Wednesday 22 September 2021

Call for rise in ATF ‘pit fee’

Image courtesy VL Test Systems

Independent operators of authorised testing facilities (ATFs) are demanding that pit fees are included in a consultation on test fee increases being launched by DVSA.

The Authorised Testing Facility Operators Association (ATFOA) has demanded that the fees, charged in addition to the test fee for use of the facility, are increased by 25 per cent, as they have been capped for 11 years. Such an increase would be in line with the consumer price index, it said.

DVSA has proposed increasing its test fees by 1.5 per cent across the board, including driving tests and vehicle tests. Test fees have been increased twice in the last decade, ATFOA claims, but pit fees remain frozen. At the same time, a shortage of vehicle examiners has reduced revenue from ATFs by 25 and 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, abnormal seasonal demand for truck, bus and trailer testing appointments following the end of lockdown last year has led DVSA to remind vehicle and ATF operators of its online ‘Find an ATF’ service.

Vehicle operators can enter their postcode to view available appointments at all local ATFs, while ATF operators can use it to publish empty testing slots. DVSA said it emails all ATFs every Friday to remind them to upload all their available test slots. As soon as the ATF responds, its slots are updated on the site. Operators who are confused about when a test is due following the test extensions granted during the Covid lockdown can use DVSA’s online MOT expiry checker.

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