Tuesday 16 July 2019

Weighing up the options with VPG Onboard Weighing

VPG Onboard Weighing – a specialist in the design, manufacture and sale of on-board weighing systems, including vans, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks – has outlined some of the features and benefits of its product portfolio.

With a wide range of applications in bulk markets, including transport, construction, infrastructure, and waste management, the company offers a range of systems, including: TruckWeigh 1155 and TruckWeigh 1160, VanWeigh BulkWeigh 1155, and 5th Wheel and Air Suspension System.

“Specifically designed for all vehicles with mechanical and air spring suspension, the TruckWeigh 1155 System is a low-cost overload monitoring and payload optimisation system for heavy goods vehicles,” said Richard Collins, Director Sales and Marketing at VPG Onboard Weighing.

Merging features of its patented axle transducer technology and 1155 digital indicator, the system is said to provide users with a cost-effective and simple overload monitoring system with accuracy better than ±2.5 per cent when the vehicle is 90% to 100% of maximum gross vehicle weight.

“Specifically engineered for on-board use, the TruckWeigh 1155 digital indicator is a versatile display designed to suit a range of trucks from 7.5 tonne to 50 tonne GVW,” Richard continued.

“The indicator’s mounting flexibility ensures that it is suitable for both DIN radio mount and dash mount and can also connect to third-party tracking software for continuous monitoring of load conditions.

“Designed with lightweight and rugged state-of-the-art solid state sensors to ensure maximum durability in harsh environments, the TruckWeigh systems are simple to operate, durable, and a cost-effective method that assists in safe driving.”

VPG Onboard Weighing has also recently launched TruckWeigh 1160, an overload protection and load optimisation system specifically designed for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), multi-trailer installs and road trains.

“Merging VPG Onboard Weighing’s patented axle transducer technology and air press transducers, TruckWeigh 1160 can provide the loading condition of each axle or axle group on a modern, versatile display, to reach optimised payload conditions and protect from overload – with some added system flexibilities,” added Richard.

Using the same patented axle transducer technology as TruckWeigh, the VanWeigh axle overload protection system is specifically designed for two-axle vehicles with mechanical suspension. The system has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear and tear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs which are common in other spring deflection axle protection systems, VPG Onboard Weighing claims.

“While the current VanWeigh system guarantees a better than ±3 per cent degree of accuracy, in 2019, the second generation of VanWeigh is set to be released, which will operate with increased accuracy of better than ±2.5 per cent and improved handling through a color touch screen,” said Richard.

“Indicating the overall weight as well as the weight on each axle and the percentage, the new system provides immediate visibility that helps keep the driver in complete control.”

Recently honoured with the Show Innovation Award at the Tip-ex Tank-ex Awards 2018 for its TipWatch feature, BulkWeigh 1155 is an on-board weighing system for bulk tipping rigid, semi-trailer, and drawbar vehicles.

“Waterproofed to marine quality standards, the durable system was designed for high accuracy in rugged environments and is the first choice for bulk transport applications suitable for a range of trucks from 17 to 44 tonne GVW,” said Richard.

Its award-winning TipWatch feature, jointly developed with Cemex, is a tipping prevention technology that alerts drivers to potentially unsafe tipping conditions, such as uneven ground or load in the body.

When uneven load distribution is sensed and uneven ground is detected from the inbuilt inclinometer, TipWatch alerts users with a sound and flashes a warning on the screen and cuts the PTO and prevents the body from lifting any further avoiding potential tip overs.

The alarm is activated when the load is more than 40 per cent off-centre or tilted on uneven ground where the body is tilted more than four degrees.

Meanwhile, the 5th Wheel and Air system is a payload control on-board weighing system for articulated air suspension vehicles.

“It incorporates a unique air sensor principle which measures the load in trailer’s air suspension systems,” said Richard.

“This system combines air pressure sensors with fifth wheel load cells for enhanced precision weighing results.”

The air sensors system and the load cells under the 5th Wheel can be easily fitted and installed within one working day, says the firm. The system incorporates the 1155 digital indicator, an audible alarm, accuracy to ±1.5 per cent GVW or better, and net payload and gross vehicle weight.


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