are treated as third class citizens by company’s ,The ist thing 99% company’s ask is 2 years hgv driving experience.Majority of company’s they got permanent drivers it’s only near Christmas time they struggle and that’s the only time a new pass driver gets some of the hardest driving route are given impossible time targets for deliveries and long shifts and remember that’s only during Christmas time.In my opinion at the moment the agencies we got 90% of them are dodgy and until these agencies are not been soughted uk will struggle badly with drivers in the future .For example I passed class one three months back.i have got no other choice then registering with an agency for job.firstly as there are so many agencies they hardly got full time job so they will offer you 2-3 days work per week and if you are lucky that will be £300 per week and lot of hassle every time different place,different company,different area and different shift time but same shit pay £9-£10 per hour.i would not recommend anybody to leave their permanent job and try hgv unless you got 2-3 years house and personnel expense covered.

  120. Andrew Thomson says:

    Surely we are not wondering why there’s a lack of drivers, drivers are constantly having more regulation put upon them. They work long hours to get near decent pay. There having to stop in pitiful surroundings where the services are absolutely appalling. The other road users are constantly putting HGV drivers in dangerous situation. But the main thing is they are poorly paid (not all) but in general. Companies Dong look after their drivers. I’m guessing this will all change in the near future because it can’t continue to carry on the way it is. The average age of an HGV Driver is 58 so the number tells us there are fewer people taking the profession up. Look we all know with out the truck on the road you are trully screwed. So let’s start recognising this pay more and educate the general driving pool, and build proper areas to stop which are safe and have decent amenities.

  121. terry stewart says:

    hi folks all the comments on this are spot on..
    i have driven trucks for 21 years now and love driving a truck
    but the industry has killed my passion stone dead..
    new training schemes these days offerd to 18 year olds
    are just a way to run down the industry even further
    minimum wage for a 18-25 year old is £4.50 an hour
    how can a 42 year old with a family and mortgage compete
    wit these low wages. […]
    not knocking young people who may fell like i felt when I started.. full of passion and optimism.
    i come from a family of truck drivers. grand fathers father and brothers drive trucks. but no more! were are (pun) steering our future family away from trucks. and into more sustainable
    professions.. nurses doctors even have a psychologist in the famialy now so proud of them.and we couldnt have done it without truck driving. but it is time for a change. all round..
    thanks for doing this peice but its to little to late
    ps love to all the brothers out there

  122. I agree with everything I have heard on your site as many troubles today with HGV drivers lack of wages the amount of responsibility is completely wrong

    You’re staying with a lorry the 45 minutes you not getting paid you have to be prepared to look after the lorry that is wrong

    The CPC is more bolshie it is come from Europe and it upsets drivers as drivers been driving for 20 years don’t want to know how to suck eggs when the already know what the doing
    personally I’ve got nothing against the CPC I’ve still got one and still HGV driver but don’t drive any more just not worth the money is just absolutely ridiculous

    When was in the EU even though was still in the EU many Polish drivers came bought a property with four or five families so they kept their prices low and then they work for 8 pounds an hour it is absolutely ridiculous for a professional lorry driver

    Many of my friends say the same thing one of them is working for Tesco stacking shelves it gets 8 pounds an hour with no responsibility
    and many people I talk to our thinking on the sort aligns ones a taxi driver shown me that got the piece CPC card a driving licence which was valid and did not want to drive HGV any more

    I’ve also heard it said you get treated very poorly from some lorry companies which I can agree with very careful what you say to them so I find lorry drivers are not liking the way we are talk to buy some companies
    I hope my comments have been useful John steeples

  123. Mike Leaver says:

    I have been thinking about becoming an HGV for a few years and did my medical last week now revising hard for the tests. I was doing some research, just getting a feel of what drivers think of the profession before spending a few grand on the course. I came across this post and read all the comments.
    I am quite shocked from what I have read, the vast majority of views are very similar, all pessimistic. I am now seriously considering stopping any further revision. Think I might be making a big mistake pursuing a career as an HGV driver.
    Thank you for your honest views as this will save me a few bob and a depressing life.

  124. Ex Driver says:

    I can only echo the sentiments above from all the other drivers.
    I got out after nearly 20 years of HGV driving and having seen how the real world operates ‘outside’ I wish I had never sat in a truck in the first place.
    To all the people thinking of a paying £££ for a ‘career’ in driving…Don’t!
    I’m about 40 quid a week worse off now working as a labourer, but am working the best part of 15-20 hours a week less- I’ll let you do the sums there.
    It’s been a real eye opener to see how people with real trades operate- Lorry driving isn’t a trade, don’t kid yourself.
    A brickie/plasterer can earn more in 7 hours on site whilst having a laugh with his mates (and using the toilet whenever he likes) than a lorry driver can earn in a 15 hour shift with a night out on top of that.
    I know there are a lot of people out there desperate to earn a living and feed their families but I can’t think of a more toxic industry than that of haulage. It’s crap!

