Iveco recasts heavy truck range around new engine

By Categories: NewsPublished On: Friday 29 December 2023

winding mountain road in Banff National Park, AB, Canada.

The all-new xCursor 13 engine first seen at the IAA Show in 2020 forms the heart of revi­sions to Iveco’s S-Way (road) and X-Way (on/off highway) heavy trucks.

In its most powerful form, the FTP xCursor 13 produces 580 hp and 2,800 Nm of torque for the toughest applications. It’s also available in a ‘fuel-econo­my’ version rated at 500 hp and 2,600 Nm for long-haul opera­tions.

The engine features a new turbocharger optimised for down-speeding, fuel-injection pressures of up to 2500 bar, an all-new cylinder head and block, and friction-reduction components and ‘smart’ acces­sories to reduce parasitic drag, producing a claimed fuel con­sumption reduction of 10 per cent. It’s also claimed to be 10 per cent lighter than the prede­cessor Cursor 11 engine, which has now been discontinued, and to have a planned service life of 1.6 million km: a 33 per cent increase over previous de­signs.

A new engine brake with a claimed 30 per cent more retarding power allows the transmission retarder to be dispensed with for most appli­cations, further reducing weight and parasitic loss.

The new engine is paired with the new Meritor 17xHE axle which is said to be lighter and more efficient than its prede­cessor, driven via the 12-speed ZF Traxon Gen2 transmission which features a new Shift Assistant that synchronises changes and engine braking, while Reversing Assistant en­gages reverse while stopping.

Iveco’s GPS-Predictive sys­tem now recognises rounda­bouts and road bends and will adjust road speed according­ly when cruise control is en­gaged. Eco Driving Mode is optimised utilising Gearshift Strategy, Torque availability, and EcoRoll, and will be man­aged remotely by telematics. Iveco claims these features, together with improved aerody­namics including the replace­ment of conventional mirrors with CCTV, can yield an extra four per cent fuel saving.

There’s a new digital cockpit and Driver Assist system allow­ing Level 2 autonomous driving.