MAHA UK launches new mobile column lift

By Categories: Commercial NewsPublished On: Thursday 22 February 2024

Workshop equipment provider MAHA UK has announced the launch of the C_RGA mobile column lift.

“This lift includes new features and enhancements, including a lithium-ion battery as standard for the first time, which means quicker recharging times and more lifts,” said the firm.

Available in both 7.5t and 8.5t formats and combining existing and established technology with new and innovative features, the new lifts are said to increase safety, and offer smart connectivity and reliability in abundance.

“The C_RGA is a genuine all-rounder for vehicle maintenance work,” said MAHA UK.

Equipped with wireless data communication and a lithium-ion battery, the C_RGA guarantees quick charging and longer-lasting power. This improves workshop efficiency…

“A double antenna (LoRa radio modulation) guarantees an interference-free operation, even in busy workshop environments. NFC tag pairing also simplifies and secures the connection process. This offers convenience and peace of mind to users.”

In addition, the electromechanical drive means oil isn’t required, adds the firm, resulting in little maintenance and a cleaner working environment.

The high-quality worm gear motor ensures correct vertical positioning; therefore, users can be sure of an accurate and safe lift,” it continued.

“The slim column design offers an excellent overall view during manoeuvres, while the improved chassis allows for easy movement with the smallest turning radius.”

Meanwhile, ‘daisy-chained’ charging cables are said to ensure uninterrupted use, providing a reliable backup solution to avoid downtime.

“Having spoken to customers about this development over recent months – we’ve actually sold our first set of columns already! – we’re confident these will be popular and a fast-mover,” said Neil Ebbs, MAHA UK managing director.

“We wanted to ensure any changes would make a positive difference to customers, make their lives easier. The lithium-ion battery, for example, will mean less downtime and more lifts! Also, the new battery design reduces the overall weight of the column, which, in turn, leads to enhanced movability around the workshop.”

The C_RGA’s predecessor, the RGA, is still available while stock lasts. Meanwhile, MAHA UK will be welcoming visitors to trade shows throughout 2024, where they can delve into the technology and usability of the C_RGA, as well as the company’s other premium workshop solutions.