  125. Lawrence says:

    I cannot add anything new on here as i am not an HGV driver. However nothing that i have read on here do i find the least bit surprising! Plus you can also draw similiar comparisons to other employment in the way you are treated with low pay and work conditions. Courier drivers, factory and shop workers will all be hit by some of the issues raised here on a daily basis in their working lives. I would not recommend any of it unless you find a doorway to getting way above the dogs body level. You stay at the bottom and all you get is the worst of everything while the ones further up the ladder work everything to their own advantage. And according to an article i read recently, it claims the USA is suffering from an even bigger shortage of drivers. They handle even larger trucks over there! The old american trucker films glamourised the trucker life quite a bit and i wondered if some of the well seasoned drivers over here were ever influenced by them?
    But with all the expense and crap you have to go through you should expect more reward from this line of work.
    Am i safe in assuming it has been like this for some years in this industry?
    It is not easy to get any work these days especially with the foreigners filling all the gaps. Aldi for instance put you through a series of work based questions on their application as well as 3 in-store interviews and group based activities before they consider recruiting you for a store assistant position. Crazy times for sure!

  126. I do this job part time (have my class 1 but work at class 2 work) and take my hats off to the guys who do full time. A big aspect, little discussed is the impact the job can have on relationships. A modern marriage won’t last long when the person driving is hardly ever at home; moreover, and not even earning a great wage. PAYE is crap and self employed loose out on benefits and holiday pay etc. The only way to change things is to up the pay massively and with that, the status of drivers will rise in the mind of people accordingly.

  127. Steve Linton says:

    I passed my tests in 2016 both 1st time .
    I will never drive a truck again .
    1.too many disrespecting planners -Tm’s bullies(Ilegally phoning you knowing you are driving ) calling you all the time even though they have you on trackers .
    2. Assessments every year just like driving tests for the same job .
    3.rubbish pay
    4.Recruitment agencies charging £20 ph and trying everything to oay you through scamming umbrella schemes and ending up with around £8 ph .
    5.Cpc is a disgraceful rip off .You learn nothing
    6.parking ,You have no where to park and this robbing country allow motorway services to rip off drivers for food and £26 night to get zero security .
    7.the roads are woefully crowded with foreign drivers who have not taken a test here .
    8.sleeping in a tin can for £20 a night is pathetic .Make the managers do it for£ 20
    9.Fines fines fines for doing a low payed horrible job .
    10.Stress is a killer
    What an absolutely awful job ,Hated by the oublic treated like a dog .If you are going to spend £3k get a digger licence .never ever try haulage ,It is run by greedy accountants ,And horrible people
    Never again.

  128. Mark says:

    Started driving trucks at 21 back in 1995 and packed up in 2006,just had enough of the job, long hours getting up at 2 in the morning and not the best of money because you was doing 70hours a week it looked good, got a job in steel as a saw operator in 2006 doing day shift and I’m still doing same job in 2019,no getting up so early and back home every evening, the best move I made I also done this job when I first left school in 1990,the job is so bad now and talking to drivers that come to load in my works most of them say they would love to get out of it, I reckon it’s got to be the worst carrear path you could choose I would try and talk anyone out of doing there test

  129. Kev says:

    I am leaving hgv driving this year main reason is this stupid cpc, I drove for 25 years without that worthless blue card in my wallet. Why should drivers be forced to take a 35 hour course when they have 20 to 30 years experience.

  130. Graham Barker says:

    I’ve just come across this article which dates back to 2016. Well here we are 3 years later and what has changed. Here is the problem, it’s an industry that no one cares about. Products will be moved whatever, if not by a British truck then by one of the many European vehicles working in this country, driven by a low paid exploited eastern European driver. The industry is too fragmented to ever improve and this has been the case since I’ve been in it, around 35 years.
    I dare say in another 3 years things will still be the same







  132. Bradley Mcrory says:

    I’m 41 and have been driving for 20 years this year. My experience isn’t appreciated in my wages. And then they want me to take time off and pay for my cpc courses. Which run out in September. If they dont I’ll just give up driving. Along with Vosa going all out to get money off you. It just isn’t worth it. I could work in lidl for more money.

