What is Transport Operator?
Transport Operator is a printed monthly commercial vehicle industry newspaper targeted at HGV and PSV operators and workshops. It offers a lively mix of essential industry news, details of new legislation, the latest product information and much more. It is produced by OnTarget Publishing, publishers in the CV industry for more than 25 years.

Each issue of Transport Operator carries an informative roundup of all the sector’s biggest news stories, as well as updates on the latest products and services for all aspects of fleet and workshop management. For the readers, that means an invaluable all-in-one reference resource, delivered for free.

In 2013, we launched the Transport Operator news website to complement the printed edition.

How many people receive it?
Transport Operator is distributed by post on a monthly basis to 9,000 recipients. Readers can specifically register to receive every issue, while the remainder of the circulation rotates through a larger total database of over 29,000, which OnTarget Publishing has been building since 1993.

Who receives it?
Transport Operator is targeted squarely at individuals known to have responsibility for the running and maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets operating with five or more vehicles. From the largest national contract distribution operators through to local haulage fleets, bus and coach operators, local authority workshops, CV repairers, dealerships and component distributors, Transport Operator is essential reading.

One of the strengths of Transport Operator’s circulation profile is our extensive database of own-account operators. These are companies which operate commercial fleets, but whose business is not transport, such as the largest supermarket chains down to local retailers. These companies’ contact details are notoriously difficult to obtain, but we have over 10,000 on our database.