Monday 18 October 2021

Keyfuels announces 3,000th UK fuel site

Fuel card provider Keyfuels now has over 3,000 network sites in the UK, following the addition of the Racecourse Service Station in Doncaster to the network in December, a site located in a prime position close to the M18.

As of the end of last year, the total number of Keyfuels network sites had risen to 3,067, over a five per cent increase in sites year on year.

Keyfuels says its network has seen significant growth across the last decade, with an increase of nearly 40 per cent over the last five years alone and having nearly doubled in size since 2013. Furthermore, the company has been planning to add a further 100 sites to its roster of service stations this year through key partners, including Welcome Break, Moto, Motor Fuel Group and Rontec.

Keyfuels cites figures from a recent customer satisfaction survey suggesting that it retained its rating as industry leader in 2019, achieving an overall Net Promoter score of 55 per cent, an increase on the 2018 score of 50 per cent. The company reports that it also excelled across the board for service attributes, including easy-to-use reporting tools, innovative solutions, card control and security features and network range.

Paul Holland, managing director of UK Fuel at parent group Fleetcor, said: “We are really pleased to break through this landmark number of UK fuel sites accepting Keyfuels. It is another strong indicator of our continued growth and offering our customers the greatest choice and maximum convenience for their fueling needs. Having started with just 30 sites over 40 years ago, today the Keyfuels network gives commercial vehicles unrivalled fuel site access on all major routes.

“In addition, ensuring that we provide the best service and experience to our customers has been our priority throughout that time. So whilst 93 per cent of our customers are satisfied with our service, and 95 per cent would choose us as a partner again in the future, we remain firmly determined to keep providing quality, innovative solutions that keep the UK’s fleet drivers on the road, with minimal disruption or inconvenience when refueling.”

A spokesperson on behalf of Racecourse Service Station in Doncaster, commented: “We are proud to be a key partner of Keyfuels and contribute to the company’s 3,000th UK fuel site milestone. As we are witnessing volatility in the fuel market, it is as important as ever for fuel card providers and fuel sites to offer fleets the right solutions that keep them on the road and in control of their budgets.”

Keyfuels, which has over 35 years’ experience and manages over 1.8 billion litres of diesel each year, includes motorway sites, supermarkets and oil company brands within its network, as well as covering all major routes throughout the UK.

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