Sealing punctures with Air-Seal Products

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 20 January 2022

Air-Seal Products is a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience in the supply of tyre sealant worldwide.

“Our premium tyre sealants are a major solution to tyre management and have been proven to reduce operating and tyre replacement costs,” said the company.

“This is done by reducing costly downtime and labour for idle machines. The sealant will help maintain optimum tyre pressure in a cost-effective and safe way, which helps increase fuel efficiency, the life of a tyre, and reduces carbon emissions.”

Air-Seal Products sealants will secure punctures up to 30mm in any pneumatic tyre, the company says, giving a permanent repair for the life of the tyre.

As the tyre rotates, the air pressure immediately forces a combination of fibres and fillers to inter-lock and form a seal which prevents any further air loss; the driver may not even realise that a puncture has occurred.

“The aramid fibres enter the puncture and compact; this structure prevents the plug from being ejected for the life of the tyre and does not deteriorate in service,” said Air-Seal.

“Aramid fibres are some of the strongest, abrasion-resistant synthetic fibres used to date and were specifically chosen by Air-Seal Products to ensure that punctures are sealed without failure for the life of the tyre. These premium sealants are simple to install, safe to use, and have been independently tested.”

Customers include Smith’s (Gloucester) Limited, who have been using Air-Seal tyre sealant for over 17 years.

According to Smith’s figures, monthly repair costs on the treated tyres over the initial nine-month trial reduced by almost two-thirds from £3,500 to £1,200 per month representing a saving of £20,700 during the trial. These figures have increased significantly in savings over the past 17 years due to increasing fleet size, rising fleet operating costs and other underlying savings seen especially the reduction in downtime.