Saturday 27 February 2021

Valeo’s all-in-one brake pad kit

Among the components for commercial vehicle applications developed for the aftermarket by Valeo is OptiPack, a truck brake pad solution designed to help speed up servicing, simplify ordering and minimise vehicle downtime.

The ‘all-in-one’ kit includes the brake pads, accessories and wear indicators required to complete a secure brake pad replacement. The pads and accessories are packaged in a single box to save time and ensure garages have all parts to hand.

“OptiPack is an easy-to-sell, easy-to-store and easy-to-fit solution for all commercial vehicle segments, including light to heavy trucks, semi-trailers, buses and coaches,” said Valeo.

“With only 52 part numbers, OptiPack covers 92 per cent of all European trucks.”

The company cites a 2018 European satisfaction survey in which Valeo OptiPack was rated as offering the best perceived value for money. The product surpasses ECE R90 certification, and is made in Europe, which the firm says ensures optimum availability and lower CO2 emissions from transportation.

Characteristics include a steel back plate to provide corrosion protection, identification and traceability, and optimum fit with the caliper; a mechanical retention system to avoid shear whatever the operating conditions and temperature; and an adhesive layer to ensure a strong bond of the friction material on the back plate.

Meanwhile, the insulation underlay ensures high thermal efficiency and heat dissipation, says Valeo, while a high-quality friction material delivers consistent and reliable performance even in extreme conditions.  A debris clearance groove promotes noise-free braking, flexibility and helps evacuate braking dust.

“Valeo OptiPack’s flying view on TecDoc is the best way to check each product’s composition,” the company added.

Valeo’s brake pads are delivered in premium five-layer cardboard to ensure safe transportation and handling.

“We are the only premium brand on the market to offer pads which are sealed in thermo-shaped plastic, ensuring  excellent storage conditions, preventing damage and, above all, providing safe working conditions for warehouse workers and mechanics,” said Valeo.

More information about the Valeo braking offer is available here.

Valeo has also introduced a loyalty/rewards programme for mechanics, the Valeo Specialist Club. Users can register for the programme, which is accessible via a smartphone app or the Valeo Service website, to start receiving points for every Valeo purchase.

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