Fischer Panda UK powers EMS Healthcare fleet

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 2 November 2023

Mobile power solutions provider Fischer Panda UK has supplied and installed a fleet of 50 specialist vehicles for EMS Healthcare.

EMS Healthcare, which forms part of EMS Group, owns, operates and manages one the UK’s most extensive fleets of flexible mobile medical units and vehicles, and has been supporting healthcare providers for over 10 years.

EMS approached Fischer Panda UK in early 2021 to gain the company’s specialist support to adapt a large number of mobile medical vehicles for use within the community.

Fischer Panda was chosen because of its scope of expertise and its proven ability to adapt a broad range of commercial vehicles, in a supply contract worth in the region of £350-£400K.

The ‘Outreach Project’ involved the supply and installation of hybrid mobile power applications on each of the vehicles used for medical services within local communities, such as for the provision of vital blood supplies to those who need it.

The application was based on an integrated solar powered battery system, which included the additional capability to top up the batteries using the vehicle engine.

Image: EMS Healthcare

The technology installed by Fischer Panda UK enabled extended use of each of the power systems, without the need for regular downtime or the need for mains connections.  By eliminating the requirement for power obtained from sites, medical and healthcare teams can reach even more locations and, therefore, people who depend on crucial medical support.

With the need to access many hard-to-reach locations, the newly adapted healthcare vehicles have enabled healthcare providers to overcome real challenges, says the company.

Andy Morris, business development manager at EMS Group, said: “Outreach is the latest innovation from The EMS Group and our first fleet of self-drive vehicles. We collaborated with Fischer Panda UK to integrate a solar powered battery system which is an important step for us in our quest to become more sustainable.”

The system supplied on each EMS vehicle consisted of: 1x Mastervolt Combi Master 12/3000-100 Inverter/Charger; 2x Mastervolt Mac Plus 12/12-50 Smart Euro 5/6 engine Dc-Dc chargers; 1x Mastervolt MLI Ultra 12/5500 Lithium Ion Battery; and an associated Mastervolt BMS (Battery Management System).

“As Mastervolt’s UK technical partner for the automotive market since 2010, Fischer Panda UK prides itself on its ability to provide more than just the supply of leading-edge technological equipment,” said the firm.

“Following a period of extensive growth, Fischer Panda has developed an award-winning technical team to support its extensive and growing customer base.  It is through working in partnership that enables the company to continue to achieve and to enhance its specialist offering.

“Fischer Panda UK also offers training to all of its customers, to ensure the highest levels of system performance are maintained. This is combined with world-class technical aftercare, which it continues to provide EMS with as part of this sustainability project.”