Friday 16 April 2021

VTS has air con covered

Vehicle Technology Solutions (VTS), which has over 20 years’ experience in the automotive air conditioning sector, offers a range of supply, installation, servicing and training options to assist HGV technicians with their AC requirements.

“Air conditioning work and fault diagnosis in the standard HGV workshop can often be left to outside companies to deal with,” said VTS.

“This, in the height of summer when demand is extremely high, can lead to long waiting periods and return visits a matter of weeks later, as the popular opted-for solution of refilling the system was not a successful outcome as hoped.”

The design of many modern HGVs means that at this time of year, the vehicle cab can be an extremely hot and humid environment for drivers, points out the company.

“A good working air conditioning system will help ensure a comfortable atmosphere for the driver to focus on his responsibilities in comfortable and calm manner,” said VTS.

“Within the vehicle air conditioning system, we utilise a chemical compound that changes from a liquid to a gas and back again repeatedly, in order to transform the hot, humid, dirty air from outside the vehicle, into cool, clean, dry air when directed inside the vehicle cabin.

“The refrigerant blend R134a used in HGV vehicles is a greenhouse gas, with high environmental impacts when released to the atmosphere.  Every effort should be made to minimise the risk of such an event at all costs.

“Many suppliers of air conditioning service centres are quite capable of supplying a workshop with a service station, but then when it comes to explaining the processes involved, seem to fall short somewhat.”

VTS can provide machine service and repairs, as well as refrigerant handling training, climate control specialist training and practical diagnostic training.

“When the technician has a good understanding of how the vehicle AC system operates and how the refrigerant plays a key factor in this, fault diagnosis becomes much easier and the process becomes much less of a mystic artform, as it was usually perceived,” the company continued.

“By carrying out a few simple procedural steps, within a few minutes it becomes possible to identify a serviceable air conditioning system. In the event of leakage, this is also easily identifiable and environmentally safe methods of leak detection are available to identify the problem area.”

Understanding the hydraulic functioning of an air conditioning system can save hours of head-scratching when trying to ascertain a defect, adds VTS.

“With regard to the advances made in digital electronics fitted to vehicle systems, diagnostic equipment and other electronic measuring equipment are becoming a necessary tool in the workshop environment,” said the firm.

“Vehicle Technology Solutions are specialists in this field, also offering supply, installation and training to cover all the workshop’s air conditioning requirements.”

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