Stertil Koni extends wheel servicing range

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 19 January 2022

Stertil Koni has expanded its range of commercial vehicle workshop accessories to include a comprehensive selection of wheel removal dollies.

“The incidence of accidents and injuries caused by the manual handling of large commercial vehicle tyres is an overriding concern to safety-conscious managers within the industry,” said the firm.

“Stertil Koni offers three types of wheel dollies to cover virtually all the potential requirements of the busy commercial vehicle workshop.”

Standard wheel dollies are low level, and suitable for work over pits, while the Hi-Lift variety is designed for working with mobile column lifts or surface mounted platform lifts (without a base frame). Finally, the Counterbalance variant is specifically designed for use with recessed platform lifts, scissor lifts and those with a base-frame under the platform.

Also available from Stertil Koni are the Wheel Hub Trolley Jack and Mini Caliper Crane, which are said to simplify the removal of wheel hubs and brake calipers in a safe, one-man operation.

“In many vehicle workshops, space is often tight which can make wheel hub and brake caliper removals a tricky task,” said the company.

“Usually requiring at least two mechanics to ensure the job is done safely, it is a time-consuming and physically demanding job. Stertil Koni’s Wheel Hub Trolley Jack and Mini Caliper Jack make the removal and replacement of hubs and calipers faster, easier and, most importantly, safer.”

The Wheel Hub Trolley Jack provides a safe lifting capacity of 500kg and is designed for one-man use. Operated by an easy access manual pump handle, it features a 360° turning arc which makes height changes simple.

It also incorporates a two way tilt facility, with a lifting head adjustable through 70°, thereby ensuring simple and precise positioning. Importantly, the jack’s heavy duty wheels spread the lifted load over a wide area so that, even when supporting a full load, the jack is easy to manoeuvre.

The Stertil Koni Mini Caliper Crane is specifically designed to make the removal of brake calipers easy, even when working in restricted spaces and on vehicles with difficult or limited access. The crane can be safely used by one person and is said to significantly reduce the chances of workplace injury and strains, as well as damage to the hub seals and components.