Saturday 27 February 2021

Absolute Alignment explores ‘the ADAS effect’

Wheel alignment specialist Absolute Alignment has explained the role its technology can play in the calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), an increasingly prominent area of modern workshop operations.

“ADAS have been around for a while, and workshops are getting a handle on the implications for their own working practices,“ said Absolute Alignment.

“ADAS features are increasingly filtering down in various forms to commercial vehicles and even light vans.

“Commercial vehicle workshops may have missed the nuances of ADAS up until now. Suffice to say that the liability ramifications of undertaking suspension work without rechecking alignment and ADAS sensor calibration could potentially be disastrous.”

Good ADAS practice clearly identifies wheel alignment as part of the total ADAS calibration procedure, the company adds.

“Sensors in the body of the vehicle calibrate to the angle of the wheels, so it is importan t to get that angle right. Absolute Alignment’s Bluetooth Pro wheel aligner can handle vans and commercial vehicles and integrates seamlessly with ADAS calibration equipment, making your workshop a one-stop alignment and ADAS centre,” it said.

The company warns that hauliers aiming to reduce costs through ADAS may inadvertently be undermining their efforts through a failure to address wheel alignment.

“For example, the US EPA has discovered that incorrect wheel alignment can take seven per cent off fuel efficiency, showing that technology can only save money as part of an all-round approach,” said the firm.

“ADAS is here to stay, and the opportunities for the astute workshop are huge – with 2021 being the time to invest in your future and embrace a total vehicle alignment solution.”

Information on Absolute Alignment’s ADAS-compatible alignment equipment can be found at the website.

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