The end for paper vehicle test pass certificates

By Categories: NewsPublished On: Friday 15 March 2024

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is to stop issuing printed MOT test pass certificates for HGVs and PSVs from 29 April. Instead, annual test pass certificates will be issued in electronic form only.

For the time being this will not apply to test failures. A printed certificate for these will still be issued, highlighting the reasons for failure.

The change is part of the DVSA’s Digital Transformation Project.

Operators can now see their MOT result on the MOT history service as soon as the annual test is completed. They can then view and/or download a copy of the pass certificate as needed. Currently only certificates from 2021 are available to download on the MOT history service – but operators can see the entire test history of a vehicle or trailer from 2018.