Thursday 28 January 2021

Haweka alignment helps MAN adjust to new technology

7hawekaThe technical training centre at MAN Truck & Bus UK has recently invested in a Haweka Axis200 wheel aligner with trailer kit, to minimise running costs in relation to tyre wear and fuel costs.  Haweka and MAN have also worked together to develop a calibration tool for the new Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) systems coming into the UK.

The Axis200 alignment system takes less than 10 minutes to accurately measure every angle on a truck in the as driven position, meaning there is no need to lift the vehicle.  It can be used on twin-steer, rigid, semi-trailers and buses.

MAN technical training manager Peter Jones said: “We purchased the Haweka system to use for training and to enable MAN to support vehicles fitted with the latest ACC and EBA systems, which are now coming into the UK. The alignment kit held at MAN’s UK headquarters will also be used by the technical support team to assist and support the UK dealer network.”

“We are making our dealers aware of the importance of correct wheel alignment and its impact on fuel consumption and tyre wear,” he continued. “We require our dealers to be able to provide service support for vehicles fitted with the latest technology. To enable them to do that they will need a kit from Haweka.”

The ACC and EBA systems automatically adjust the driving speed as well as the distance to the vehicles in front, helping the driver to keep a safe distance. In order for dealers to set the adjustment on the radar sensor, Haweka explains, the wheels and axles need to be correctly aligned. ACC and EBA is already appearing in the UK, and is expected to become mandatory by 2014.

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