AES tackles twinsteer wheel alignment

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 30 June 2022

Workshop equipment provider AES has highlighted how wheel alignment issues can develop in HGVs and in particular twinsteer vehicles, leading to excessive wear on tyres and poor drivability – which can, in turn, lead to increased rolling resistance and higher fuel consumption.

“Heavy vehicles are usually aligned from factory; however, when a body or crane, for example, is added to the vehicle, the dynamics can change and can sometimes alter the wheel angles, which can lead to excessive tyre wear on a brand-new vehicle,” the company advised.

“We have even seen this on brand new twinsteer vehicles where the front steer is perfectly aligned but the second steer has a rolling direction different to the front steer causing excessive tyre wear.”

Using Josam equipment, AES has developed a process which it says can ensure that when aligning twinsteer vehicles, each axle can be set to OEM specifications – but just as importantly, that the two steered axles can be synchronised together (this is called parallelism).

“Josam’s easy-to-use software utilises a unique twinsteer adjustment mode with live readings that helps take any guesswork out of wheel alignment for twinsteer vehicles, with built in tolerances allowing technicians to adjust from red to green,” said AES.

“Another important aspect of twinsteer wheel alignment aside from the equipment and vehicle is the knowledge and training of the technician.

“Understanding wheel angles and steering components in relation to wheel alignment on twinsteer vehicles is of the upmost importance.”

To this end, AES offers Josam certified training with all its wheel alignment packages, including multiple on-site training days and remote support.

Recent customers include Kevin Down of K Down Wheel Alignment, who said of the Josam Cam-aligner: “I’ve had over a year’s hands-on-experience using the Cam-aligner.

“The time-savings with the rolling method has allowed me to double my output on a daily basis particularly on twin-steered vehicles.

“The ease-of-use and accuracy of the Cam-aligner allows me to make adjustments with precision, and demonstrate to my customers with before-and-after printouts.”