AID Fuel Oils launches new HGV fuel card 

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 1 November 2023

AID Fuel Oils has introduced the HGV UK fuel card, which it says is specifically designed to offer the biggest fuel savings to those using the most fuel – HGV operators.

“All businesses have felt the squeeze from increased fuel prices over the past 18 months, but none more so than HGV operators, using a significantly higher volume of fuel than the average fleet,” said the company.

“If your drivers are travelling the entire country, you want them to have access to the right type of fuel stations with the right HGV facilities and most importantly, at the right price.”

While the card offers nearly 1,000 HGV accessible sites, says AID Fuel Oils, HGV drivers can benefit from the biggest cost savings at conveniently located prime sites nationwide across the network.

“The HGV UK card also addresses some of the biggest pinch points we hear about from HGV drivers,” said the firm.

“That’s why both HGV-specific parking and lorry wash are available on the fuel card.

“AID Fuel Oils also offer a flexible and competitive AdBlue solution, from 10-litre containers through to IBCs and loan tanks to provide an all-in-one fuelling solution for HGV operators.”

All AID’s fuel cards are issued, reissued and replaced completely free of charge, with no transaction charges, says the firm, meaning users only ever pay for the fuel that they use.