Friday 16 April 2021

Smart reversing with Dr Air Brake

Among the safety solutions available from Doctor Air Brake is the Reverse Smart product, which provides driver warnings when objects are detected while reversing and if required, autonomous braking.

Suitable for normal HGVs as well as specific applications such as road sweepers, bin lorries and road rollers, the system is said to save money by helping to avoid frequent repairs to rear lights, bumpers and doors, as well as going one step further and potentially saving lives.

“This is an autonomous braking system that, when it detects objects within its programmable danger zone, will warn the driver and, when necessary, brake the truck via its service brake without driver interaction, bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop – much more reliably then just through the park brake,” said the company.

The solution is said to particularly suit scenarios where a driver is concentrating on many factors – for example, his crew walking behind the vehicle while reversing, and the movement of pedestrians and other road users.

The system can also be applied to forward motion when the vehicle is below a certain programmable speed.

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