Descartes drives up compliance with Smartanalysis

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 2 November 2023

Among the fleet compliance systems available from software provider Descartes is the Smartanalysis tachograph analysis package, which provides a solution for digital and analogue tachographs, for road transport operators of all sizes.

Used by many of the UK’s leading road transport operators to safeguard compliance with drivers’ hours, working time legislation and tacho regulations, Smartanalysis is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution said to eliminate the burden of managing compliance, leaving fleet operators with more time to focus on their business.

“With Smartanalysis your analogue and digital tachograph data is safe and always available,” said Andrew Tavener, head of fleet marketing at Descartes.

“Proactively managing your drivers and transport operation, Smartanalysis tools can show you are taking all reasonable steps to prevent infringements and breaches of complicated tachograph regulations.

“It is one of the most widely used tachograph analysis software products in the UK and EU, used to analyse over 1,000,000 tachograph records every month.”

Suitable for all HGV and PCV fleets large and small, the system is said to offer seamless analysis, with no charge for VU downloads and the ability to save over 50 per cent with a Pre-Pay subscription.

“Your tachograph data is secure yet accessible any time, any place by authorised members of your team,” said Descartes.

“Standard compliance management reports are available online and you can subscribe to the reports you need.”

The package also includes SmartAlerts, automated email alerts to the issues that need immediate attention, as well as driver debriefing tools. The fully supported system ensures future compliance by accommodating changes in legislation and tachograph hardware.

In addition, Descartes is a DVSA Earned Recognition validated IT supplier for drivers’ hours key performance indicators (KPIs) via Smartanalysis.

The company also offers a variety of related products in its online shop, including tachograph consumables, digital tachograph download devices, driver card readers, SmartAnalysis Pre-pay and more. All in-stock goods are despatched the same day and orders of £100 or more benefit from free delivery in the UK.

Smartanalysis is part of the SmartCompliance suite of solutions from Descartes, which also includes SmartLicence, a comprehensive online tool for companies to manage driving licences of their employees and verify the licence details with the DVLA; and SmartCheck, which replaces the traditional paper-based book used to record walk-around checks, providing transport operators with confidence that checks are conducted effectively.

In addition to its compliance products, Descartes also offers a suite of routing, mobile and telematics solutions for fleet operators. The company recently unveiled numerous developments in this area to customers at its 2023 Innovation Forum for Routing, Mobile & Telematics.

New solutions and integrations, in addition to enhancements to existing systems, allow companies to improve the operational performance of their fleets, driver safety and customer engagement.

Innovations include the Descartes Fleet Control Tower, a new comprehensive performance management solution integrated with existing Descartes route planning and execution solutions.

Meanwhile, the Descartes Customer Engagement Platform is a digital self-service solution providing customers with on-demand access to view delivery updates, book, reschedule or cancel deliveries and to interact with delivery drivers or call centres.

Further innovations unveiled include proactive driver safety training for Descartes Mobile customers; enhanced strategic and operational modelling capabilities and optimisation for high delivery volume carriers; route planning integrated with Geotab electronic logging devices (ELDs) to automatically consider drivers’ hours; and significantly more precise machine learning-based recommendations for stop and drive times and the ability to simulate the recommended impact on daily operations.

Descartes has also implemented improved capabilities for companies that want to manage fleet and commercial transportation through a single transportation management platform; live and historical asset tracking, in addition to tracking for drivers and deliveries; and MagicLogic load and cube optimisation integration.

“We’ve made significant investments to expand the breadth and depth of our existing solutions, brought new solutions to market and integrated important third-party solutions to allow our customers to significantly improve their fleet performance, make drivers safer and better engage customers in the delivery lifecycle,” said Sergio Torres, senior vice president, product management at Descartes.

“These innovations are part of our vision to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions that allow fleet operators to use digitisation and automation to transform not just fleet performance but positively impact their business more broadly.”

Descartes says its solutions can help fleets dramatically improve their productivity, customer experience and safety compliance to not only reduce costs, but also to allow them to better compete and minimise risk – with functionality ranging from delivery appointment booking to route planning and execution, and mobile solutions for drivers and other field workers to digital customer engagement.

Its fleet performance management, telematics and safety solutions allow fleet managers to understand and optimise their operational and individual driver and vehicle performance, the company adds, and to better train and coach drivers to be safer and more productive.

The cloud-based solutions utilise continuous optimisation, real-time GPS data and systems processing, analytics, AI and machine learning, and can be deployed as a suite or as modules.