Cutting operating costs with Mannol oils

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Tuesday 28 June 2022

Lubricant supplier Mannol has detailed the properties and efficiency advantages of its lubricant range for the commercial vehicle sector.

“With fuel and other operating costs spiralling, it is now more important for fleet operators to maintain excellent vehicle reliability,” said the company.

“The right oil choice can play a critical role in this and more and more vehicle operators have now switched to Mannol lubricants to ensure their trucks are more reliable and economical.”

One of the fastest growing European lubricant suppliers, Mannol says it can offer an advanced range of oils that meet the very latest vehicle manufacturer requirements.

“By meeting individual vehicle specifications and by having technologically advanced additive packages with in the formulation, Mannol oils can ensure reduced friction engine running, optimising the performance of the engine and making it more efficient,” the firm continued.

“This can significantly cut individual vehicle fuel consumption, which when translated over an entire fleet can means a serious reduction in operating cost.

“A second major benefit of Mannol lubricants is that an efficient running engine is less prone to problems. The oils also have excellent cleaning properties, which reduce the build up of sludge and other impurities which can lead to mechanical issues. This means that the vehicle is more reliable, even over extended service intervals and that costly vehicle down time can be reduced.”

One of the most popular Mannol HGV oils is TS-6 UHPD 10W-40 Eco 7106, modern synthetic oil formulated for heavy-duty and high-speed diesel engines that operate in difficult conditions.

7106 has successfully passed road and laboratory tests at Mercedes-Benz, MAN and MTU centres and has their written manufacturer approvals. It is said to provide excellent operating properties over a wide temperature range and can be used over long life intervals.

Mannol TS-7 UHPD 10W-40 Blue 7107 is also an all-weather synthetic oil and has approvals from Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Mack and Renault. Cited benefits include an innovative additive package, excellent anti-friction properties and increased thermal oxidative stability, with first class cleaning properties.

It also meets the needs of Euro I – V and VI where a performance level of CK-4 or lower is required.

The Daimler approved TS-8 UHPD 5W-30 Super 7108 oil is an energy-saving synthetic (PAO-based) oil. It offers fuel excellent saving efficiencies, says Mannol, and is suitable for European, American and Asian manufacturers that meet the requirements of Euro I – V and VI where the performance level of ACEA E4/E7 is mandatory.

Approved by Volvo, Mack and Renault, Mannol TS-14 UHPD 15W-40 7114 is said to offer excellent cleaning and anti-friction properties and has excellent cold start reliability. It can extend engine life and also contributes to reduced fuel consumption.

Also in the range are TS-17 UHPD 5W-30 Blue 7117, an energy saving long life synthetic (PAO-based) oil, and Mannol TS-20 SHPD 10W-30 7120 and Mannol TS-21 SHPD 10W-30 7121 which both have Volvo, Mack and Renault approvals.

“All of these oils can be used in engines with or without turbo chargers and are compatible with all exhaust gas after-treatment systems, such as DPF, TWC, EGR and SCR thanks to the use of Low SAPS technology,” said Mannol.

“As well as heavy duty diesel motors such as long distance trucks and buses, these oils can also be used for construction and agricultural equipment.

“Mannol also supplies AdBlue 3001 to economically satisfy the AdBlue needs of transport operators. This is a high-purity 32.5 per cent w/w urea solution for engines with SCR technology as specified in DIN 70070. This can help optimise engine performance and reduce emissions.

“All of these oils and AdBlue 3001 are available in bulk packs and barrels suitable for use by fleet operators.”

The company concluded: “Mannol oils provide an excellent combination of competitive prices and high quality to represent the best value HGV oil offer in the market. Mannol also offers excellent product availability and nationwide delivery, both via its own vehicle fleet and transport partners.”