GYS unveils Startflash starter-charger

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 2 November 2023

Equipment provider GYS has recently launched Startflash, an advanced starter-charger capable of operating in 12V or 24V.

Startflash is a 120A battery support based on electronic inverter technology, says GYS – with the capacity to start not only commercial and agricultural vehicles, but also helicopters, aeroplanes, and tanks, supported with comprehensive protection.

“Startflash is suitable for lead-acid, stop start, lithium and traction batteries up to a massive 1,200Ah, all with 6/12/24V compatibility,” said GYS.

“CNT connectivity ensures customisable and updateable functions: this includes charging curves, including for 16V lithium for Tesla, and traceability of the battery charge data.  CNT provides future-proof functionality for all workshop battery requirements.

“The Smart Module Connector (SMC) allows for the connection of additional external CNT modules to expand the functionality of the unit, including a smart printer, barcode scanner, charging light indictor, as well as communication modules for connecting the machine directly to a computer for real time monitoring.”

GYS continued: “The cutting-edge technology in the Startflash means that it is not only smart, but safe. It has integrated over-voltage, short circuit, reverse-polarity and spark protection systems to protect the on-board electronics on the vehicle.

“It also has an auto-detect function so the charge will start automatically when connected to the battery, a setting-save feature so parameters are saved in the event of a power-failure, and UVP Wake-Up for the reactivation of lithium batteries under UVP protection.

“The unit also includes PFC power factor correction, and a range of connector options, allowing for workshop and usage versatility.”