AS 24 has fuel cards and tolls covered

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 10 November 2023

Image AS 24

AS 24, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies, has been specialising in the distribution of fuel to transportation professionals for 35 years.

With its extensive network of stations, dedicated to heavy goods vehicles, the company is an established European leader in the supply of fuels and mobil­ity services for HGVs.

“AS 24 anticipates transport­ers’ future needs, by contin­uously enhancing its offer to adapt to the most innovative technologies and offer a wide range of services to its custom­ers,” said the company.

AS 24 provides refuelling ser­vices in 29 countries including 250 stations in France, located conveniently to the main high­ways as well as in industrial zones and areas with high levels of logistics activity.

Stations are fully automated, accessible 24 hours a day, sev­en days a week, and suitable for HGVs with wide lanes, high-flow nozzles, ‘full double tank’ equip­ment and AdBlue supply.

The company also distributes alternative fuels for HGVs run­ning on compressed natural gas (CNG, bioCNG) or liquefied natu­ral gas (LNG).

“To better support transport professionals in their energy transition, AS 24 is implement­ing a CNG deployment program within its network of service stations in France and Europe,” explained the firm.

“The aim of this dev-elopment, in collaboration with TotalEnergies, is to operate 50 CNG stations in France by the end of 2024 (within TotalEnergies and AS 24’s networks) and a network of more than 100 LNG stations in Europe accepting the AS 24 card by 2025.

“AS 24 is supporting the en­ergy transition of its European customers to LNG by gradually developing LNG corridors in Europe with the help of its part­ners in different countries.”

The company says its fuel cards, designed for transport professionals, offer a powerful, secure and easy-to-use solution for fuel payments.

“The AS 24 secured fuel card, single or double (driver and truck), allows refuelling in more than 1,500 AS 24 stations throughout Europe. The AS 24 Eurotrafic secured card provides access to the entire AS 24 network, as well as to TotalEnergies’ partner stations. It also gives access to toll networks in 18 European countries.”

Further benefits of the fuel card offering are said to include maximum security with a chip that cannot be cloned, and the ability to suspend and reactivate cards at the click of a button from the digital customer area and from the fleet manager mo­bile app, in the event of loss or theft. Users can set a budget, calendar and geographical blocking limits, generate alerts for any abnormal card use, and easily exploit transaction data.

Transport professionals can also count on a service designed by the teams at AS 24 both at toll plazas and on European toll roads, whichever technology and modalities are used (DSRC, GNSS, prepaid, post-paid, etc).

“Throughout Europe, AS 24 offers a personalised solution to all its clients, whichever the size of their fleet and how often they travel within a country.”

“Since 2016, and with the support of its partner TotalEner­gies, AS 24 has been developing the PASSango toll box by gaining accreditation and acceptance in many European countries.

“The objective is to support all international transporters so that they meet their tax and toll obligations and rights, while improving their day-to-day man­agement.”

The benefits of this are said to include simplified toll manage­ment with a single point of con­tact, unified invoicing for all Eu­ropean transactions; simplified VAT recovery; native-language advice and support on toll pro­cedures in 18 countries; and re­sponsive journey management with the ability to order, block, request a new country and reas­sign a vehicle in Customer Area 24/7.

“Optimised mobility costs are a further advantage,” says AS 24. No deposit is required for PASSango toll boxes, with ser­vice charges and usage fees in­voiced only for toll transactions and only for the countries which have been visited.

Enhanced security is provided via a link between the AS 24 Eu­rotrafic secured card usage and the vehicle’s PASSango toll box geolocation.

As well as real-time fleet track­ing, route optimisation, person­alised alerts and data sharing with charterers is also available.

“In addition, AS 24 guaran­tees access to discounts from highway companies, especially in France, and support its clients in claims and/or fines proce­dures,” added the company.

Furthermore, AS 24 offers a variety of tools to help facil­itate fleet management. The AS 24 Customer Area allows management of the entire fleet in complete security – accessi­ble on a computer, tablet and smartphone, providing a clear, real-time overview of vehicle ac­tivity.

Features include the man­agement of fuel cards and toll tags: creation, cancellation, alerts, setting parameters, etc; GPS tracking of the fleet; and ex­penditure tracking, with access to service station prices and transaction and invoice details. Users can also control expenses via fixing ceilings and monitoring transaction anomalies.

AS 24 is continuing to digitise its services, and offers two mo­bile apps: a Driver app, designed to enable drivers to locate all service stations in the network (with details of any closures or work in progress); and the Fleet Manager app, to allow fleet managers to access the main functions of the Customer Area on their smartphone.