Atlas Copco promotes wheel loss solution at CV Show

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 26 April 2022

Atlas Copco will be showcasing its latest generation of battery nutrunners at the Commercial Vehicle Show this year, which will take place at the NEC Birmingham from 24-26 May, as a solution to help safeguard against wheel loss.

The safety and security of wheel fasteners are dependent on a number of variables, says Atlas Copco, including the quality of the joint to the wheel hub, number of wheel nuts involved, tightening process of each wheel nut, and their servicing.

The company highlights TRL research suggesting that wheel fixings provide adequate clamp load when all components are in good condition and properly tightened, but which also found that there can be issues involving joint relaxation, torque to clamp ratio and component temperature, all of which can affect joint integrity.

In situations involving a wheel loss, the wheel fitter is often blamed but detachment can still occur even if the nut tightening has been conducted correctly and verified, says Atlas Copco; wheels are subject to both static and dynamic lateral forces, which leads to small and large-scale distortions of the wheel disc, that can ultimately compromise fastener integrity. Investigations by TRL have shown that wheel distortion is responsible for many wheel losses.

Atlas Copco will be demonstrating its SRB HA battery nutrunner on its stand. Powered by Lithium-Ion 36V technology with charging and battery health indicators, the SRB HA has a torque rating of up to 4,000Nm and an internal torque transducer for maximum control and reliability. Clear user feedback comes from multi-functional LEDs, displaying OK/NOK status messages based on torque and angle readings.

The ergonomically designed SRB HA is equipped with a dual trigger, says Atlas Copco, which prevents the risk of finger pinch injury, while its low-reaction tensor motor technology also ensures that operators are not exposed to the risk of HAVS (hand arm vibration syndrome).

With three models available, the entry level SRB HA Digital version has a ‘Set and Go’ function, rendering it ready for use straight out of the box. The Smart and Connected models feature an internal WIFI server, allowing the tools to be linked to any mobile device. This enables torque, angle and batch data collection without the need for additional software.

Matt Jenner, business line manager, general industry, Atlas Copco Tools & Industrial Assembly Solutions, said the combination of ergonomics, safety and performance makes the SRB HA an ideal solution for commercial vehicle operators.

“Being able to control and measure torque in real-time with precise accuracy provides a fully traceable, ‘No Click’ approach to vehicle maintenance, which avoids the issue of over tightening from the use of manual click wrenches, that can lead to bolt stretching,” he said.

“This error-proofing functionality adds significant value to customers, as it not only improves safety but also saves time and money by ensuring ‘right first time’ tightening.

“Atlas Copco’s SRB HA range gives operators the reassurance of traceability and data-driven insight for their fleet maintenance and shifting critical fastening to electric tools also makes financial sense, when you consider that air-powered pneumatic tools cost significantly more to run than DC-powered tools.

“The newer generation of electric tools also delivers superior power, reliability and operator protection.”