Wednesday 22 September 2021

VT Ident cuts crime and accidents

CV technology provider Vision Techniques’ VT Ident solution is a safety and security system that provides independent control of the vehicle.  It uses programmable tags or keypad to authorise access to the vehicle’s ignition and controls via RFID.

“Operative training on vehicle safety equipment is always high on a fleet operator’s priority list, but potentially dangerous equipment can often be unguarded and unprotected,” said Vision Techniques.

“Vehicles can be open to theft or use by unauthorised members of the public or untrained operatives. VT Ident is designed to ‘lock-down’ this equipment to individuals that have been trained to use it, and no-one else.”

Control readers placed in and around the vehicle are programmed to respond to authorisation tags worn by the operative, which reflect their level of competency. When presented by the user, the VT Ident system will allow access to the vehicle or machinery if the user has the correct level of authorisation.

RFID technology offers multiple levels of identification for users, giving managers the ability to offer or restrict access to the different members of the team. Should an unauthorised person attempt to move the vehicle, VT Ident will apply the brakes, restricting the vehicle from moving, and then sound a warning alarm.

An additional security feature is VT Ident’s use of passive RFID, which means the crew can’t leave their tags within range of the reader – for example, down the side of their seats or on the dashboard. An RFID tag must be presented to the RFID reader in order to regain access to the controls.

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