  133. Pommie trucker down under says:

    The problem with poor pay for truck drivers in the UK can be laid directly at the feet of Government who do have the power to legislate. After driving class 1 trucks for 20 years, I made the move to Australia and was very surprised by the strict federal laws covering pay and conditions. In particular, a 25% loading on to the hourly rate for casual & agency staff. Apply the same law in the UK and that would soon wake up many of the trucking companies who seem to have a strange and unhealthy love affair with those parasite agencies. There is also still a straight forward approach to overtime payments in Australia which again, is set by Federal law. After 7.6 hours each day Monday to Friday, time and a half kicks in for the first 2 hours followed by double time thereafter. Saturday is time and a half for the first 2 hours of work followed by double time, and its also complete double time for all work undertaken on a Sunday. When did those kind of rules last exist within the UK? It really is quite simple, government legislation rather than the lawless race to the bottom of the pay scale which unfortunately is the norm in the UK. If people are paid more then they spend more which has to be a good thing.

  134. Luke says:

    Back in 2016 I thought becoming an hgv driver would be a good career for my future, as I had joined a logistics company so I took personal loan to do my training and I was recommended to do a back to back course for class 2 & 1 costing me £2300.

    Attending my training the instructors said my driving was fine ready for test at Guildford, they failed me 4 times costing another £1800 which I had to save for 3months on each test, I passed on the 5th test with 2 minors.
    Then I attended my class 1 training which the examiner failed me again for rubbing the kerb which the same examiner failed me 3 times on my class 2.

    I left it as that and walked away to get experience
    which for nearly 3years now since passing I have been driving professionally with zero penalty points, accidents or infringements and saved up again to do my class 1 and recently went to a different training provider and did another weeks course of £1170, which in past 3years it has cost me £5270.

    So today I attended my class 1 test at Newbury after a brilliant week of training all signed of by my instructors for the examiner to fail me again which now I had to pay a retest of £370 totalling £5640, the government says the country needs hgv drivers and young people don’t want to join I can see why.

    The cost of all this training doesn’t reflect the job salary I have been targeted twice in London for the goods I was transporting for my company I work for and the police didn’t even care even knifes was used. I just feel like the hgv industry, DVSA and government are failing to help drivers into the work and also look after drivers welfare.

    The hgv training and actual job is just a novelty and it soon rubs off I’m stuck in a rat race with cost but after this last test and the training and DVSA taking £5640 of my savings and have nothing to show for it I will be leaving the industry I’m 30 and driving for 3 years and I’m starting realise the mistake I have made.

  135. mike says:

    I am a expierienced C+E(HGV1) driver. The reason I do not drive large vehicles now is that when i see a job that is local and may be suitable, the answer I recieve is that I have to do (on average) a 50 mile round trip to register for TEMPORARY work. Even after this the advertised local job is not available but a much more unsuitable job is on offer 30 miles away. in y opinion Agencies advertising non existant jobs have created a non existant demand for drivers and ruined the industry.

  136. John says:

    Who wants to do 60+ hours a week? Five plus drops a shift? Strapping up, multi-drop, countless rules and regulations … How long till you burn yourself out, or are so tired you have an accident? Gone are the days of one drop and a return load; it’s now work you until you squeal! Look at the bankruptcies, the foreign competition … HGV driving is a dying industry.

  137. Dave says:

    I’ve been driving 3 years now and in that time passed the class 1 four months ago, I’m actually shocked how bad the conditions are for drivers and how many vosa and police checks out to take your license and money. Tomorrow I’m goyto be applying for jobs outside the trucking industry as I’ve already had enough after 3 years. I take my hat off to you blokes that stuck it for 15+ but I’m not putting up with this I’m off lads

  138. Alan says:

    Had class 1 & 2 for 15yrs when I started wages we’re ok but now you may as well work in a shop for 8 hrs a day and be home every night in a comfy bed and have a lovely clean shower every night to and some lovely hot home cooked food plus working in a shop will most probably be treated as a human being unlike most of us drivers who are treated like 3rd class citizens, this is what this industry needs drivers to stop driving and stop the country in its tracks until they have solved the problems us drivers face on a daily basis then people a sit up and listen but unti then it’s a dying industry, so government need to come up with a solution fast before it’s to late. Scrap CPC as it ain’t worth the money or time if you don’t know the rules of driving a truck then you shouldn’t be driving one in the first place, second wage increase to compensate the drivers away from family on a weekly basis missing the best bits when your children are growing up, fresh clean services for drivers to get some hot food and grab a hot shower in a clean cubicle so much can be done but nothing ever happens, I don’t all ways drive them now as no point like my home comforts to much now and prefer to be home and treated like I would want to be treated myself and that’s a human being.

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