Wednesday 22 September 2021

Scania and Merc respond to new DAF XG

Scania has responded to the launch of DAF’s XG and XG+ long-cab by offering a 270 mm extension to its S and R cabs, while Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new L variant of its full-width GigaSpace, BigSpace and StreamSpace cabs, which features a lower driving position and additional safety and comfort features.

Laxå Special Vehicles, a Scania subsidiary, is undertaking the conversions to Scania’s premium cabs to create the CR23 and CS23 variants.

Stefan Dorski, the head of Scania Trucks, said: “With the introduction of CR23 and CS23, Scania raises the bar for premium trucks even higher. We will blend some of the capabilities from our Scania CrewCab into our premium cabs in the R and S series. By doing that we add generous space that brings extra comfort and opens up for a multitude of creative solutions.”

The additional space will allow drivers to leave Scania’s 100cm wide extendible bed permanently deployed.

“The most obvious benefit is of course for long-distance drivers, they are always on the lookout for comfortable premium solutions,” Mr Dorski said. “Whether they use the space for getting more roominess in general or for selecting a wider bed – or both – remains to be seen. Other users can be found in applications such as driving schools, defence trucks and recovery trucks. The latter will be able to transport passengers from broken vehicles.”

The extra space is created by adding existing cab components, using Scania’s modular design system. The first deliveries to customers are scheduled to take place in Q3 of 2021.

“Scania’s plan is to have these cabs certified with a whole vehicle type approval in Q4 this year,” Mr Dorski said.

“Some countries will initially have these vehicles certified separately on their respective markets.”

While there is no additional cab volume on the Mercedes-Benz Actros L, interiors have been given a luxurious touch with additions including stylish seat covers, new door trims, a comfortable mattress with 45 mm thick topper, and a pleasantly tactile cab rear panel in the bed area.

The Actros L is also equipped as standard with Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5), which features a pedestrian recognition function. This system can help to avoid accidents where, due to the driver being distracted, the following distance being too short, or an inappropriate speed, the truck is at risk of colliding with a vehicle ahead or a stationary vehicle, or there is a risk of a frontal collision with a pedestrian.

ABA 5 works using a combined radar and camera system. If the system detects the risk of an accident with a vehicle driving in front, a stationary obstacle or a person (crossing the vehicle’s path, coming towards the vehicle, walking in the same lane as the vehicle or suddenly coming to a stop in fright), the system initially emits a visual and audible warning to the driver.

If the driver fails to respond appropriately, the system can then initiate partial braking in a second stage. If the threat of a collision continues, ABA 5 can perform automated maximum full-stop braking – at vehicle speeds of up to 50 km/h when responding to moving persons.

In addition, the Actros L is equipped with Sideguard Assist, which supports the driver when making left turns and changing lanes in busy environments where visibility may be restricted. Within the system limits, it is designed to reduce the possibility of accidents involving vulnerable road users. Two short-range radar sensors mounted on the passenger side of the vehicle monitor up to a lane’s width, and deliver optical and acoustic warnings which alert the driver to the presence of cyclists, pedestrians or other vehicles.

Another equipment option for the Actros L is the second generation Active Drive Assist (ADA 2), which is available for 4×2 and 6×2 tractor units with tag axles, but not – currently – those with mid-lifts. Under certain preconditions the system actively assists the driver with longitudinal and lateral guidance of the truck and can automatically maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead, accelerate and also steer if the necessary system conditions such as sufficient curve radius or clearly visible road markings are met.

ADA 2 includes the Emergency Stop Assist sub-function which is able to initiate an emergency stop if, despite visual and audible warnings, the driver is no longer controlling the steering wheel. If the truck comes to a standstill, the system can automatically engage the new electronic parking brake. In addition, the doors are unlocked so that paramedics and other first responders can directly reach the driver in case of a medical emergency.

Andreas von Wallfeld, head of marketing, sales and services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, said: “When developing the Actros L we placed particular focus on driver comfort, safety, connectivity and total cost of ownership to create further benefits in these aspects for our customers and their drivers.”

The company says close dialogue with customers has provided clear knowledge of what they want from a premium truck, for both their company and their drivers. “It’s precisely these requirements that we have addressed with the Actros L,” von Wallfeld added.

Deliveries of the Actros L are expected from November.


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