Trailersync tackles safety with new sensor solution

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Friday 19 January 2024

Netherlands transport safety specialist Trailersync has launched a new suite of services following extensive trials, which are designed to improve safety when manoeuvring trailers in compact and busy locations.

Trailersync’s new solutions comprise Trailersync Sense, a manoeuvring assistant for drivers of truck-trailer combinations; SensorGuard, a patent-pending technology for improving reliability of its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS); and Trailersync Dashboard, a mobile-friendly online platform for data visualisation (real-time and historic).

The company surveyed 30 transport companies in the Netherlands in 2019 to 2023. The results showed that for every 100 trailers, 35 were involved in an accident each year. The average cost of repair was €2,570 per accident. The figure does not include loss of earnings while the trailer was being repaired or any incremental fees for insurance.

Such accidents occur principally because the driver doesn’t have good visibility around the vehicle, says Trailersync; and this can be for a number of reasons including; the truck’s mirrors don’t allow for adequate visibility, and/or the existing ultrasonic sensors aren’t reported as misaligned following damage, or are ignored altogether because of consistent inaccuracy.

“The result is costly repairs and lost revenue while repairs are made, high insurance premiums and a poor safety record,” said the company.

“To solve all these problems, Trailersync has developed Trailersync Sense. This is an innovative manoeuvring aid system which includes SmartSensor, a new type of sensor for trailers based on SensorGuard, a patent-pending ADAS technology developed by Trailersync.

“This new ADAS technology monitors sensors, automatically detects sensor misalignments/defects and sends notifications to the driver (locally) and to the transport company (e-mail notifications). To help logistics companies monitor and visualise vehicle activity data, Trailersync Dashboard provides real-time analysis ensuring timely decisions can be made.”

Trailersync solutions are currently being trialled with eight companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, with full commercial rollout planned for Q2 2024.

It is predicted that the Trailersync solution will significantly decrease accidents, reducing costs both of repair and downtime, and be of interest to insurance companies who will potentially offer savings when Trailersync solutions are deployed.

Initially, Trailersync solutions will be offered as a retrofit purchase to existing trailer fleets with a view to incorporating at a manufacturing level in the near future.

Max de Feber, co-founder of Trailersync, said: “Trailersync is a direct response to the requirements of the transport industry. We have designed a suite of solutions that are accurate, robust and remain connected.

“Thanks to our SensorGuard technology, our manoeuvring assistant will remain 100 per cent reliable for drivers, helping fleet owners to significantly reduce accidents and costs while increasing safety and efficiency for many years to come.”