r2c Online details digital trends

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 19 January 2024

Management platform r2c Online has reported growing demand from operators for digital workshop and maintenance systems, fuelled by increased requirements for fleet compliance.

“Our network has grown from around 1,400 workshops at the beginning of 2021 to around more than 2,000 today,” said Debbie Fox, managing director of r2c Online (pictured, right).

“From an operator point of view, digitised maintenance systems link everyone together –  when an asset is taken off the road for routine maintenance it is essential to ensure that everything that needs to be addressed is dealt with in one visit to the workshop.

“This applies equally to periodic requirements for vehicle safety and driver checks.

“We operate in an environment in which authorities monitoring compliance are increasingly connected to each other. That means fleets and their suppliers need to be as well, so that their lines of communication, administration and authorisation are in sync.”

The cost of disruption for return defects, the cost of reaction to serious asset failure or breakdown, or worse, the cost of non-compliance, can be avoided with digitised and connected systems, says Debbie.

“While a digital system is a vast improvement on manual processes, a connected digital system that joins users together is an important evolution of maintenance management systems,” she continued.

“Online systems that provide a live interactive flow of data provide a higher return on investment than ever before.

“The most obvious benefit is greater visibility of what is really happening at all levels of the business. Rather than sifting through reams of paper, a digital system can offer full details and in-depth analysis through a dashboard reporting system.

“This obviously leads in to reduced administration overheads.

“Elsewhere, the streamlined operations will feed in to a reduction in fleet running costs and, of course, a more focused eye on compliance.”