Thursday 26 November 2020

Added payload with Ultra One Alcoa Wheels

Howmet Wheel Systems has outlined the benefits of its lightest wheel for heavy-duty trucks, the Ultra One, part of the company’s Alcoa Wheels portfolio.

Ultra One wheels feature an alloy called MagnaForce, which is said to offer 17 per cent added strength when compared to the industry standard, enabling an even lighter wheel without compromising strength.

“We continue to reinvent the wheel. Our latest innovation is heavy-duty without the ‘heavy’, and it looks great too,” said István Katus, vice president and general manager of Howmet Wheel Systems EMEA.

“Our groundbreaking Ultra One wheels – while reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to Europe’s ambitious emission reduction goals – help fleets increase payload and fuel efficiency at the same time.”

Highlighted benefits of the wheels include increased payload of 4,250 kg for the new Ultra One 22.5 x 9.00, and weight reduction up to 1kg, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions and fuel usage.

The wheels are compatible with clip-on and adhesive balancing weights, as well as leading TPMS valve mounting systems.

Ultra One wheels are available with established Alcoa Wheels finishes like Brushed, LvL One, and the Dura-Bright proprietary surface treatment that penetrates the aluminium and becomes an integral part of the wheel, which is said to make cleaning easier.

They are also available with the proprietary Dura-Flange treatment, which provides a protective shield to reduce rim flange wear.

“By switching from steel to Alcoa Wheels, users can reduce wheel weight by up to 51 percent, allowing them to increase payload, reduce operating costs, boost profitability and extend brake and tyre life with better heat dissipation,” said Howmet Wheel Systems.

“Replacing 12 steel wheels with forged aluminium wheels on a two-axle truck and three-axle trailer is able to cut four tons of CO2 emissions over the lifetime of truck (2×5 years) and trailer (10 years) and 1,300,000 km.

“Ultra One Alcoa Wheels are available in two sizes (22.5×9.00 & 22.5×8.25) through the authorised distributor network, or ask your vehicle manufacturer.”


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