Optimum oil handling from Alentec Orion

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Among the portfolio of lubrication and fluid handling solutions from Alentec Orion is the OriLink fluid management system, which is said to enable increased profitability for CV workshops.

“OriLink is a proven flexible modular built system for monitoring and handling of lubricants, degreasers, windscreen wash, antifreeze and detergents,” said the company.

“Oil is an expensive resource. Accountability for every drop is becoming more essential; if you haven’t taken the intelligent step of complete oil dispensing control, perhaps now is the time to consider electronic dispense points.”

OriLink provides a cost-effective management solution which is tailored to suit any size of workshop, says Alentec Orion, enabling the further generation of profit from oil or fluid sales with complete control and traceability.

The system is said to interface easily with dealer management software, and only permits authorised users to dispense, while ensuring all oil or fluid stocks are invoiced exactly to each vehicle, providing full accountability.

Robust access keypads dispense the correct amount every time, adds Alentec Orion, while the system provides management data available across WIP number, operator reference, transaction number and reel locations.

OriLink’s multi point dispense module (MPDM) controls and monitors dispensing for multiple reel locations throughout the workshop via authored keypads to ensure fluid accountability.

Interested parties can contact Alentec Orion to arrange a free workshop survey.