Monday 26 July 2021

Lorry loader training soars for ALLMI

Following the impact of the coronavirus, the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers & Importers (ALLMI) has reported a significant increase in activity within its training provider network, with levels increasing by nearly 200 per cent from May to June and a further sharp rise in July.

In the interests of reducing physical contact and time on-site, ALLMI recently committed to delivering more of its course theory elements online, following the transfer of its appointed person (AP) and Manager (AP and thorough examiner only) courses to an online format in May, which it says has proven to be hugely popular.

Online users include Shabbir Ahmed Khan of Saudi Real Estate Infrastructure, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading construction contractors. He commented “I have been following the progress of ALLMI for some time and so was delighted to access their AP course remotely.

“The training was excellent; the instructor was clearly very knowledgeable and he delivered the comprehensive course content incredibly well, in a manner which was easy to understand,” he said.

“The online format worked perfectly, not in any way detracting from the quality of the training and the whole experience has provided me with an ever deeper understanding of the subject, which will serve me well in my role.”

ALLMI CEO, Tom Wakefield said: “The majority of our providers are now delivering regular training and this is reflected in our recent figures for lorry loader operator and slinger/signaller registrations.

“In addition, bookings for our online AP and manager courses continue to be incredibly strong, and those for our Instructor, Thorough Examiner and Crane Supervisor training have been at near capacity since their relaunch in early July.

“All in all, we’re extremely pleased with what we’re seeing on the training front and feel that it bodes well in terms of industry stability and performance for the second half of 2020.

“Delivering the AP and manager training remotely has been very successful, so we’ve also reviewed crane supervisor, thorough examiner and instructor courses and are now delivering the normally classroom-based sessions online to every extent possible for the time being.

“We’ve also extended this option to our training provider network in relation to the delivery of theory elements for lorry loader operator and slinger/signaller courses.”

ALLMI is currently celebrating the tenth anniversary of its AP course, a programme which the association says has gone on to have a significant impact on practices throughout the lorry loader industry.

Attending the first ever course was Steve Frazer Brown, chair of ALLMI’s fleet owner division, the Operators’ Forum, and health and safety director for David Watson Transport.

He commented: “As the ALLMI card has a five-year lifespan, I’ve recently attended my third ALLMI AP course in order to keep my qualification up to date.  The training was excellent, with the instructor’s knowledge of lifting operations and lorry loaders helping immensely.

“With ongoing review and development being a fundamental principle of ALLMI’s approach to course delivery, it’s no surprise to see how much the training has continued to evolve since I last attended.  A great deal of new content and assessment material has been added, and given that the course is currently delivered online, in my view the training is better and more accessible than ever.”

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