Training to transition truck technicians to EV

By Categories: NewsPublished On: Thursday 22 February 2024

Industry body Logistics UK is to launch IMI-accredited courses to equip heavy ve­hicle technicians to work on high-voltage electric vehicles.

Logistics UK has formed a partnership with SMB College (Stephenson, Brooksby and Melton) in Leicestershire, and Bristol College, to launch a new programme of learning and development for logis­tics engineers. The L2 and L3 electric vehicle maintenance training programmes are de­signed to upskill existing ve­hicle technicians and ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to keep vehi­cles roadworthy, and identify faults as soon as they occur.

David Jordan, Logistics UK’s deputy operations direc­tor, explained that the launch was driven by the legal re­quirement for large goods vehicles to undergo regular roadworthiness inspections.

“This means that operators must ensure all faults are identified and repaired in a timely manner. The new gen­eration of electric trucks re­lies on different technologies from those found in tradition­al combustion engines and, without appropriate informa­tion and training, this could prove problematic for conven­tionally trained mechanics, who could find themselves without the necessary skills to service and repair the new vehicles,” he said.

The new courses, which last for two days, include modules on working safely on an electric/hybrid vehicle, using information to carry out the task, knowledge on carry­ing out repairs on high energy electrical systems and record­ing information and making suitable recommendations, all delivered in a highly practi­cal way with lots of hands-on training throughout.

This will lead to an IMI Level 2/3 qualification in Electric/ Hybrid Vehicle Routine Main­tenance, and the inclusion on the IMI TechSafe regis­ter. More information is at: