Saturday 27 February 2021

Actia systems add diagnostic value

Among the solutions provided by electrical systems supplier Actia (UK) are multiplex diagnostics products deisgned to meet the requirements of modern bus and truck workshops, in the form of its core Multi-Mux and Multi-Diag packages.

By offering two-way communication with the vehicle from an embedded system level, technicians receive a fast diagnosis of performance and faults, says the company, thereby providing a thorough preventative solution and enabling workshops to diagnose and efficiently maintain their fleet of vehicles.

“Multi-Mux is a powerful OEM tool that gives unrivalled diagnostic access to a range of multiplex electrical systems on Optare, Plaxton and ADL vehicles to help reduce downtime and get your vehicle back on the road quicker,” said Actia.

“Multi-Mux has a modern and user-friendly look and, using a modular bolt on system, workshops can add bolt-ons if and when their fleet changes. Also, online updates make it very quick and easy to stay on top of the latest updates.

“Multi-Mux provides rapid diagnostics of the vehicle’s major systems via a single communications interface and a suitable laptop or tablet PC. This eliminates the need for several ECU interfaces, reducing costs and bringing all your diagnostic tools into one low cost, easy-to-use package.”

To complement the Multi-Mux diagnostic tool, Actia designed Multi-Diag Bus & Truck, a multi-make solution which is said to allow more time-efficient fault diagnosis of the main vehicle system for all major truck, bus, coach and trailers.

“Multi-Diag Bus & Truck can quickly and efficiently review the status and performance of the injection, ABS, EBS, EDS, gearbox, brakes, suspension, retarder, dashboard, airbag system [and] AdBlue faults,” said the company.

“Key service and repair functions include read / erase faults, actuator testing, parameter reading, ECU configuration, calibration and coding for injectors, and electronic valves. Supported by integrated technical documentation and wiring diagrams, the user is guided through diagnostic operations step-by-step.

“Multi-Diag is an essential tool for today’s modern workshops dealing with a modern fleet of vehicles to ensure a safe, reliable journey. Its easy-to-read and navigate menus make Multi-Diag very friendly to use for all levels.”

The Multi-Diag bus and truck kit comes complete with a Bluetooth vehicle communication interface with built-in CAN multiplexer, pinout kit, USB cable, all necessary cables for bus, coach, truck and LCV, and a hard-wearing carry case. Thanks to its Bluetooth function, technicians can use the tool while moving around the vehicle.

Actia also provides online updates throughout the year to ensure optimum levels of diagnostic functionality and performance, regular Multi-Diag news and technical helpdesk support.

Actia customers benefit from a technical helpdesk, providing online and telephone support for its product range, with remote and on-site support if required. The company also offers training sessions to help users ensure they are getting the most from its products and solutions.

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