Friday 5 June 2020

RAM Tracking: over half of fleets plan expansion despite Brexit

Well over half of fleet managers in the UK are shrugging off market concerns and planning to expand over the next twelve months, according to a survey coordinated by vehicle tracking device provider RAM Tracking – despite Brexit being the top concern where business risk is concerned.

The poll was aimed at UK fleet managers, the majority of which oversee fleets of well over ten vehicles – and was designed to identify the level of success fleets were experiencing, denoted by their expansion potential and the role of technology-based tools and processes in helping them grow.

The fact that 55 per cent of UK fleet managers are seriously considering expansion over the next 12 months provides “a great indication of the health of the fleet management process and its core role in business operations, today and well into the future”, said RAM Tracking.

But the company also emphasised the importance of remaining grounded in terms of the reality of the current political situation, and the effect that this would have on confidence levels.

When asked as part of the survey to rank key concerns, the majority cited uncertainty around Brexit as their most pressing, with ongoing taxation issues also ranked highly.

“Taking the temperature of the fleet industry on a regular basis is vital, simply because technology and innovation – key priorities for those working in it – moves so fast and has an immediate knock-on effect,” said Chris McClellan, CEO at RAM Tracking (pictured, above).

“What is brilliant is that the realisation that efficient and well-run fleet operations are central to business operations has not gone away – if anything, its resolve has been strengthened by all the macro-economic uncertainty taking place around the sector.

“The saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ isn’t quite appropriate here, but challenges out of the sector’s control have certainly put it to the test – and it’s come out on top, as the results show.”

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