Next-gen Odyssey tech powers fleets through winter

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Wednesday 1 November 2023

As temperatures starts to plummet, battery performance should be a key priority for fleet managers looking to avoid unexpected vehicle downtime during the winter months, according to technology provider EnerSys.

HGV engines need twice as much energy to fire up when the temperature falls below freezing, says the firm, which explains why vehicles with weak batteries often fail to start on frosty mornings. In cold weather, the average battery can lose up to 60 per cent of its cranking power, which impacts on its ability to get the engine started.

Odyssey batteries are said to provide the highest level of cold cranking amps (CCA) available to ensure the engine fires up every time, even in the depths of winter.

The risk of winter breakdowns can be reduced significantly, EnerSys says, by upgrading to a high performance solution such as Odyssey Battery, which is claimed to provide twice the power and three times the life of a conventional vehicle battery and is optimised to operate in temperatures as low as -40oC.

The heavy electrical demands of HGVs can further drive up the risk of breakdowns, adds the company, with hotel loading and double or triple driver shift patterns often causing conventional vehicle batteries to fail due to continuous use.

In contrast, the dual-purpose Odyssey Battery operates as two batteries in one, providing exceptional cranking power to start the engine time and again, it says, whilst giving superb deep cycle capacity to keep auxiliary loads such as heating, lighting and power sockets running, even in the most extreme conditions.

Fleet operators can now also benefit from the Odyssey DINC battery with Connect battery monitoring system, which offers access to real time data on state of health – including voltage, temperature, history and usage – via an app.

The Connect battery monitoring system alerts operators to any areas of concern with safeguard notifications, so fleet managers are no longer left in the dark about the state of their vehicle batteries. This means batteries can be monitored in real time and any necessary action can be taken to avoid the cost and inconvenience of failing batteries and unexpected vehicle downtime.

“Batteries are a key component in keeping HGV fleets running efficiently and the risk of winter breakdowns can be significantly lowered by upgrading to a high performance solution like Odyssey Battery,” said Peter ‘t Hart, director of transportation for EMEA & APAC at EnerSys.

“Unexpected vehicle downtime can create real challenges for HGV operators, especially in winter when cold weather is more likely to cause weak batteries to fail. Breakdowns can have a huge impact on delivery schedules and there is also lost productivity and revenue to consider too, as well as the cost of vehicle recovery and the reputational damage caused by goods arriving late.

“Reliability is key and the Odyssey DINC battery with Connect battery monitoring system could be a real game-changer for fleet operators and haulage companies, particularly as we head into the winter months.”

The next generation Odyssey Battery from EnerSys is said to be the world’s first AGM (absorbed glass mat) TPPL (thin plate pure lead) DINC size battery with Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in sensor and its own app.