Wednesday 21 October 2020

Truck-Lite has all angles covered for winter

With the winter months approaching, lighting provider Truck-Lite has highlighted the benefits of its 360° trailer safety range and lifetime warranty scheme.

“At Truck-Lite we always make time to research and invest in the latest product technology, testing and approvals,” said the company.

“Commercial vehicles need to be prepared for all forms of hazardous weather conditions, so whether adverse weather is causing reduced visibility or the dark evenings require extra light, we have a solution…

“Our product offering for a commercial trailer covers the entire vehicle externally as well as LED interior lighting internally.”

The company outlined some of the key areas to consider when purchasing fleet vision systems.

“The back of the trailer is often overlooked, yet it holds a number of key safety features protecting the traffic around you and the vehicle itself,” said Truck-Lite.

“Our Model 900 is a great example of safety-advancing innovation. Not only are you able to identify the solid red homogeneous outline markers from a distance, any surrounding traffic can also clearly see the driver’s intentions, with built-in progressive direction indicators that flash simultaneously with the vehicle’s sidemarkers.

“The 900 completely eliminates the need for a junction box with additional take-offs on the back of the lamp, allowing you to connect and power other products directly from the lamp itself.”

The firm continued: “The driver also has to consider parking, reversing and docking with large trailers, so our optional LED stalk lamp with proximity sensing can greatly reduce the risk of collisions and injuries.

“The ultrasonic proximity sensors are used to detect rearward objects when reversing. When the docking station is in range, the light on the stalk lamp will alert the driver of the vehicle with an increase of flashing speed, improving safety and driver accuracy.”

Easy fit numberplate carriers are also available from Truck-Lite, with built-in numberplate lighting or separate lights to place alongside the carrier. Meanwhile, high-powered reverse lamps offer a high lumen white light output with a spread of over 20 metres for increased vision when manoeuvring at night.

The company also offers a variety of side lighting for trailers.

“Trailer lengths can vary with purpose, which is why we have a wide range of marker lamps and fixing brackets on offer,” said Truck-Lite.

“We also take compliance and regulations in to consideration when designing products and trailer kits. The Regulation 48 (Reg 48) changes are in relation to flashing sidemarkers on all new trailers across the UK and Europe. We can offer multiple solutions to meet the latest requirements from flashing sidemarkers located down the length of the vehicle to additional direction indicators.”

Harnessing and connectors are fundamental parts of a trailer kit, points out Truck-Lite, working behind the scenes to power the lighting and safety features of a vehicle.

“Our expertise and experiences from working with OEMs and end-users has allowed us to transition from pre-wired components to complete trailer kits, specialising in ‘plug and play’ systems,” the company continued.

“Our dedicated trailer support team have over 50 years of experience and provide bespoke harnessing solutions tailored to fit individual customer specifications.  We offer one of the most comprehensive plug and play systems in the industry and our looms are wired in such a way that even if one lamp fails all remaining side markers will continue to work.

“We use fully over-moulded industry standard connectors that are proven across the globe to perform in the harshest conditions.

“Our five-year and lifetime warranty packages are testament to the confidence we have in the quality and durability of our harnesses.”

The firm also offers a selection of interior lighting to help navigate inside trailers when visibility is limited during winter.

“Our LED interior lights can provide a natural white light, illuminating the trailer whilst you work to increase safety and productivity.

“We have considerable experience in offering LED interior kit modules complete with low profile lighting, harnessing and connectors. These kits provide a simple solution for darker days with a powerful lumen output of over 1,000 per lamp and an easy plug and play system.

“Our local sales representatives and multilingual customer service team are happy to assist with your winter lighting needs.”

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