Thursday 26 November 2020

High-tech spec for Wincanton’s block and brick Mercs

UK logistics giant Wincanton has taken 14 advanced specification Mercedes-Benz Actros crane-equipped brick and block prime-movers into its construction material supplies fleet.

The 2546L trucks have 2.3-metre SteamSpace cabs, rating two-stars on the London Direct Vison Standard. Mercedes’ MirrorCam system helps reduce blindspots and enhances visibility in dusty on-site conditions.

The rigid trucks are matched with tri-axle Massey Truck Engineering trailers for operation at 44-tonnes and fitted with bodywork from the same Sheffield manufacturer.

Their bodies feature honeycomb plastic flooring as a more sustainable solution in place of the usual hardwood. Load security is provided by 900mm curtains and multiple lashing points.

Hiab 145DLL-1 HiPro 14.4-tonne cranes are fitted, featuring ‘power on demand’ technology which adjusts the truck’s engine speed to meet demands on the PTO imposed by the crane. When the crane isn’t lifting, the engine speed reverts to idle. The crane itself is operated by a remote-control unit, which not only controls the crane’s movement, but can also start and stop the truck’s engine and engage and disengage the PTO.

The cranes also have Hiab’s HiConnect telematics system, which has been linked in to the truck’s own electronics so key information can be displayed on the main colour screen in the truck’s multimedia cockpit. This will, for example, give a clear visual warning if the crane has not been stowed correctly.

To accommodate the additional weight of the rear-mounted cranes, the trucks’ rear-steer axles have been uprated to 8,500 kg, giving a bogie capacity of 19 tonnes.

The trucks were supplied by Orwell Truck & Van, and are fitted with in-cab microwaves and fridges as their drivers are typically overnighting for four nights a week.

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